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Podcast Live Streaming: The Key Distinctions Between Podcasting And Live Streaming

In today’s digital world audio and video content continues to grow in popularity. Both the podcast and live streaming is a popular way that content creators have started using to reach their audience. Plus if you don’t want to limit yourself to just podcasting or live streaming you can choose a podcast to live streaming it is a mix of both worlds. Nowadays creators and organizers want to offer the best to their audience and a podcast live stream is a great way to do that. Numerous live streaming services can help in hosting podcast live streaming or you can also choose dedicated live podcast streaming services for podcasting.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about podcasting or Podcast live streaming. Further in this blog, we will explore the key difference and similarities between podcast & live streaming, different methods of podcasting and types of podcasting, and why you should be opting for podcast live streaming. So if you are new to podcasting this blog can give you an overview of everything that you need to know about it.

What Is a Podcast & Live Streaming?

What Is a Podcast Live Streaming?

The podcast is a pre-recorded audio or video show that is available for streaming. The podcast is similar to radio shows but the only difference is that podcasts can be streamed anytime as they are available on-demand. The podcast is like an audio series where the podcaster typically releases a new episode regularly. Various types of podcasts cover a wide range of topics like business, news, sports, personal development, comedy, entertainment, storytelling, education, etc.

Usually, a podcast is an audio file that is pre-recorded on a certain topic but nowadays these podcasts are also available to live for streaming which is known as podcast live streaming.

Whereas live streaming is the live broadcasting of audio and video content online. Live streaming allows users to watch events online in real time. The audience of the live stream can interact with the streamer through live chat, reactions, etc. There are various social media platforms available that help in live streaming for instance Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Breaking Down the Differences Between Podcasting and Live Streaming

Both podcasting and live streaming is an effective way of engaging with the audience but still, there are some differences between live streaming and podcasting which you can read below:

Breaking Down the Differences Between Podcasting and Live Streaming

Real-Time Interaction

Real-time audience interaction is one of the significant differences between live streaming and podcasting. The podcast is usually pre-recorded audio content so there is no real-time interaction between the podcaster and the audience. Whereas talk about live streaming, which works in real time, the audience can interact with the host in real-time. They can have interaction in form of live conversation, text messages, questions, and answer sessions, etc.

Production Value

The next difference between live streaming and podcasting is the production value. Producing a live stream is comparatively easier as live streaming can be raw and spontaneous, a streamer just needs a mobile phone or a streaming platform. Live streaming is raw and unedited so producing a live stream is cost-effective and easy. On another hand a podcast is more professional; it needs a polished sound quality. The podcast is produced in advance and properly edited before publishing. So the production value of podcasts is high in comparison to live streaming.

Audience Engagement

Although both live streams and podcasts can engage the audience. But the difference is in the level of engagement. Because live streaming supports video content and allows the audience to interact with the streamer in real-time the level of engagement in live streaming is better in comparison to products. Podcasts limit the interaction between the podcaster and the audience, however, the certain podcasting platform allows the audience to leave their comment regarding the stream which is not enough engagement.

Content Format

Content is a crucial part of both live streaming and podcasting. Whether you are live streaming or podcasting you need to create high-quality, valuable content for your audience. So if you are wondering what’s the difference then, podcasts offer audio content mostly in the form of long conversations and interviews. In podcasts either the podcaster is talking to the audience or he/she talks to the guest. Podcasts have conversational content majorly. Whereas live streaming is versatile with content, live streaming offers formats like interviews, games, live events, music, etc.

Equipment Requirements

Both live streaming and podcasting require the use of some technical equipment but the only difference is the type of equipment. Live streaming requires equipment and tools such as a camera, audio device, live streaming services or platform, lighting setup, etc, whereas for podcasting an audio device and live podcast streaming services are enough. You don’t need too much equipment to produce a podcast, while live streaming may need more equipment comparatively.

Content Planning

As we have mentioned above content is a crucial part of both live streaming and podcast so it becomes necessary to plan your content. If you are hosting a podcast you will have to research the idea or the topic and create content around that particular topic, it needs proper content planning, whereas live streaming may not have any such requirements, live streaming can be spontaneous and raw. If you are hosting a professional live stream it may require some amount of planning.

