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Online Event Registration & Ticketing – How Does it Work?

Online event registration methods play a crucial role in making any event successful. Most of the organizers tend to focus on catching the attention of the attendees by utilizing different features of event ticketing platforms.

Selling physical tickets for the event is quite a hectic task to do. However, there are some better alternatives available in the market for the same. Event registration systems collect valuable information from the users including their names, geographical location, interests, etc., and store them for future perspective.

Apart from this, the process involved is much simpler and more convenient than the tedious physical registration and event ticketing process. Additionally, valuable information related to guests is gathered before the start of the event.

Getting More Familiar with Online Event Registration

Online registration is the process of collecting user data for the event. Similarly, it is followed by the generation of tickets after successful registration & payment process.

Getting More Familiar with Online Event Registration

In fact, the functioning of most even registration apps includes immersive features like – Online event ticketing, sharing of event links, valuable insights, and much more. With the data collection technique, now organizing the event is more productive and less hectic.

Some Easy Steps to Sell Your Tickets Online

Following are some points that can help you in attaining maximum audience engagement and generating maximum revenue –

  • It starts with the selection of the right event ticketing platform for you and register with them for your upcoming event.
  • In addition to this, the selection of special features which fulfill your objective behind organizing the event is the next in the queue.
  • Choosing an appropriate pricing plan will prevent additional burdens on your pockets
  • Customization of the event registration page is very crucial to attract more audience
  • Furthermore, running event promotional campaigns thus ensures maximum audience participation for your event.
  • Closely monitoring the event management process for prevention of any technical glitches.
  • Running your event with full potential after eliminating all the odds is a sign of success for your event.

Working of the Event Registration System

Working of the Event Registration System

Most event planners tend to get quick access to the funds as soon as the event gets over. However, there are many platforms that keep the money until after the event is over.

Following are some of the best methods to get money from sold tickets with online ticketing platforms

Integration with multiple gateways

It is a very easy as well as quick setup process that works with PayPal, Stripe, etc. Additionally, it offers you full control over the process along with instant access to money. Significant drawbacks include – a little chargeable convenient fee etc.

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Event Ticketing Platform integration with online merchant account

It is one of the quickest ways to receive payments. online merchants’ accounts include – PayPal pro etc. However, it’s a bit on the higher side of the budget.

Setting up your own secure payment system

Most of the event ticketing platforms set up their own payment system which is much more reliable than other ones out there. They can be set up fastly which makes them quick & easy solutions.

However, there is no direct control over your revenue. In addition to this, you have to wait for a while for the money to credit to your account.

Prominent Benefits of Online Event Registration

Here are some of the striking benefits of online event registration which makes them the most popular choice among the audience –

Benefits of Online Event Registration

Collection of Data

It is very important to collect the necessary information related to the users for future perspective. It thus includes details such as name, number, location, etc.

Most online event registration apps use their tools to collect user-oriented data & save them for getting post-event feedback & further connecting with them.

Real-time Feedback

The biggest challenge for the event planner is predicting the number of attendees for a particular event. However, the event ticketing platform tracks the registration process in real time thus providing an exact count of the event attendees.

Enhancing Communication

As the data of registered candidates appear before the event begins. This helps in establishing communication with attendees & providing some important information regarding the event.

Additionally, this data can also be used for post-event activities to send surveys and other promotional information.

Entering into the Automation Phase

After the successful completion of the payment process, an automatic mail with a receipt will be delivered to the attendee.

This is to ensure the audience that their payment has been received. In addition to this, they have got access to attend the event as well.

How to Choose Online Event Registration and Ticketing Platform?

There are multiple event registration and ticketing platforms available that can provide seamless solutions. But in order to determine the right and the most suitable platform for your event you need to consider many things. There must be many questions and doubts that can arise in your mind as you will be spending a good amount of time and money. To help you with this, below-mentioned are some common yet helpful questions that can ease your search to choose the right platform.

What Will Be the Cost of the Platform?

Pricing is one of the most important key considerations when it comes to looking for any product. Because it can vary greatly between different platforms, and typically the event registration and ticketing platform differentiate the price according to their convenience. Some of them can charge a flat fee, while some of them can take a percentage of the total sale. Once you can understand the fee structure of different platforms, you can easily able to determine if the cost fits within your budget or not. 

Does the Platform Allow You to Create Ticket Types?

When it comes to creating an event that suits best your organization and the needs of your audience, then flexibility is the key. The online event ticketing platforms should provide the ability to customize tickets that are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. Some of the common ticket customizations include:

  • Creating different tickets with different prices
  • Setting up the start and end date
  • Pre-defining the number of tickets and registration slot
  • Creating individual groups and bundles
  • Adding discount coupons and offers

Will the Platform Give the Benefit of Creating a Branded Registration Page?

Promoting your event and getting the most out of your event marketing strategy is to create an event website. This is one of the most crucial steps that you can take because selling people at your event involves branding. Which not only speak to a particular audience but also represent details about you. So the online event registration and ticketing platform should provide the ability to showcase your branding. With your brand’s story and message displayed prominently on the page with customize colors, logos, images, and more. 

How Can the Platform Help in Streamlining the Check-in Process?

Hosting an event can be daunting, and one of the most hectic and tedious processes is check-ins. The event ticketing and registration platform should be able to streamline the process if they have the right features. With integration into different ticket types and software, the check-in process can be made seamless. For example:

  • Issuing the ticket: A suitable event registration and ticketing platform will send a confirmation with a digital ticket via email that can also be downloaded.
  • QR code scanning: In order to enhance and streamline the process of check-in and satisfy both the management and attendees. A suitable provider that enables QR code scanning can make the process much more efficient. 
  • Ability to look up the guests: There can be situations where the attendees can’t find their tickets. So in order to save time, a feature that can look up the guests as a backup can help to enhance the process by manually marking them as checked-in.

Is the Platform Capable of Providing 24/7 Support?

If the platform provides you with strong customer support, then you can relax a little. This is necessary for the event ticketing and registration platform because it will not help you assist when setting up the event. But having 24/7 support will work around the clock to help the attendees with any kind of assistance that they need. This is a must-have feature of the platform that can benefit and enhance the attendee’s experience.

Summing Up

With broadening your search related to event ticketing and registration platform options for your event, keep in mind how it will benefit you. This will ensure a better selection of online event registration & ticketing platform that is capable of managing and streamlining the process. With Dreamcast, you can get a tailored and end-to-end customized ticketing & registration platform suitable for your event needs. Why wait? Book a demo now!

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