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Microsite for Events: Why is it Very Important for Events?

The internet is loaded with thousands of websites and almost every business company, brand has one. Besides that, to build a place in the online world and over the internet, it is crucial building a microsite for event or a website. From brands to event organisers all build websites and microsites for events respectively to establish their presence while giving the users access to learn more about them.

Let me here take this liberty to welcome you all to the digital era where life is quite dependent on the internet and moreover to say on microsites. We all start our day using websites for various purposes. No matter what we want from booking a cab to ordering groceries requires a website to process our requests. As it works as a channel and reduces the gap between the user and the brand.

We all have witnessed an array of websites every day from shopping to media houses and for events registration and ticketing too. So, here in this blog, we are going to discuss event microsites including their effective benefits and why you need one for your next event. Let’s get started;

What is a Microsite?

What is a Microsite

A microsite is similar to a website but usually has a single web page that brands used to build to promote their individual key products or event organisers for their events. In general, this microsite has a different URL than any pre-built company website while having the same domain. This is what the definition of a microsite says. But it is not necessary to have an existing website in order to build a microsite for the event (as said it runs on a different URL).

This is needed to build an online presence of the event and be filled with programme-related necessary information. It looks fairly different from what normal websites do (as it is just a single web page, but not necessarily). It usually is built with fully customised regards with font family and the colour palette of the footer and the header as design elements. Furthermore, an event consists of a lot of planning and execution. Building a microsite can be your first task in order to get an audience registered for your in-person event.

Why Build an Event Microsite?

Why Build an Event Microsite

No matter what kind of event regardless of size and type you are planning. To host such as a product launch, a trade fair or simply a music concert. However, every event planning has ‘marketing’ as the common. And successful event is considered those which have high ticket sales, attendee satisfaction, and when all the objectives get fulfilled. Promoting the event is not a big deal as websites are user-friendly and easily accessible over the web. Additionally, they are easier to keep track of and make updates.

Building a microsite is a crucial step towards establishing a credible way for your audience to get information more about the event. Additionally, to connect with the potential attendees or people and set a channel of communication in a way that drives people to your event is necessary.

Every event is based on a theme or format it lies. So, by building a microsite you can make the audience aware of various factors of your event. The important information like for what purpose you are hosting that event, date, timings, venue and about the activities. All the information can be put on this microsite for the event. Also can be customised as per your need and requirements.

*Here is something to notice, is microsites are only for in-person events. Well, A big No!! A microsite can be built for any type of event. Like for in-person it can be for virtual and hybrid events too. So an event microsite is common for any kind of event. In today’s time, it is the most essential for an array of purposes as it comes with many benefits. Thinking about what they are; here we have covered all the benefits. Keep reading.

Benefits of Building A Microsite For Events

There are plenty of benefits and to make you aware of them all in one place we have concluded all in a place;

Improved Event Branding

The microsite will help you convert your event into a brand that has different sorts of horizons that might be different from your parent organisation. We are talking about the theme. A charm of uniqueness will be added as it can be theme based. For instance; you can’t change your company website theme for many restricted reasons but you can make a custom event microsite.

Improved Event Branding

Enhance Messaging to Targeted Audience

A microsite is a short yet effective medium which is tone-focused and only talks about the crucial elements of your event. The user will only see and read the message that you wanted to give without any here-and-there content type. It means event-specific content only.

Easy to Set Up

Undoubtedly, it is easier to build a custom event microsite. For big corporations and companies. It is necessary to build one that has pre-decided annual events scheduled or has a legacy of hosting such events. As this event microsites can be re-used year by year and can be updated with new ones as you require while keeping the core elements of the event remains the same.


A company website is usually exploded with lots of content about the projects, services and a lot more. But a microsite is usually content-centric to the event only. This allows the user to only grab the useful information about the event that they are looking for instead of digging deeper into some other sort of information.

Data Tracking

Every event has some success measure and with the help of such an event microsite. You will be able to track and analyse all sorts of information from the backend. Metrics like how many users have registered and tracking of how your promotions are going on.

Data Tracking

Enhance Your Event Microsite SEO

Relevant keywords with unique URLs have a high chance to rank well over web pages and make it possible to come across them when any user searches for them.

Besides that matter of fact that it offers, in general, to look more professional and to appear in a more approachable way. Building a microsite is preferred. As it partners you with your promotions, For instance; When you promote your event over social channels, paid promotions or over mail adding the link to the microsites enhances the possibility to get more people registered. Its laser-focused content information made it event-specific which fulfils many objectives.

How Event Microsites Boost Your Planning Efforts

Microsites improve a lot of event planning and efforts you make as it saves a lot of time and effort and significantly contributes to the promotion, registration and ticketing. When you promote any event over social channels and drive the audience to your event microsite page. Their call-to-action buttons are already which makes them influence to register themselves rightly. As all the information they wanted is already mentioned there and if someone is interested they can register and get the tickets over their mail or now even on Whatsapp.

By leveraging an event microsite service provider services you would be able to create an appealing site to capture the audience and influence them. Additionally, depending upon the type of event you can make different types of sections (by analysing and researching the market about what people want). You can put your previous year’s event photos, videos, and infographics or create some new as well as activities details or even a complete itinerary.

