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Dreamcast, The Virtual Venue For ‘The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021’

Project Name: The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021
Solutions Offered: Virtual Event Platform, Show Running, Live Streaming & Support

Key Highlights of the Virtual Summit:

  • Quiz and Feedback after every session in the Auditorium
  • Streaming of parallel sessions in Breakout rooms 
  • Integration of Leaderboard for attendee engagement
  • Music in the lobby to create a holistic and immersive ambiance
  • AR Photobooth for attendees to get clicked with branding images

The most-sought-after 2-day virtual summit “The Great Place to Work For All summit 2021” on creating high-performance workplace culture was organised on 10th -11th February 2021 on a comprehensive virtual event platform, Dreamcast.

The Great Place to Work For All summit 2021 brings together stellar business leaders and delegates from around the globe comprising CEOs, CHROs, business professionals, and key decision-makers from diverse industries to share their knowledge, expertise, inspiring and motivational stories, valuable insights on critical organisational issues faced during COVID-19 and how to create a substantial and encouraging workplace culture while motivating the employees to give their best and innovate.

Dreamcast is extremely proud and humbled to provide our platform for this summit to take place in a virtual environment. We meticulously customised a holistic virtual environment for the summit and amalgamated exuberant features to upscale the event experience. Our team of professionals recreated the live summit into a virtual space effortlessly thus delivering immersive experiences to virtual attendees. 

The virtual summit aims to build a concrete community of business professionals in the surge to create a great workplace culture and deliver formidable business performances. The Great Place to Work For All summit 2021 offers unmatched opportunities to business professionals to connect & network with prominent business leaders around the world who have successfully curated and sustained high performance and high trust cultures in work spheres and learn from their past experiences seamlessly. The summit received an incredible response and achieved a great milestone. 

Scott Anthony, Senior Partner, Innosight, Author, shares the 5 behaviors that drive a culture of innovation in an organisation during the virtual summit. 

The virtual event platform offered an extensive range of fully customisable features along with the music in the lobby to create a holistic and immersive ambiance that contributed to the grand success of the summit. Dreamcast has integrated a leaderboard in the event to engage attendees effortlessly in the lure of yearning points for every action taken during the summit. 

Another brilliant feature offered by Dreamcast to engage attendees in the virtual summit was AR Photobooth. It enabled attendees to get clicked with branding images. The summit was ragging immense appreciation from business leaders from every corner of the world. The parallel sessions streamed simultaneously in breakout rooms during the summit received phenomenal attendance thus making the summit a great success.  

Quiz after every session in the auditorium to keep the participants engaged was the top highlight of the virtual summit powered by Dreamcast. Whereas the platform has curated feedback forums after every session in the auditorium to gain valuable feedback from participants and achieve the maximum out of the summit.

The virtual summit witnessed business dignitaries like Patu Keswani, CMD, at Lemon Tree Hotel, Narendran, CEO & MD at Tata Steel Ltd., Scott Anthony, Senior Partner, Innosight, Author, and many more who shared inspiring stories that motivated them to transform over years and especially during the course of the global pandemic. 

We are extremely grateful & proud to be associated with “The Great Place to Work For All summit 2021”  as a virtual platform partner and delivered 2 days virtual summit seamlessly with the utmost ease thus enabling organisations to restructure their business models, build resilience and create an encouraging and motivating environment for workplaces.

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