To mark the launch of Xiaomi’s 32 MP selfie camera phone, we were inspired to make it big by employing the help of Live Streaming the launch event across major social media platforms, with our competent camera equipment and streaming crew.

Xiaomi Event's Live Streaming

We recorded the event with a 4 camera setup and created a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) view which we displayed in the Live videos across all the social platforms along with a pre-created PPT, so that the viewers didn’t miss out on the presentation details whilst watching the live event.

The launch event also marked the first time Xiaomi as a brand, opted to go for an Instagram Live, a decision that was well-loved by the brand’s audience, as concurrent live viewers rose up to 1300, with around 31000 views raked in total.

Our re-streaming services came in handy to help us deploy the live videos across all social platforms and reduced our internet usage to just 15 mbps for the entire live streaming activity.

Our strategies succeeded in getting Xiaomi a much needed social traction, with the live videos clogging in 14.80 million views within a span of 4-5 days!