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Guide To Setup Live Streaming Video On Website

You must have read a lot of content in this respect but we are bringing updated information to you. This one has been updated according to latest software from 2018. The prevalence of broadband internet and rapidly rising use of internet based high-speed connections over mobile handsets which has made live streaming quite popular. Live broadcasting is much more accessible to firms of all sizes as well as individuals. Our basic aim is to help you feel more confident when you live stream video on website within a few steps.

Basics of Live Streaming

HD Video Camera for Live Streaming

Live Streaming Channel

Live streaming is transmission of audio and video files in real time over net. Basically, it is defined by usage of webcam for broadcast through YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and similar other features. The most fundamental piece of device that you would need for this purpose is a camera. You must know that 1080p high definition video cameras that are much more cost effective as compared to previous times. These devices can be availed for a wide range of styles and prices that meet all kinds of budget and requirements. A professional providing live streaming services in Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, and Mumbai says that a user will also need to purchase some accessories like tripod, batteries, memory cards and a few other things for your camera.

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Encoding for Web

Live Streaming

The next thing that you will need to do is encoding for web. Unlike television that offer standard quality and consistency, live streaming should sync with cell phones that keep going in and out of service when wifi connections are unreliable. Similarly, internet providers service speeds may also goo down for many people in a single area. For a successful stream live video over website, such broadcasting needs special protocols that can take care of variable range of bandwidth conditions. Such streaming protocols are a little different from the standard formats that are used by video cameras that are optimized only for recording and not broadcasting over internet. For this you will need an encoder which is either a software package or hardware device that turns your video into live streaming format in real-time.

An encoder usually turns your content into RTMP. from here, the streaming platform may convert the content into other format like HDS or HLS. the strongest alternative for encoding is known as hardware encoder. These are dedicated devices that can live stream for days without an end theoretically. But practically, it is one device that has been designed only for live streaming.

Live Streaming Software

In case, you are looking for an option to live stream video on website, you can always use software encoder that works over computer that is awesome. The most famous encoding software is the OBS. It offers video streaming option free of cost. Apart from this, you will also need to serve the content through video host.

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