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All About Music 2020: Virtual Edition by Dreamcast

About ‘All About Music 2020’ (Virtual Edition):

Recently launched on 18th Aug 2020, a three-day music event ALL ABOUT MUSIC virtual edition has set a benchmark in the music industry with its huge success.

The event had a magnificent line up of 180+ national and international speakers that connect the dots of the music industry. They have answers & solutions for everything related to the music world. It includes the most famous personalities of the music world such as Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, AR Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, Siddharth Roy Kapur and so many more. The presence of famous personas of music biz made the virtual event niche and phenomenal. One of the biggest virtual editions with 2000+ attendees made ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 the first virtual event that entered the gateway of digitalization. It has caused the evolution in the music industry & has received tremendous response from the attendees with appreciation and cheers. With all the applause and incredible response, add it to the list of a major hit!

In challenging times, when virtual is the new normal, Dreamcast virtual event platform helped All ABOUT MUSIC 2020 virtual edition to achieve a milestone. We offered immersive, interactive, and outstanding virtual event solutions that made the event stand out and gain an overwhelming audience response. The immersive and engaging virtual event solutions offered by our platform helps the event to receive a huge success along with the active engagement of attendees. Right from the registration process to offering networking possibilities to tracking the complete event, the platform worked upon every minute detail to let the event flow seamlessly.

Breaking the walls of traditional physical events, ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 Virtual Edition received all the applause & accolades from attendees!

Challenges They Were Worried About:

Moving from on-ground events to a digital space & hosting a virtual event for the first time is itself a challenge. As restrictions have been imposed on public gathering and traveling, ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 took a decision to move its event online in a digital space. They were worried about whether they would be able to achieve a positive response from attendees and gain audience engagement the same as on-ground events. Virtual events work on a different approach and strategies to revamp the event. Accessibility, engagement, delivering immersive experiences, networking, budget are some of the challenges they were worried about before hosting a virtual edition for the first time.

They were worried about facing certain constraints that can be a hurdle in the event’s success. Here are some key points:

Audience Engagement

As face to face events receive tremendous audience response as it has a touch of personalization. Audience engagement was the major concern by the event presenters, will the audience tune in to attend a virtual event, buy tickets, or not.

Impact of the Event

For an event to be successful, the impact of the event should be long-lasting. As the impact of on-ground events stays for long, the presenters were worried about whether the impact of the virtual event stays more than physical events, if not more at least equivalent.

Hosting a Virtual Event is Expensive

To host an exquisite virtual event and accommodating high-quality audio and video content in full HD will cost way too much than hosting an on-ground event. But that’s a complete myth.

Immersive Event Experiences

The risk of not being able to connect audiences with the event goal and deliver immersive experiences to attendees is high on the list.

Measure the Success of the Event

The challenge of keeping the complete track of the event, attendees, engagements, traffic at booths is measurable with virtual events or not. Measuring the event is a must to evaluate its success rate.

Dreamcast Virtual Event Solutions

Our platform offered comprehensive solutions to make ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 achieve a milestone with incredible audience response. It helps in generating high visitor traffic to the event without any geographical constraints.

The platform allowed participants to join the event from any browser or device from the comfort of their own space. It makes the virtual event even more accessible than physical events as it does not require attendees to juggle for traveling to the event venue. Brilliant networking opportunities offered by our platform drive better engagements thus amplifying ROI. To get the insight about the solutions offered by our platform to overcome the challenges, Read on further:

Multiple Networking Zone

Multiple Networking Zone

As the name suggests, we offered a user-friendly feature of multiple networking zones. It allowed event attendees to interact in real-time. The platform enabled attendees to interact with speakers, organizers, exhibitors at the virtual booth, tech support team, or to each other in real-time via audio/video/text chats. Networking opportunities offered by our platform contributed to making the event interactive, engaging, and successful.

Our platform specifically worked on offering networking zones after understanding the needs and requirements of event organizers. The platform offered Exhibition, Workshop, Master Class, Conference Hall, Showcase, Connect Corner, as a networking solution for ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 Virtual Edition.

Interactive Engaging Features

Interactive Engaging Features

Our virtual event platform offered interactive engaging features that helped in keeping the event audience engaged throughout the event. Several engaging features are allocated at different corners of the virtual edition of the music event. Live polls, Video & Audio chat options, Q & A sessions are incorporated by the platform amid the event. It enabled attendees to participate in a masterclass, workshop, or a LIVE conference.

Parallel Sessions

We offered the ability to host parallel sessions in ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 virtual edition. Something out of the box to make an event tick the hit bucket list. This brilliant feature offered by the platform allowed attendees to have access to parallel sessions at a time. The attendees were a+llowed to select the session they would like to attend. It helped in delivering value to the attendees and received all the applause!



Apart from all the above solutions, the platform offered a feature of a briefcase for the event. It allowed attendees to bookmark the sessions they wish to watch again for future references. It helped in delivering value to the attendees. 

Corner Connect

Corner Connect

Our dynamic & flexible platform offered an exquisite feature called The Connect corner during the event. It is one of the most impressive features of the event that enabled attendees to connect with representatives at their preferable time slots. It allowed attendees to schedule a call with representatives according to the time slot that suits them the best. Attendees were enabled to interact with them in real-time via text/audio/video chats. This feature enabled attendees to have access to company briefs as well to get a better insight.

Audio & Video Chat

Audio & video chat

Apart from interactions via text chats, the platform enabled audio and video chat options for attendees as well. The platform enabled attendees to schedule an audio or video call with representatives at virtual booths or at Connect Corner. This feature helps in replicating the feel of physical events and face to face interactions.

Customized Design Booths

Customized Design Booths

To replicate the same feel of the on-ground event, to boost better interactions and engagements, the platform offered customized booths. Right from the company’s brief to interactive features to video interaction with the booth representative, all were covered. Apart from it, the brilliant feature enabled attendees to have complete document information, sales info, social media links to connect, and the ability to reschedule a call.

schedule a call


The functionality of the feedback form is a feature of the platform. It helped in measuring the real-time event response. The feedback form is incorporated at several spots in the event. It helps in acquiring valuable feedback and opinion of the audience. Measuring the success rate of the event became easy with feedback form functionality.

feedack form

Apart from the most comprehensive features offered by our virtual event platform, minute user-friendly features starting from registration to setting up an attendee profile, or to check schedule agenda or speaker details, every feature has been exclusively designed for an event to run seamlessly.


The results were phenomenal and it has changed the mindset of people. The first virtual edition of ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 was a great hit. The worries about the exceeding budget, accessibility, immersive experience, audience engagement, analytics, short-lived impact, and so on all got resolved with our virtual event solution platform.

The event has outreached with 2000+ attendees and left a huge impact on them. However, making the event talk of the town with all the claps and cheers!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get connected to discuss your next event with us!


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