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Mobile Event App For In-Person Events Ultimate Success

In-person events have always been a popular way to gather people for networking, learning, and entertainment. The rise of technological advancement created a lot of inventions that are helpful for them to enhance the attendees’ experience and facilitate event management. Mobile event apps for in-person events are one of them.

Today here in this blog we are going to discuss all the important aspects of an in-person event app. In terms of how it can contribute to an event’s success, its benefits, and features, hope to choose the right mobile event app and all other necessary aspects. So, let’s get started with the basics and later will deep dive into all the technical characteristics;

What is a Mobile Event App for an In-Person Event?

An in-person event app is an especially designed application for smartphones and mobile devices that serves as a thorough guide to the attendees. It can be customised as per the requirement and needs of the event host. In general, it includes all the necessary information about the event in terms of schedules, session details, sponsor information, attendee networking capabilities, and social media integration. Furthermore, it can be integrated to offer maps & directions, speaker bios, online attendee registration and a ticketing window as well as many others.

“In simple terms, a mobile event app for in-person events refers to a specially customised application for attendees to get notified of event details and important updates. Furthermore, for the host, it is a way to offer an immersive experience to participants and easiness while gathering feedback from attendees through surveys and polls and using this information to improve future events.”

However, in both event organisers’ and attendees’ contexts, a mobile event app is an effective tool due to its versatility to check event updates while registering themselves. Let’s take the moment to understand its versatility with the below-mentioned benefits.

Mobile Event App for In-Person Events: Unleashing Versatile Benefits

In-person event apps have completely revolutionised the whole event planning and execution. They have become indispensable tools for event organisers. Due to its versatile benefits that help to enhance the attendee experience, streamline event management, and foster event success. Here we have concluded the top 7 benefits of mobile event apps for in-person events.

The 7 Versatile Benefits Of In-Person Event Apps

No matter, if you are an event organiser or simply an attendee. By understanding these benefits, you can harness mobile event apps to their fullest potential and take your events to the next level.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

The event app simplifies the attendee’s experience by providing all the keynote information they need in one place. With just a click the app user can check all the necessary details that the host wanted to showcase in terms of the event itinerary, speaker bios, and other important details. Additionally, it lets the attendees interact with each other in real-time via chat, polls, and Q&A sessions (if the host wants to integrate this feature).

Streamlined Event Management

For the event host or organiser, a mobile app plays a significant role in streamlining the event management process. Using the app the host can easily send and manage event schedules, send push notifications, and track attendee engagement all in one place. Additionally, it also let them collect attendee feedback through custom surveys and polls.

Maximise Revenue

The ultimate purpose of the event for the organisers is to maximise the earnings while promoting sponsors. The mobile event app for an in-person event lets you do both effortlessly. In the first place with online registrations and ticketing they can boost earnings. Also, by showcasing the sponsor’s ads, organisers can improve their ROI.

Real-time Updates & Notifications

The real-time notification and automated updates can be considerably a USP of in-person event apps. The host can eliminate any confusion and enhance the user experience by sending updates and notifications about the event. This makes the attendees up-to-date about the event and just the slogan says never miss out on any updates.

Enhanced Networking opportunities

The effective features like connecting with each other, breakout rooms, chatting and real-time conversation. All these combined contribute to enhancing networking that can potentially lead to many business opportunities or collaborations.

Data Collection And Analysis

As discussed above it lets you collect feedback. But the cherry on the cake is that it helps you track your audience’s behaviour and preferences. This collection of important feeds can be later utilised to make improved decisions and future event planning based upon the jokes and dislikes of the audience behaviour noted.

Environmental Sustainability

In the rising world full of pollution and global warming. It’s our combined responsibility as citizens of this planet to take initiative in reducing it. Mobile event apps for in-person events can reduce a lot of pollution due to their e-tickets and eliminate any need for printed brochures or schedules.

