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How to Live Webcast Your Product Launch Event?

Product launches are one of the most important events for a business. A lot of resources are spent on creating a product and a product launch event is the first time the public gets to see the final product.

It is crucial for the company that the first impression of their product is positive, and a lot of efforts are put into ensuring that. When you live stream product launch events, the results of these efforts are magnified as the launch event reaches way more people and has a much more significant impact.

Companies like Apple have taken product launches to the next level by focusing on creating the best and most well-produced product launches in the market. Unsurprisingly, Apple also completely understands the value of webcasting their product launches so it reaches exponentially more people than it was previously possible.

More and more companies understand why it’s essential to live stream product launch events. A live webcast product launch event allows a company to increase the reach of their product launches in a dramatic manner which further helps massively in the marketing efforts for the product.

In this blog, we’re going to understand how to live webcast your product launch event and do it in a manner that is effective and impactful and how product launch webcasting services can help make your product launches more successful.

Elements of Live Product Launches / Live Broadcast Product Launch

It seems like a trivial task to live webcast product launch event but to do that; several elements need to be managed.

1. Planning

Planning is, if not the most important part, a very important part of the process of live streaming a product launch event. Planning encompasses a lot of activities, including:

  • Managing the equipment that would be used to live stream the product launch. In order to execute a well-product live stream of a launch event, not only are the cameras important but their placement and how they are used are also extremely important to produce the best output.
  • Ensuring the network is stable and connectivity is at top-notch so there would be no glitches during the live streaming of the event.
  • Planning the camera angles that would be used in case of a multi-camera set-up live stream and coordinating with the event to capture the most relevant part of product launch and ensure it is available for everyone to watch on the live stream.
  • Ensuring there are proper backups and redundant systems in place so anything that goes wrong during the stream can be fixed in time. 

2. Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promotion of a live stream are very important in order to make it successful. Most companies start marketing and promoting their product launch events well in advance of the date of the event. Similarly, the live stream of the event should also be promoted heavily before the actual event in order to maximize the reach of their product launch live stream.

Social media has become one of the best channels to promote the live streams of product launches as integrating a live stream into social media is a convenient and easy process and brands can leverage their social media following to boost the reach of their live stream product launch. 

Companies that provide product launch streaming solutions also usually provide tools and strategies to promote the stream as part of their service because they know the value of marketing which can make the live stream of the product much more successful.

3. Technical Details

Lastly, the technical aspects of the live stream is also a vital element of live streaming a product launch. Even though live streaming can be as simple as going live on a social media platform like Instagram Live or Facebook Live with your cellphone, live streaming a product launch event is a much more complicated process that requires a lot of technical competence and guidance to ensure the live stream is successful and smooth-flowing, especially in large-scale scenarios.

When we talk about the technical aspects of a live stream there are multiple things to consider such as:

  • Ensuring both the hardware and software are correct for the live stream and they are in sync with each other.
  • Ensuring the networking is working properly and the latency is as low as possible.
  • Setting up and managing the stream so it can be live streaming to multiple social media channels simultaneously with the right settings and right transcoding process. 

4. Select a Live Streaming Partner

Most companies utilize the services of a dedicated live streaming company to live stream their product launches rather than doing it all by themselves. This ensures that the live stream of their product launch event goes smoothly while they can focus on making sure their product launch is on point.


We are an end-to-end dedicated live streaming company that provides full-service when it comes to live streaming, from setting up the equipment to handling network issues and managing the entire streaming process.

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