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Simulcast Live Streaming – What is it & how it works in 2024

Live streaming has seen rapid growth in this digital era. The increasing number of social networking sites and the introduction of live-streaming features is creating a vast industry. Many content creators to businesses and organizers stream over the social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram and others. Well, you might have here the term “simulcasting streaming” or simply “simulcast livestreaming”. With this new technology now you can broadcast live on all such platforms simultaneously and in real time.

Moreover, the recent development and rising event industry or live streaming marketing are opening many potential doors for the hosts. This new-age innovation is like a boom for all event planners and especially for businesses. As they can now reach all the customers over different social media or live-streaming platforms at the same time.

All these combined made us comment that live streaming and demand for simulcast platforms and services market is going to grow. To make it clear your notion at the start is to eliminate any future confusion with both terms that simulcasting also refers to multistreaming. Here in this blog, we are going to touch on all the important points about the basics of simulcast live streaming with key important aspects.

What is Simulcasting?

In the digital age of 2023, we all have witnessed that many people have started using the term simulcast to point out that video is broadcasted on different platforms. Additionally, it simply refers to its name itself, which is simultaneous broadcasting of live feeds or in general multistreaming. It is said that the term simulcasting is made up of two different combinations “simultaneously” and “broadcasting”.

Furthermore, there are many advantages to using simulcasting streaming which we are going to discuss later. But one thing for sure is that you can now simultaneously live stream your event on a variety of platforms and websites at a time. This approach allows the brands and event hosts to reach out to online audiences on all platforms. Let’s go deep a little more to comprehend the functions and its opportunities in a better way.

How Does Simulcast Work?

In general, it is believed that simulcasting live streaming is a complex process yet effective. As there are many streaming platforms which use their own set of procedures and methods to do the same thing. But in simple words how does it work? Have just a simple answer. To perform a simulcast live streaming you just need an encoder (obs simulcast). This encoder will capture all your moments via the camera and then compress it, encode the stream and convert it into an acceptable format over the internet and platforms.

How Does Simulcast Work

At last, the encoded version will be transferred to multiple streaming platforms in real-time where the viewers can watch the stream on any platform. Now you will be able to showcase everything you want to your online viewers on any platform like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Youtube or any other.

The Effective Consideration To Look Before Simulcast a Live Streaming Successfully

There are many aspects you need to consider to simulcast live streaming successfully. As to hosting any sort of event proper planning and execution are crucial. Here we have concluded some of the important points that will be helpful for you.

The Effective Consideration To Look Before Simulcast a Live Streaming Successfully

Choose The Best-In-Class Simulcast Streaming Platform Or Software

Choosing the professional platform or software is the first thing that needs to be at the top of your checklist. As there are many software and service providers that make it complicated to share video feeds over multiple platforms. The biggest factor to live streaming on multiple platforms seamlessly is based on only one thing which is software or platform.

In addition to all that, the procedure of simulcasting can be sometimes complicated. So, it is preferable to look for a simulcasting service provider who can do your thing easily and at affordable pricing. Dreamcast as a multistreaming service provider can offer the best-in-class service and stream high-quality audio and video to multiple platforms. Making it easier for you to not learn any technical coding and specialities while utilizing this spare time to prepare other things.

Choose The Right Channel To Simulcast Live Stream

How many live-streaming platforms are on the web? From small-scale to big names like Twitter, Periscope, Tv, LinkedIn, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. These are just a few names you have read as you can even stream over the web directly or on your business website. Additionally, you can develop your own event app where you can live stream your whole event (if you don’t want to the public).

You can make a list of social media platforms and channels which have potential users for your event. Furthermore, you can also research and analyze the compatibility of your live-streaming platform.

The Proper Planning Lead To Success For Simulcast Live Streaming

Planning is very important no matter what we do. Planning in simulcasting and streaming consists of many things. Every event is different from one another and shares a different set of audiences. There is a lot of planning that goes behind a successful multistreaming of an event. But to ease your hustle, let’s start by asking a few questions.

  • How are you going to promote your simulcast streaming or simply what will be your strategy?
  • Have you decided on content moderation or the type of content you are going to showcase to your audience?
  • What kind of fun, engaging activity are you going to introduce in the live stream to cater for all audiences?
  • Are you going to Involve a host (like a TV representative), Will add music or live commentary?

These are just a few examples you need to ask yourself before planning the multistreaming shows. Once you start planning, make sure to have all the answers. Lastly, creative and unique content always attracts viewers, make sure to stream something entertaining and value-added feed.

Assure To Stream With Low Latency

The last step to simulcasting is ensuring that your streaming platform has low latency. ensures low-latency streaming because it is a cloud-based platform. No buffering, and no waiting time. This way, your audience will enjoy your simulcasting without any annoying pauses or interruptions. You can enjoy your successful real-time simulcasting without any hiccups.

This can be probably the last step towards hosting a successful simulcast streaming but can be the game changer. You might have heard of the term latency which means the time delay between the video transferring and actually appearing on the social platform. High latency can make your viewers feel bored or frustrated. So, this is preferable to ensure a low-latency streaming leading to no buffering and waiting time. This will give your audience a seamless experience during their watching time. Low latency can be possible if you leverage the best simulcast platforms or services.

Stream On All Social Platforms To Receive The Maximum Audience

Undoubtedly, multistreaming is a great way to get a wider audience reach. But how if you can even increase it by doing nothing? Isn’t it fascinating? You don’t have to do anything, but just need to do a simple thing which is adding more platforms. When your live stream reaches different platforms, people are going to get exposure and surely you will get viewership.

This is also a proven way to build a sense of community for your event theme aligning with the goals. Moreover, this is beneficial in terms of creating event awareness and expanding viewership.

The Utmost Benefit Of Simulcast Live Streaming

There are many benefits of simulcast live streaming, some of them are:

The Utmost Benefit Of Simulcast Live Streaming
  • Reach a wider audience: By streaming to multiple platforms at the same time, content creators can reach a wider audience and increase their visibility.
  • Engage with viewers in real-time: Simulcast live streaming allows content creators and event hosts to engage with viewers in real-time, through chat and other interactive features.
  • Flexibility and convenience: It gives the event host the flexibility to stream to multiple platforms at the same time, without having to choose one platform over the other.

Tips and Tricks for Simulcast Live Streaming

  • Use a reliable live streaming encoder: A reliable live streaming encoder, such as obs simulcast, is essential for simulcast live streaming. It will help you to stream smoothly across multiple platforms.
  • Optimize your internet connection: To ensure a smooth and stable stream, make sure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Engage with your audience: Simulcast live streaming allows you to engage with your audience in real-time, so make sure you respond to comments and questions in the chat.
  • Monitor your stream: Keep an eye on your stream to make sure it’s running smoothly and to address any issues that may arise.
  • Promote your stream: Promote your stream on your social media profiles and other platforms to help increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

End Note

Simulcast live streaming is the best decision you are going to take for your event and surely benefit. From a business to content creators, all can benefit from its versatility by engaging the audience in real-time to reach out beyond geographical boundaries. The only thing that is important in multistreaming is the importance of simulcast platforms or services. If you are looking to partner with a reliable simulcasting service provider, we at Dreamcast can help you. Wanted to know more about how we help you achieve low-latency video streaming over all possible live streaming platforms at the best prices. Book your free demo now with us.

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