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Ultimate Guide To Sports Live Streaming

When it comes to sports live streaming services have become a popular way of watching the stream. Due to the increased accessibility of the internet and advancements of mobile technology, watching a live stream for sports is now easier than ever!

While live sports have traditionally been broadcasted on television and the radio, live sports streaming over the internet has changed how people experience sports across the world in a very short time. Sports live streaming services are seeing more and more people tune in to watch every year.

In this blog, we take a look at why sports live streaming is getting so much attention, learn how to live stream sports events in a professional manner and find out what is the best live video streaming platform for you.

Why Live Stream Sports?

In today’s world, cellphones have replaced televisions as the primary mode of video consumption for most people. A live stream for sports or a live webcast for sports allows you to reach a huge target audience at a fraction of the cost for a traditional television broadcast.

A live broadcast for sports also usually allows people watching the broadcast to communicate with each other which actually makes it more engaging for the viewer.

In addition, as per social media marketing trends, live video has been and still is on the rise for quite a while now. Live streaming sports on social media can also help you leverage your social media following.

Here are some reasons why live streaming sports events is a great idea in today’s world:

You get a global reach

The reach offered by online sports live streaming services is huge! What makes online streaming so impactful is that anyone with a stable internet connection anywhere in the world can access the stream and watch the live sports action.

As you might already know, reach is a very important term for sports broadcasts. The reach of the stream affects a lot of things such as attracting new players, partners, and sponsors.

You will have more revenue opportunities

A live broadcast for sports over the internet also opens up a lot of additional revenue opportunities. There are a number of revenue models when it comes to live streaming videos these days and most sports live streaming services come with monetization features to create excellent revenue opportunities for your stream.

Some brands prefer using a subscription-based model where anyone paying the subscription fees will have access to any live webcast for sports created by the company. Pay-per-view is another model that is used a lot in the live streaming world where viewers have to pay a fee to view every stream. 

Consumer Choice

A live stream for sports allows the consumer to watch the live stream anywhere in the world! This gives them a lot more choices when it comes to watching the sports they love. Even if they miss the action live, most sports live streaming services make a recording of the entire stream that can be watched on-demand by the viewer.

By giving your consumer more choice when it comes to consuming your entertainment, you not only increase your brand’s likeability but also create additional opportunities for revenue. For example, fans of the team who are located far away can watch their favorite team play from anywhere in the world.

How to Live Stream Sports?

So now that we know live streaming sports can lead to a magnitude of great possibilities, you might be wondering how to do it. Here is a step by step guide to help you figure out how to create an epic live webcast for sports:

Step 1 – Getting the right equipment

When it comes to streaming live sports, it is important to ensure you have the right camera. Due to the nature of sports, the choice of camera becomes really important as it has to be good enough to capture fast athletes moving at their top speed. A few important aspects to consider when selecting the camera include its resolution, zoom capabilities, and auto-focus mechanism.

Step 2 – Software and encoding

Once you have the right equipment, the next step is figuring out the software and encoding aspect of the stream. While some dedicated live streaming software also has encoding features, it is important to determine your particular shooting needs in order to find the best live streaming software and encoder for you.

Step 3 – Promotion of the stream

Promotion is a very important part of any live stream but it is even more important when it comes to a live sports webcast. One of the major promotional channels for live streams is social media and a lot of sports live streaming services allow you to live stream to multiple social media channels simultaneously, which can increase your reach tremendously.

Step 4 – Monetization of the stream

The next step is the monetization of the stream. While it is up to you to pick the best live video streaming platform, most of them provide different methods of monetization of the stream. Understanding your market and audience will help you find the best monetization method for your stream.

Step 5 – Post-game features

In order to engage the audiences better and have a more well-rounded approach to live-streaming, it is a good idea to provide some post-game features like summaries or breakdowns.

Use a dedicated live streaming company

Instead of worrying about all the aspects that are required for a great live stream such as equipment, software, promotion, and monetization, a lot of brands use the services of an end-to-end dedicated live streaming company like Dreamcast to fulfill their live streaming agenda.


While live streaming sports successfully is not the easiest thing in the world but it is definitely in high-demand and brings a lot of good opportunities for your brand. We hope this blog was helpful for you, keep watching this space for the latest news, tips, and strategies in the world of live streaming!

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