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On-Ground Live-Streaming: A Perfect Solution for All Event Types

You might have attended an IPL match or any other event, or you have watched the live stream of the same at home sitting on your couch. The process is called on-ground live-streaming, which connects the best of both worlds, in-person and virtual. This approach has drastically transformed and revolutionized the event industry by providing opportunities to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual experiences. On-ground live-streaming for in-person events has helped many organizations deliver exceptional events with a seamless blend of physical and online engagement. 

Moreover, this is a hybrid approach that can be leveraged for every event type. In this blog, we will take a look at the best reasons that make on-ground live-streaming a suitable solution for all event types.

What Is On-Ground Live Streaming?

Live streaming of on-ground events is the process of simultaneously recording and transmitting video content of an in-person event to virtual attendees. These streams are broadcast in real-time to give virtual attendees a real-time experience of the in-person event. When done successfully, they expand the reach of the event and help keep the online audience engaged. 

7 Advantages of On-Ground Live Streaming

Live streaming during on-ground events combines both face-to-face and virtual events into one. It makes the event accessible to a much wider audience, and they are significantly cheaper to leverage. On-ground live-streaming for hybrid events, virtual or in-person, can provide an array of advantages that can elevate both attendee’s and organizer’s experience.

Makes It Easily Accessible to a Larger Audience

If you are organizing an event, there is no better way to reach larger audiences than on-ground live streaming. This makes it easily accessible to people who could not be able to attend the event. For instance, if you are hosting a conference, there are chances for most of the audience to be not able to attend. However, with live-streaming during on-ground events, the ability to reach large audiences is enhanced as they give access to larger virtual audiences than in-person. On-ground live streaming for in-person events provides convenience and flexibility to online attendees, no matter what type of event you are hosting.

Minimized Environmental Impact

In-person events are fun and exciting, but they impact the environment, whereas virtual events are environmentally friendly. On-ground live streaming for hybrid events minimizes the impact on the environment, and they are a sustainable way of hosting. Live streaming for on-ground events allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. This approach not only adds value but also elevates the attendee experience.  

Scalability of Your Event

Scaling your event increases the cost of it because you have to look for accommodations and logistics for your attendees. This includes hotel costs, a bigger venue, food accommodation, travel costs, and more. These factors restrict your event from scaling by increasing the cost of the event. With on-ground live-streaming, you can easily enhance the scalability of your events by making them accessible to a virtual audience without increasing the cost. 

Increased Revenue for the Events

Hosting in-person and virtual events restricts you from generating more revenue as you have to determine the number of audience in advance. What if you can accommodate both online and physical audiences at the same time and generate more revenue? This can easily be achieved with on-ground live-streaming where both online and in-person attendees can access the event easily. This practice is usually leveraged for sports events like IPL, football matches, etc. The boost in digital registration & ticketing increases the revenue, making your event a success.

On-Demand Content Monetization

One clear advantage of on-ground live streaming is that it can be accessed anywhere at any time for virtual attendees. Making them not miss out on anything or having to choose between attending online or in person. Live streaming of on-ground events allows attendees to access recordings of sessions from anywhere if they have not attended any of the sessions. This allows a wider reach and allows attendees to watch it whenever they want. On-demand content monetization strategies can be leveraged easily with on-ground live streaming with an extended lifespan of the event.

Easier Access to Data and Analytics

On-ground live streaming of in-person events allows easier and enhanced data collection and analytics for event organizers. They can easily gather valuable insights about the online and physical attendee behaviour, preferences, engagement level, and session timings. This can be achieved through registration data, analytics from the virtual platform, and post-event surveys. This data can help organizers inform future event planning, content creation, and other strategies.

Elevated Sponsorship Opportunities

On-ground live streaming offers enhanced sponsorship opportunities for event planners. Since this will engage both in-person and online attendees with a much larger reach, sponsors can benefit from it by increasing their visibility globally. This smart practice can provide sponsors with valuable exposure and engagement through branded experience and sponsored content.

How to Integrate On-Ground Live Streaming Seamlessly?

Live streaming during an on-ground event is not a joke when your one in-person event is attended by two separate audiences. Piquing the interest of both online and on-site audiences can be challenging. That’s why most businesses are hosting events by investing in robust on-ground live streaming services. Here are the most useful tips that can help you seamlessly integrate this smart solution.

Conceptualize Your Event

With two different audiences in mind, setting up a live streaming setup and expecting it to work out well is not going to work out. Your virtual attendees matter as much as your on-site attendees. So you need to make an event strategy to keep their needs top of mind. For on-ground live streaming for in-person events, you need to establish your identity to make each attendee feel connected. 

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Live streaming has gained immense popularity and has become a huge industry. There are multiple live streaming platforms to pick from, but it can be hard to decide which one will work best for your event. Not every platform out there is created with the same set of features or to fulfil the same requirements, each one has its limitations. You need to choose the right on-ground live streaming platform service that can streamline the whole process, such as Dreamcast. Make sure they offer their own virtual platform and give you the most flexibility when it comes to personalized event experience.

Content Customization

Customization of content is an important part when you choose to on-ground live streaming of an event. Since you will have both the audience, it is crucial to curate your content towards remote attendees. This is because they have the option to leave the event anytime they want within a matter of seconds. So think creatively to keep them engaged with the event by maintaining their attention. Below are some tips that can be implemented for your on-ground live streaming for in-person events.

  • Make sure to cover all the angles to keep your virtual attendees stimulated with the live stream.
  • Personalized designs, logos, text, animations, and more seamlessly ramps connectivity between remote attendees and your brand.
  • Share your screen to make online attendees feel like they are a part of the event. Polls, live chats, and breakout rooms promote greater interactions with in-person participants.
  • Avoid scheduling multiple live sessions back to back by incorporating intermittent breaks with slides and bumper videos.

Test Your Event Tech

Before you start your on-ground live streaming, take time to give your streams a trial run. Even during testing, live streaming can get tricky if you don’t leverage the right technical tools. From equipment to encoding and embedding, make sure that everything runs smoothly. Make sure that the streaming service you have opted for offers you:

  • Pre-event testing, internet tests, and rehearsals to avoid pitfalls.
  • Correctly set up equipment, manage recordings, curate live displays, and roll out virtual content features.
  • Analytics to interpret raw data as it comes.
  • Dual team support for both online and onsite experience to handle any issues.

Final Thoughts

On-ground live streaming has gained immense popularity because of the flexibility and convenience it provides to attendees. This has become a prominent solution because it bridges the gap between both worlds. It can easily engage and interact attendees across the globe by providing a wider reach. On-ground live streaming for in-person events is a sustainable solution that can leave a lasting impression on attendees. Dreamcast can help you with robust live streaming solutions to enhance your events with customized and tailored features suited for your events. Book a demo now and learn more about this robust integration.

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