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How to Use Your Live Streaming Video & Repurpose It into Other Content Pieces

Live streaming requires strategic planning ahead of it. Hours of working are spent for content curation, social media promotions, inviting speakers, designing engaging contests, devising a questionnaire; create storyboards for live streaming viewers and more. After this, incorporate the revisions you make in your plans back and forth and finally get geared for the live streaming session.

Live streaming takes a whole lot of time, money and resources. Any form of content creation requires all this. A lucrative way here is to make the most of your live streaming archived video and repurpose its content in multiple ways.

Multiply your engagement and views by a single live streaming video file. We have 5 ways which can easily help you get through the content crunch and yet be lucrative with a single live streaming video-

5 Ways to Use Live Streaming Video in Content

Design Infographics

Archived videos from your live streaming session can be smartly repurposed for designing infographics. Hubspot explains that infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than other any other form of content.

Infographics break down complex content and present it in a visually attractive way. This way, your audience naturally wants to read your content. Infographics can be shared on every social media channel too.

Too much of textual content is complex to read and people do not appreciate an information overload. Infographics make the task of reading easy and clear by visually delivering your content in an effective manner which is also easy to remember by your audience too. Infographics let the message of your content sink in.

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Shorter Video Clips

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter tweaking their algorithm to promote video content heavily, and the global audience craving for informative videos even more, it’s time your business works on the same too.

You’ve organised a live streaming session and have the video file, what’s the next best step is to break down this video into shorter video clips which are a perfect fit for social media sharing. Shorter videos perform excellently on social media.

It is only natural to scroll through your social feeds and be attracted towards short video clips that deliver the message instantly without being long and monotonous. You can create GIFs or simple short videos as these garner heavy views and engagement.

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It is very simple to understand a subject and the key message it delivers via a video. Videos make understanding simpler and interesting. After understanding this, it becomes even easier to design a blog. Writing a blog post is a process – you research topics, create an outline, write the post, make edits and finally publish. This is a time-consuming task.

Repurposing your live streaming video and making a blog post out of it omits the first few steps of researching the topic, forming an outline and so on. You readily have content available from your video and with a little-added effort; you can publish a blog easily. You can choose to add graphs, stats and analysis, video clips, reference links and more as per your requirement too.

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Multiple Content Pieces

A live streaming video file can be repurposed in multiple ways. You can take stills and turn them into photos or images. You can extract speaker quotes and create graphics that can be used on multiple social media platforms. You can summarize concepts and create short animations.


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