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A Look At The Future Of Events In The Post COVID World

Virtual events were considered to be a niche category with only a small percentage of brands using them in the world before COVID-19.

However, it is clear that the future of events after COVID-19 would also be virtual-first due to many factors.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few major things that would drive most event strategy and marketing plans for the new normal.

#1. Virtual Events would be a major focus

Due to the restrictions placed on travel and social distancing norms, 2020 events had to pivot to the virtual space. In a way, for virtual events platform, 2020 was a huge test and the results have so far been favourable.

Along with being cost-effective, virtual events have also proven to be more wide-reaching than physical events. If done right, a virtual event can achieve dramatic results for any brand or organizer.

While hybrid events were already common in the past, it is very likely that the virtual element for events will be more in focus in the coming years.

#2. Engagement will continue to be the focus for virtual events

There were a number of virtual events during lockdown and it is clear from our research that the key factor for a virtual event, just like a physical event, is engagement.

However, one key difference between virtual event and physical event is that it is much easier to quantify engagement. Any major virtual events platform comes with many marketing and analytics features that make it easy to measure audience engagement very precisely.

#3. Hosting a virtual event will be really easy

There was a time when hosting a virtual event would require a lot of problem-solving. Unlike today, it used to be really hard to find the perfect virtual events platform to host your virtual event.

Virtual events setup used to be much harder before too. You would have to manage various factors such as doing technical diligence, creating new content, managing audience engagement, etc.

Today, you can get a virtual event walkthrough from an online events platform like Dreamcast very quickly which helps when it comes to setting up and hosting a virtual event quickly.

#4. A look at events after COVID-19

When we look back at 2020, it will be a memorable year for many reasons. Unfortunately, we will not be looking back at most of those reasons with fondness. Yet, 2020 has proved to be a momentous year for hybrid virtual events.

It’s pretty easy to guess that the virtual world will be part of event strategy for brands around the world for years to come.

Never thought about hosting a virtual event? Now is the time to move your events to a virtual format.

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