Similarity Between Podcasting & Live Streaming

Not just difference both live streaming and podcasting have some similarities too that we are mentioning below:

  • The first similarity between live streaming and podcasting is that both allow creators to monetize their content. Both streamers and podcasters can take advantage of sponsorships for monetizing their content. Podcasters can also show ads in between their content and they can also ask listeners for direct support for the monetization of their content for live streamers they can also place ads between their content, or take donations, and ad revenue on streaming platforms.
  • The next similarity that live streaming and podcasting share is marketing. Both live streaming and podcasting are perfect marketing mediums for sponsors. Individuals can promote their product or brand through a podcast by giving an interview, or by sharing the story of their brand when it comes to live streaming it gives sponsors the opportunity to go live with the streamer and interact with the audience for promotions and marketing.
  • Both live streaming and podcasting are effective ways of growing an audience and building a strong community. Podcasters can talk about a particular topic online and attract a target audience for building a strong community and in the same way, streamers can go live and interact with the audience and build a strong and loyal audience base.

Methods Of Podcasting – Pre-Recorded & Podcast Live Streaming

There are two different methods available for podcasting, the first one is the traditional pre-recorded and on-demand version of the podcast and another one is podcast live streaming.

Methods Of Podcasting

As you know a traditional podcast is, it is a pre-recorded audio series that the audience listens to on-demand but there is a better and new version of podcasting too and that is podcast live streaming.

Podcast live streaming combines the benefits of both live streaming and podcasting. In a podcast live stream, the podcaster records a podcast in real time and streams it to a live audience online. In podcast live streaming there is a real-time interaction between listeners and podcasters, podcast live stream can have both audio and video versions of it. It is more engaging in comparison to the traditional audio version of the podcast. The best part about podcast live streaming is that it allows a podcaster to record and later make it available on-demand.

The Many Faces of Podcasts: Exploring Different Types of Podcasts

There are various types of podcasts and in this subheading, we will be covering a few popular types of podcasts.

Many Faces of Podcasts

Interview Podcast

First and the most common type of podcast is an interview podcast. In this type of podcast, the host usually invites guests or experts from their respective field and interviews them. This type of podcast can be in the form of a live stream video podcast or pre-recorded. These podcasts are usually engaging and give insights to the listeners about the guests.

Narrative or Storytelling Podcasts

Narrative and storytelling podcasts can be like an audio series. In these types of podcasts the host shares a story or tries to explore different topics in the form of storytelling. This type of podcast is a creative way to hook the audience to your content. This type of podcast can be produced by adding background music, videos, and more audio, and visual effects.

Business Podcasts

Business podcasts are usually for people in a particular business field. In these types of podcasts, the host usually covers a topic that is related to marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. In business podcasts, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and industry experts are featured.

News and Current Events Podcasts

These types of podcasts cover the latest news and other current affairs. This podcast is like an alternative to radio. It can be both live and on-demand where the host talks about current events in business, sports, and politics. These podcasts can also feature industry experts as guests.

Personal Development Podcasts

A personal development podcast is a very popular type of podcast wherein the host talks about personal development in one or another way. It can be like self-grooming, personal growth, spirituality, self-help, etc. This type of podcast can also be in the form of a live stream video podcast.

Educational or Instructional Podcasts

Next, we have educational or instructional podcasts in this type of podcast the host usually teaches listeners about a certain topic. These types of podcasts can be based on different topics like cooking, marketing, finance, etc.

Why Should You Opt For Podcast Live Stream?

If you are wondering why you should opt for podcast live stream when the pre-recorded podcast is more polished and listeners can access it anytime they want. Well, it is because with a podcast live stream, you can be authentic and raw and it will help you connect with your audience at a personal level. Yes, your audience might want to listen to the professionally edited and well-planned podcast but that does not mean they will not enjoy the raw and unfiltered podcast.

Chances are your listeners might enjoy your live stream more as they get an opportunity to interact with you directly. They can ask questions and interact on a more personal level, which will create a feeling of belongingness.

If you are not having any luck with the traditional way of podcasting you may get the attention of your target audience if you stream podcasts live.

Podcast Live Streaming Benefits: Taking Your Podcast to the Next Level

As podcast live streaming is a combination of both live streaming and podcasting it offers several benefits and some of the key benefits of podcast live streaming are mentioned below:

Live Audience Interaction

The traditional on-demand version of the podcast doesn’t support audience interaction and with the help of podcast live streaming the problem can be eradicated. With the help of live streaming of podcasts, the host can easily interact with the audience, it’s possible to have a real-time conversation, question and answer session, etc. Live interaction is one of the most significant benefits of live podcasting.

Reach Wider Audience

Although it is possible to reach your target audience with the help of podcasts it is limited. But when it comes to podcast live streaming the reach is more. Because the streaming audience can engage with the host in real time a lot of the audience tend to join the live session which as result increases the reach of the podcast.

Additional Revenue Streams

With the help of podcast live streaming it is easier to attract better sponsorship opportunities. You can place ads in between or at the end of your podcast streaming session, you can also ask the audience for direct support.