With the pointers mentioned above you might get how versatile the mobile event app for in-person events is. But these are merely benefits as we move forward. Let’s talk about some of the effective features. In order to choose and develop the best mobile event apps for in-person, you specifically need to know the essential features. So here we go;

13 Essential Mobile Event Apps for In-Person Events Features

Mobile event apps have become an essential tool for in-person events, allowing attendees to stay organised, engaged, and connected throughout the event. Here are 13 essential features that a mobile event app should have for in-person events:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Privacy and Security
  3. Real-time updates
  4. Networking and Sponsorship opportunities
  5. Data encryption to protect sensitive information
  6. 3rd Party Integration for event registration, ticketing and payments
  7. In-app gamification
  8. Social media integration
  9. Interactive maps and Navigation Tools
  10. Live streaming and recording of sessions and events
  11. Multi-language support for international events
  12. Customizable branding and design options for organisers
  13. Analytics and reporting on app usage, attendee behaviour, and engagement.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Event App for In-Person Events

Choosing the best mobile event app for in-person events can be a challenging task, but it’s critical to ensure that your attendees have the best experience possible. To make the right decision, follow these three simple steps:

Determine Your Event’s Specific Needs

The first and foremost step in finding or developing the best in-person event app is to determine your specific needs. For this, you can analyse and make a consideration checklist about the event type requirement and specific features that are most important for your attendees. For example; If you are hosting a large trade show or some sort of expo then you’ll need an app that can handle a high volume of attendee traffic. Additionally with a detailed schedule and interactive maps of the venue. However, for a meeting or conference event, you just simply need an in-person conference app that emphasises networking and communication between attendees.


Your second move here after you have a clear understanding of your event’s specific needs. Take time to conduct a thorough research about the different mobile event app and development companies. Look at all the considerable aspects such as; features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Request Demos

Finally, once you know what you want in your event app and you come to a list of companies that can be your potential choice. Now go and ask for a demo and you yourself test the app’s functionality. Not just that, but also make sure to check each and every feature and once you are satisfied whether it’s easy to use, and can provide a good user experience. Go for it. We at Dreamcast always believe in buying things or taking service after full satisfaction and that’s why we offer exclusively personalised free demos. Book your demo now and feel free to ask any of your queries.

Plus, we are known to design the in-person mobile event app as per your event’s branding and aesthetic. And too with all the customisation possible as per your needs and requirements.

By following these three steps, you’ll be able to choose the best mobile event app for your in-person event, ensuring that your attendees have a smooth, engaging, and memorable experience.

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Okay, now we have come to an end. But one important thing is still not cleared. That is how to get the ultimate event success with an in-person event app. Well, you know there are many benefits of it and now you must know how to choose a mobile event app and what features you need to look for. So, it’s the right time to know;

Best Practices for Deploying Mobile Event Apps for In-Person Events

Deploying a mobile event app can be groundbreaking for in-person events, offering attendees a seamless experience and organisers valuable insights into attendee behaviour and engagement. However, to ensure a successful deployment, it’s essential to follow best practices that optimise the app’s functionality and usability.

  • Promote the app to attendees to download and use the mobile event app by promoting it through multiple channels, including email, social media, and the event microsite.
  • Train staff and volunteers on how to use the mobile event app so that they can assist attendees and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  • Use push notifications effectively to send real-time updates and reminders to attendees about important information.
  • Encourage attendee engagement through features such as gamification, live polls, and social media integration. Also, Encourage them to share their experiences on social media using event-specific hashtags.
  • Monitor attendee engagement mobile event app using analytics tools. Use this data to make wise decisions about upcoming events and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure data privacy and security by implementing measures such as encryption, secure authentication, and regular security audits.
  • Continuously update and improve the app based on attendee feedback and emerging trends in event technology. Tol ensures that the app remains relevant and effective for future events.

Up To You

Undoubtedly, the event app for in-person events is crucial and can have a significant positive impact on success. You know almost everything about the event apps that you need to learn before deploying them to your event from their benefits to features and how to choose one with best practices. To learn more about how this event app can practically help you in improving the ROI and give you success. Contact Us Now!!

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats

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