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#5 Streaming Solutions For Broadcasting Events Live

So you checked out some of the best webcast services providers in Jaipur, Mumbai  and some live stream service providers in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi. But you still wish to know more about it like how it works and what kind of live streaming solutions can you go for if you decide to go for broadcasting your own event without any professional help. Here we have sorted out some of the most popular and recommended live streaming solutions that you may want to check out for broadcasting your own event:

Facebook Live

Facebook has always been a pioneer in finding out some new ways of improving connectivity for all its users. One of the such recent developments has been live stream functionality. With the help of Facebook Live you can easily share what is taking place in front of your at the moment. The feature not only permits the host pages but also the audience to go live at an event. They can also broadcast their experience direct through their mobile handsets. The tool allows one to select their audience and get real-time feedback in the comments segment of your stream. It also allows one to track the number of viewers who are watching your live stream from various places. Facebook Live is a simple tool that is awesome for event planner who wishes to jump directly into streaming without any complications of customary live streaming platforms.


Live is another live streaming application that directly acts on Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS devices and internet supporting cameras. Live allows users to carry out simultaneous streaming sessions, for example, if you wish to host a YouTube and Facebook Live Session at the same time via central dashboard which makes it simpler to reach several audience concurrently. By far, Facebook and YouTube live streaming are being provided free of cost. But for Live’s simultaneous streaming feature you will need to pay price of $9.99. It has proved to be one of the best options for businesses who are looking forward to broadcast their firm’s event over several channels via single program.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is a free of cost open source options for live streaming of videos as well as recording of the same. OBS promotes itself to online webcam broadcasters and gamecasters. It is compatible with Mac OSX 10.8, Windows, 10, 8, and 7 and above that. It is also compatible with Linux if you are still working with it. The only drawback about OBS is lack of formal tech support. It is one of the best options for event planners that require software flexibility.

XSplit Free

It is currently being promoted as broadcasting software for video gameplay as well as live streaming videos. XSplit is one of the most solid options for live broadcasting of your upcoming events. The providers offers multiple paid options, but for a simple broadcast you can also work with the free options that has everything for HD broadcasting in a moment. If you ever wish to upgrade, the personal package costs $4.95 while for premium package it costs $8.95 for a month.


This one promotes an indie, younger crown that is much more versatile than normal apps. It is compatible with the vintage iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android. The best thing about YouNow is that it exposes one to a much younger crowd and enables giving a personal touch with the help of handheld broadcasting abilities over tablet or smartphone.

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