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QR Code for Event Ticketing: Simplified Check-Ins & Efficient Management

With the rise of event tech solutions in the event industry across the globe, many aspects have been transformed. From registration to ticketing and even attendee engagement, events in the 2023 era look different. The increased dependency on the internet and smartphones has contributed to many significant metrics. One of the innovations that has changed access management entirely is the QR code for event ticketing. QR codes have made event check-ins, attendee engagement, and data management more efficient than ever.

Here in this blog, we’ll explore various benefits of using QR codes for event ticketing, both from the perspective of event organizers and attendees. Also, we will discuss the practical applications, tools, and functionalities of QR code tickets.

What is a QR Code for Event Ticketing?

In general, the QR refers to ‘Quick Response’. In the event, the QR code can be utilized for ticketing, registration, and check-ins. QR codes are not a new-age technology but have been used for the past few years. From payments to movie tickets all nowadays get a unique QR which can be scanned by smartphones and dedicated QR code scanners. QR code ticketing system offers digital or electronic tickets that attendees can easily access and use for entry to an event.

What is a QR Code for Event Ticketing?

Here’s how QR Code for Event Ticketing typically works:

1. Ticket Generation: When you register for the event through an online microsite or mobile event app, you receive a QR code. This QR code is unique to each attendee and represents a specific ticket type.

2. Ticket Delivery: The generated QR code tickets can be sent to attendees through various means, including email, mobile apps, or SMS messages. Attendees can then save the QR code on their smartphones or print a physical copy.

3. Event Entry: When attendees arrive at the event venue, staff equipped with QR code scanners or smartphones with QR code scanning capabilities can scan the QR code on the attendee’s ticket. This process validates the ticket and grants access to the event.

4. Real-time Validation: The QR code system instantly validates the ticket’s authenticity and ensures that it hasn’t been used previously. This real-time validation helps prevent ticket fraud and unauthorized entry.

5. Attendee Experience: Using QR code ticketing system online enhances the attendee experience by reducing wait times, eliminating the need for physical tickets, and providing a more streamlined and contactless entry process.

6. Data Collection: With the help of QR code ticketing systems a large data audience regarding the event check-in and on-site event registration. These metrics can range from the attendee’s behavior, entry patterns, and preferences. Furthermore, this can be utilized in the future event planning and marketing.

Overall, QR code ticketing system offers convenience, security, and efficiency to the event. So, now let’s explore the other aspects of it.

Top 5 Benefits of Using QR Code for Event Ticketing Online and On-Spot

Over the period of time, QR codes have drastically simplified registrations, event ticketing, check-ins, as well as badge printing in the digital age. With an online QR code for event registration to on-spot the verification of attendees and access management are made easy. For the attendee, the convenience of having event tickets on their smartphones cannot be overstated. Also, with the quick scan of the QR code tickets at the event entrance, they gain swift access, reducing wait times and making their entry hassle-free.

1. Access Control and Security

The event organizers can leverage the QR code ticketing system for access control. By giving distinguished event badges to team members and workers of the event access control to restricted areas can be achieved. This made it possible and ensured the highest possible security so that only authorized personnel gain entry. All these combined make it a cost-effective way to deploy security saving costs from the physical security personnel. 

Event Access Control and Security

2. Maximum Lead Retrieval Opportunities

For events like; conferences and expos, QR codes on attendee badges or tickets help in lead retrieval for exhibitors and sponsors. The exhibitors don’t have to ask for the attendee’s details for further communication instead scanning an attendee’s badge information can be collected. 

3. Session Tracking and Attendance

In the current market, there are many different types of QR code ticketing systems available. At Dreamcast, we provide a robust solution that comes with added integration capabilities. This means you can integrate the event management software to track attendee attendance at different sessions, workshops, or breakout sessions. Also, with real-time data on session popularity, an informed series of decisions can be made because of QR code tickets.

4. Easy Check-Ins, Outs, and Reporting

Attendee satisfaction is the utmost point of success for every event organizer. With the right data and metrics about the attendees in real-time many changes can be made. Also, future events can be improved. This data can range from the time or entry and exit of attendees to preferences, sessions attended, as well as others regarding their preferences. 

Easy Event Check-In

5. On-site Event Registration Possibilities

In an event, there are two types of attendees: on-spot and online registered participants. If someone has registered via the event microsite or mobile app, they will receive a unique QR-code-based ticket via WhatsApp or email. However, if anyone wants to register on the spot, the QR code printing solutions come into play. These solutions enable quick and efficient badge printing, ensuring that attendees receive their access credentials without delays. Additionally, with such tools, badge printing can also be achieved without any further budget ado.

Pre-Event Badge

On-spot badge printing solutions that utilize QR codes for event registration might not be the only available possibilities. Pre-event badges can also be created. However, the number of badges you need to print is a question that can be solved by using RSVP via WhatsApp Automation.

Undoubtedly the QR code for event ticketing online and offline both have many advantages. The adoption of this technology in the current industry scenario is quite important. If you also, look forward to deploying such solutions. You can get in touch with us. Book your free demo with Dreamcast and learn more in detail with our executives. 

Why Choose Dreamcast for QR Code for Event Ticketing Solutions?

We are one of the finest event tech suites in India, UAE and across the world, offering a wide range of event tech solutions, including mobile event apps, microsites, event registration platforms, live streaming, virtual and hybrid events, WhatsApp Automation, and more. Specifically, we provide not only QR codes for event ticketing, both online and offline but also several other offerings. Here are the top 5 offerings, but not limited to, that you can leverage by associating with us:

  • Seamless check-in using QR codes, NFC, RFID, and custom badges for efficient attendance tracking.
  • Cost-effective event registration badges and check-in solutions for seamless event planning.
  • On-ground deployment of an uninterrupted badge printing solution for name and custom badges, as well as on-spot registration.
  • Our ticketing and registration solutions enable you to reduce wait times by 60%, enhancing attendee satisfaction.
  • Track attendee registrations and metrics in real-time for informed decision-making.

So, what are you waiting for, make your next event the best with us. Get in touch with us now and ensure a seamless experience.

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