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Picture in Picture (PIP) in Live Webcasting

Today, digital media has connected people in a way that has made the world a smaller place. Overcoming the barriers of time, distance, culture and languages, mediums of mass communication have reached out to audiences far and wide. Live streaming is one of the newest and rapidly growing popular examples of such communication channels.

Live webcasting is done for official conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, cultural events and even a number of personal or individual activities. The uses of a live video are varied and many front runners in the social media industry have taken up live streaming to enhance the user experience on their platforms. Some well-known names in this list are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (Periscope) and the latest one being LinkedIn USA.

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PIP and Live streaming

Already loaded with many benefits, live streams can be made even better with the addition of a PIP function. PIP refers to the picture in picture feature that allows a video to play on the screen of your device simultaneously with other picture/video/slide window is displayed. The video in a PIP live stream takes up space on the screen, while the rest displays any other activity, result or graphic that you want to show the viewers.

Advantages of PIP Live Streaming

While there are many advantages of the picture in picture live video streaming service, here are some of the most important ones:

  • Multitasking is easier with PIP live stream. The live stream video runs alongside any other written or visual data that you want to share. Be it infographics, live statistics, supporting data and anything else,  the picture in picture feature is very helpful in correlating different data formats on the same subject matter.
  • The video will keep playing while you can see the other parts of the screen as well. Unlike what happened earlier when you chose another window to operate in, here, the video does not stop or close down as you can’t select one window over the other. Both visuals are displayed simultaneously.
  • You can have more comprehensive chats where you can use the other offered instruction on the screen while in live interaction. Live chat sections allow the viewers to ask questions and get them answered right at the moment when the doubt arises.
  • The picture in picture feature saves both the broadcaster and the viewer a lot of time.
  • This is a tool that can be used to actively engage the audience and makes the whole live stream more inclusive and fun by adding a comments section, polls, questionnaires etc in the sliding window.

PIP Webcasting with Dreamcast

Dreamcast provides high quality and efficient PIP webcast service for your requirements. This feature can be embedded in your live stream on request so that a composite video is created live on site and is presented on the PIP webcast platform.

With a history of speciality in live streaming, we provide a number of options that can be used to customise your PIP live webcast.

Twitter Feeds

Integration of the client’s Twitter feeds in the live stream through the PIP feature. This a great way to generate both interest and engagement in all the viewers of your live stream.

Video Record

Live stream videos with or without PIP features are recorded so that the information is documented for your future use.

Live Captions

Our PIP live videos can integrate live captioning for compliance of accessibility on the viewers’ end.

Slide Synchronisation

As per your need, the slide presentations can be shot live and then presented side by side with your live video in that same live stream. This service further enhances your live session as the information from both the segments are communicated in sync. A great example of this is our work for Intel, in a streaming session about “Reimagining the future with AI”.


We can provide your brand logo or pre-approved custom graphics on your live stream as we did for Centre For Sight live stream from Delhi.

Adjustable Live Video Window

While we live stream your event in HD quality, the live webcast window can be adjusted by the viewers according to their own internet speed. The window is scalable to full screen or smaller size as well.

Live Polling

To garner mass participation and live feedback, the live stream can be embedded with live polls whose results are visible to you.

Q&A Section

A live Q&A section can be added to your live stream, where questions can be moderated by you and answered in the way you want.

Viewer Registration

A customised registration page can be developed and put in before your live stream starts so that you can build a database of your viewers.

Other options like teleconferencing or 2-way video conferencing, archiving etc are also available in our picture in picture video streaming service. You can take a look at the many plans we offer and choose the one that best suits your needs. Dreamcast endeavours to give the best service to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.


Dreamcast is your one-stop platform for presenting seamless & interactive solutions for VirtualEvents, Hybrid Events & Webinars. Connect with your audience globally & experience the joy of going Virtual.

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