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Ever since the virtual has become a new normal these days, a rapid increase in video content has been witnessed. The percentage of virtual events have spiked up recently with the outbreak of the coronavirus global pandemic.

Even before COVID-19 came in the picture, many organisations were benefiting from virtual meeting technology to connect & network remotely. Since long, online meetings were hosted on interactive virtual meeting platforms. In the past few months, exponential growth in the percentage of virtual events has been witnessed.

With the change in scenario, businesses around the world are leveraging virtual event technology to keep going. Virtual event planning and strategy to host an online event have become a crucial part of every sector today.

Virtual Hybrid Events & Webinars

Webinar Solutions

Nowadays, a wide variety of virtual/hybrid event platforms that offer interactive and engaging event solutions are available on the internet. Picking the best out of the lot depends upon the business needs. A platform that enables you to host a 3d virtual event is the best pick, as it helps in delivering real-life immersive experiences. The worth of face-to-face interactions holds its own importance, but 3d virtual event platforms have closely recreated the same.

Today, people spend most of their time on the smartphone or while attending a virtual event. With the increase in online events, webinars started popping up alongside. Many people are in flux. What differentiates the two?

Whether a service provider offers virtual event services or live webinar services as well, is the most common question asked by virtual event service providers. A comprehensive virtual event platform offers custom webinar solutions as well as customisable event solutions as well. But what’s the difference between then two? Well, if you are searching the answers to the following questions, you have landed at the right place.

In this post, we have shared the difference between the two, virtual events and webinars. Let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Webinar?

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In simple words, we can say a physical seminar that is carried out on an online webinar platform is known as a virtual webinar. It is a web-based interface that enables attendees to tune in from their remote locations and listen to the speaker. Webinars generally involve a group of diverse people listening to one or more speakers. Generally, when a speaker delivers his talks or speech to a group of audiences via internet such an event is known as a webinar. Product demonstrations, lectures, workshops, video presentations, orientation & onboarding programs, training, etc. are a part of webinars as the presenter generally delivers a speech.

Webinars is a video conferencing tool that enables presenters to deliver a speech and engage attendees remotely in real-time. A platform that offers professional webinar solutions offers engaging features such as live chats, polls, surveys, to keep attendees engaged. Live webinars drive better engagement than pre-recorded ones as it enables attendees to interact with speakers or presenters in real-time.

Webinars have been prevalent since long, but it has become an integral part of a digital marketing strategy in 2020. If we put it simply, webinars are a part of virtual events.

Benefits of Webinars

From imparting valuable knowledge with attendees globally to showcasing product demonstrations, webinars have a long way to go. It has become a powerful digital marketing tool that helps in generating more qualified leads.

Custom webinar solutions allow you to touch an ample number of audiences living in any corner of the world. A virtual webinar platform enables you to host live, automated & series webinars, and on-demand webinars that’s not possible with in-person seminars. It has been beneficial for many businesses as it offers endless possibilities to connect and expand the global reach.

In-person seminars consist of many roadblocks, such as geographical constraints or space limitations. Webinars escalate all the roadblocks and constraints associated with in-person events completely. As an online webinar platform can host limitless attendees remotely. It enables attendees from around the world to participate in the sessions in real-time, thus amplifying attendance, participation, and engagement. Virtual webinar services enable you to record the sessions. It allows participants who missed it to have access to the same on demand. Webinars considerably escalate the expenses involved in traveling, renting a venue, accommodation, hiring staff, and so on.

Valuable data tracking with a detailed report of the attendee’s digital footprint is another benefit of live webinar services. It helps in having a complete analysis of the event to measure the success of the event.

If you have not yet leveraged virtual webinar solutions, now is the time to unlock new opportunities. Take a plunge in live webinar solutions and benefit from the plethora of features it serves.

What are Virtual Events?

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Any physical event that takes place online over the internet on a virtual event platform is known as a virtual event. It enables attendees from around the world to gather together in a virtual space instead of a physical location. A virtual event platform enables attendees to connect and network with other attendees, hosts, speakers, etc in real-time seamlessly.

A virtual event is a modern solution to conventional on-ground physical events. It overcomes the barriers involved in organising a physical event. Right from geographical constraints to space limitations and hefty costs involved in traveling, virtual events overcomes all.

Marketers around the world are tapping on online event solutions to maximise their reach and magnify attendance. Today, it has become the favorite digital marketing tool for organisers and planners. Virtual events offer a wide range of merits that are far beyond the reach of traditional in-person events.

It not only enables attendees to access the event from their remote locations but also offers opportunities for engagement and greater ROI. An eco-friendly alternative for hosting events has a positive impact on mother nature as it results in reducing the carbon emissions and disposal of waste after every physical event.

An interactive virtual or hybrid event platform offers engaging tools and features that help in delivering immersive event experiences to attendees. With online events, one can connect and network seamlessly in real-time via live audio/video/text one-on-one or group chats. The engaging features offered by the platform such as live polls, Q&A sessions, surveys, games, quizzes, etc. keep attendees hooked throughout the event.

Right from organising recurring meetings to hosting conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, job fairs, webinars, etc. virtual event platforms serves all. The best part is, the virtual event can continue for a series of days as per your convenience.

Final Word

Whether you are planning to host a webinar or an online event, picking out the right virtual event technology is a must. Both help in delivering immersive experiences to attendees. What is beneficial for you, depends upon your business goals. Try your hands on either of the two to deliver seamless virtual experiences!

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