Improved Searchability

With the help of podcast live streaming it is easy to improve searchability. Because video content is mostly prioritized in search engine results, the chances are you will be visible on the search engine. New listeners will be able to discover you through live streaming video podcasts.

More Content Options

Podcast live streaming offers the opportunity to get into different content streams, you are not just limited to audio content, you can host a live question and answer session with video, you can host a panel discussion, or stream a live event with it. The options are numerous.

How To Nail Your Podcast Live Streaming: Best Practices To Follow

Now if you want to reach a wider audience you will have to create a top-notch podcast that can attract listeners and for that, you can follow the best practices that are mentioned below:

Test, Test, Test

Testing your podcasting platform and all the equipment that you will be using during the podcast is one of the most crucial best practices for podcast live streaming. Testing will ensure that you don’t face any issues regarding the equipment during the live podcast. Another important thing to keep in mind while live streaming your podcast is that you should always have a backup for all the equipment that you are using.

Don’t Forget To Spread the Word

As soon as you decide to host a podcast and plan all the content you should start promoting it. With the help of promotions, you will be able to reach your target audience effectively. You can use different platforms for promoting your podcast social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube can be effective, not just that Spotify is also a great option for promoting your podcast. You can create a hashtag for your podcast that you can use for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Plan In Advance

Now it goes without saying that planning is one of the most important best practices for live podcasting. With the help of planning you will be able to manage everything. You should start with planning all the content for your podcast next you can create a marketing or promotional plan for your podcast. The planning will ensure that you have everything on point.

Keep It Short & On-Point

The next best practice for podcast live streaming is keeping it short and on-point. You can select one topic and talk about that only. Don’t try to cover everything in one session as it will increase the length of the podcast and your audience might lose interest in between. So make sure you keep that in mind while planning your live podcast.

Record & Repurpose

Recording and repurposing your content is also one of the best practices of podcast live streaming. If you live stream a podcast make sure to record it so that you can later provide it on-demand to your listener and re-use it for marketing and promotional content. Most of the live podcast streaming services allow for the recording of the podcast.


The last practice that we have on our list is analysis. It is important to analyze your podcast stream because it will give you an overview of your podcast performance and help you understand if you were lacking somewhere and how you can improve in the future. Also, you will get to know the overall performance of your podcast by analyzing it.

Which is Better Audio Podcast or Podcast Live Streaming?

Both audio versions of the podcast and live podcast have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking about which one is better and what you should choose, well there is no straight answer for that, as it will depend upon your needs, goals, and objectives.

But here are a few factors that can help you decide which can be better for you.

  • The first deciding factor for you can be audio quality. Because traditional audio podcasts are recorded in a more controlled environment they have better and more polished audio, whereas live podcasts may not have the perfect audio quality because the audio during the live podcast can be impacted by factors like background music, noise, poor internet connection, etc.
  • The next deciding factor for you can be post-production activity. The audio podcast allows the host to record and edit the podcast as a part of the post-production activity but when we talk about live podcast streaming it does not allow that because it’s a live broadcast.
  • Audio podcasts don’t allow any live interaction between the host and the audience. But with podcast live streaming you can interact with your audience in real-time so if you are looking for live audience interaction you can opt for the live podcast or else you have the option of an audio podcast.
  • Timing is another factor that can help you decide which method you should opt for. If you have enough time to go live every time you are realizing your new podcast you can go for the live podcast or else you can choose an audio podcast that you can record according to your time and convenience.

The Bottom Line

We are sure by the end of this blog you know everything about podcasting. We have covered all the major things from what a podcast is, to the difference between a podcast and live streaming, etc. Podcasting is an effective way to connect with the audience and build a strong community. It can help with marketing and promotions too. On-demand podcasts, live streaming, and podcast live streaming have their own set of advantages and limitations. You can choose any of these ways to stay connected with your audience.

If you want to host a live stream or a podcast live streaming you can choose us as your service provider. Connect with us or Book a free demo to know how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a podcast be a live stream?

Yes, with the help of podcast live streaming you can host a podcast as a live stream. There are various streaming platforms available that can help in live podcast live streaming.

What is a live podcast?

Live podcast is the streaming of podcasts over the internet in real time. It allows attendees and hosts to connect and engage in real time. It is a combination of live streams and podcasts.

What is the equipment that I need for podcast live streaming?

For podcast live streaming you will need the following equipment: an audio device, computer, live streaming services/platform, and a robust internet connection. And with live video streaming, you will also need a webcam, a mixer, and headphones.

Can I monetize my live stream podcast?

Yes, it is possible to monetize your live stream podcast. You can take sponsorships, display ads, etc.

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