Make the audience feel excited with colourful design, graphics and even adding a deal (a type of offer like free goodies). However, over this site, you will also be able to promote your sponsors by adding a simple banner. Furthermore, also place the social media icons where they can share these sites or simply visit your event social media pages for wider reach.

Do you like the purpose and benefits of an event microsite, then here we have added some important tips for creating appealing microsites for events.

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Tips And Tricks For Creating A Custom Event Microsite

If you want to add a spark of creative and innovative design to an event microsite that reaches a wider audience while appealing to the audience to register to experience your next event. Here we have listed some of the best tips and tricks for creating a custom microsite for the event.

In general, microsites can be used for both landing pages and sometimes for promotional uses as well. As they are content-centric for the event only, this makes them more soothing in terms of branding and messaging. As said before a microsite can be used for all types of events including hybrid, in-person or virtual and is not bound to any format. So, let’s learn more about it and what to look for when building a custom microsite that fulfils all your requirements and desires.

Define the Objective of your Event Microsite

Before going forward, it is important to know the purpose of your event website and the lifespan you need. As said if you wanted to create an event website for a corporation that usually hosts a specific event every year. Then it should be going to have some different set-up while just an event that is going to happen has some other key elements in it. Additionally, do you want to host your in-person event virtually over this site or want to make it hybrid. This consideration is necessary.

Analyse the Functionality and Speed Required

Simply, analysing the expected number of registration and user traffic will help you in offering a great user experience. A microsite needs a specific speed and bandwidth to offer such a user experience. A slow registration page speed can be diminishing the reputation. Additionally, a virtual event microsite should have higher interactive elements in it.

Choose User-Friendly Design Elements

The ultimate goal of your microsite is to capture the audience’s attention by choosing bold user-friendly elements, colour palette, font family and creative designs that look aesthetic. All these combined are needed to make your site eye-catching and really helpful for enhancing the user event journey experience.

Include Essential Information

In an event microsite, it is always recommended to include all necessary information about the event in a visually appealing form. You can use graphics and a soothing colour tonne to make it attractive. Some of the key information that needs to be there are;

  • Event Title/Theme
  • Event Day, Date and Timings
  • Event Activities Information
  • Sponsors and Partners
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Ticketing and Registration Form
  • And Whatever You Think is Important

All the information text, font family, design, and branding elements should be infused into a user interface that appeals to them and excites them to register.

Use Proper Navigation Buttons

Every landing page should need to have a menu and navigation but varies upon the purpose types and objectives of the event. Some of the key elements that you should need to put on this page are;

  • Agenda Page
  • Speakers and Attendee Directory
  • Sponsors and Partners
  • FAQ Page
  • Account Settings Page
  • And Others!

Make Your Event Microsite Responsive

As there is an array of device types and because of mobile users, your event microsite should be responsive. This means your microsite should adjust itself according to mobile screen sizes or with other devices. However, you will also be able to make a separate mobile event app.

Additionally, if you are thinking of hosting a hybrid event then your microsites need to contain various interactive elements.

  • Video Chat Option (Live, 1:1 and group chat)
  • Exhibition and Virtual Booths
  • Conversation Forum
  • Gamification
  • Polls and Q&A

Lastly, don’t make the average-looking microsite. With Dreamcast, you can make a user-friendly, visually appealing custom microsite for the event that will enhance the attendee user journey.

Summing Up

Building a microsite for events is an integral part to offer a smooth yet immersive experience to its users. Well, the benefits of microsites for events are huge and without a doubt building, one can benefit a lot in terms of registration count and satisfaction. If all these reasons make you appealing then you might be able to find an event microsite service provider. But now you can finish your search with Dreamcast, as we are an event tech company that offers services like building a custom microsite. Want to know more about it book your free demo now with us.

FAQs For Event Microsite

FAQs For Event Microsite
What is a microsite for an event?

A microsite for the event is quite similar to a website but it only consists of one webpage. It usually functions as a landing page for event registration and provides useful event-centric information.

How do you create an event microsite?

To create a microsite for event you need to consider hiring an event microsite service provider who will be able to create one with a theme you have chosen that suits your event type.

How do you attract participants to an online event?

To attract more participants to an online event, you should consider promoting your event much before it goes live on various social networking sites as well as using channels like email marketing and social media. Furthermore, you can attach the event microsite link to all the shared promotional posts, you will be able to attract more participants.

What is the difference between a website and a microsite?

The key difference between a website and a microsite is that a microsite is a web page that is content-centric to only an event or campaign while a website consists of multiple web pages on a specific domain. Additionally, a website has broader information regarding a company’s services and is permanent (long-term) while microsites are time-sensitive (temporary).

What should a microsite include?

A microsite includes all necessary information about an event or campaign (for whatever purpose it has been made). Information including the title, theme, date, time, venue, activities and necessary content regarding the event that is necessary for the audience to know.

What makes a good microsite?

A focused theme with content-centric information makes a good microsite. And includes all the necessary details regarding the event or campaign. Moreover, a good microsite enhances the user experience and consists of elements like branding, theme, and user-friendly, responsive and that encourages the user to hit the call-to-action button.

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