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Revised SMS Regulation by TRAI: How will it impact the Virtual Events Registration?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) suspended Telecom Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) and has put the responsibility on telecom companies to enforce businesses and individuals to comply with the new guidelines and implement SMS regulations in order to function smoothly. 

As the new regulations have been enforced by TRAI, telecom companies in India have decided to implement the second phase of SMS regulations to reduce spam SMS messages that mislead people and to stop unbidden commercial communications. The move taken by telecom companies has resulted in disruption of crucial services and affected many realms right from digital payments to CoWIN registrations to virtual events. 

To comply with the new regulations telecom operators executed the new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) process. However, it resulted in hampering many other aspects that were initially working fine. With the massive disruption in telecom services, people are struggling to get the One-time-password (OTP) for making financial transactions, login into accounts, registering for virtual events, applying for jobs online, and even the process of CoWIN registrations has been severely affected. However, abiding by the protocol, the Aadhaar authentication service has also been crashed.

As per the new guidelines by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), SMS content scrubbing is a must before the delivery of every SMS. Every registered template will be verified before its delivery to the recipient to control SMS frauds that dupe people in large sums whereas unregistered messages will simply be blocked. 

With the execution of the new SMS regulation of data scrubbing by TRAI, various domains like banking, the virtual events industry, e-commerce, and so forth are suspected to face unexpected hiccups right from seamless registrations, logins to transactions.

“Could SMS regulations and OTPs Delay hamper your virtual event’s login mechanism?” posted Mr. Gautam Seth, Co-founder of Dreamcast. 

The concern shared by Mr. Seth arises a question for all associated with the virtual event industry. 

Mr. Pushpak Kacholia, CTO Dreamcast tweeted “The regulations might result in having an increase in spam traffic at virtual events due to delayed two-way authentication services. A struggle to cope up with the system has been at loggers’ head or this could result in people not being able to log in at all.”  

“Moving ahead with the suspicion if it will become a permanent roadblock for login mechanisms at virtual events, we have already paved out the pathway for more generic traffic & authenticated registrations at virtual events with various registration options available,”

said Mr. Siddharth Shah, Co-founder of Dreamcast. 

As SMS content scrubbing has been implemented by TRAI, it resulted in various hurdles and delays of OTPs as each and every data in the message has to be verified with a registered template. The clarity from TRAI is still awaited whether the suspension has been enforced for infinite times or is limited to a shorter duration.


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