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Event Ticketing Platform – 5 Things You Need to Know

Event ticketing is one of the crucial processes which involves selling tickets to customers in the pre-event phase. Event management is quite a stressful job if not appropriately handled. It has many aspects that need your attention and proper execution for organizing a successful event. But that is where the event ticketing platform comes into the game.

However, it is also a time-consuming process that is very popular nowadays. Furthermore, with the help of event ticketing systems, you can easily increase ticket sales by reaching out to the maximum audience, boosting your marketing efforts, and much more.

Additionally, payment & registration processes have become much easier with the help of these event registration systems.

What do you mean by “Event Ticketing Platform”?

Event ticketing platforms are useful For making the process of selling tickets easy & convenient. These platforms help you to sell your tickets directly to your audience in a digital way without depending on marketing agencies.

These platforms have made the functionality of selling and managing tickets quite simpler. They are easily accessible by any person from a non-technical field, which makes them more versatile and useful.

With getting full control over the ticketing process, these event ticketing platforms are loaded with some quality features which can be beneficial for your event. Let’s have a quick look at some of them –

 Popular Striking Features of Event Ticketing Platforms -
  • Customized Landing Page – for boosting up the booking process, the creation of custom landing pages should be part of your event strategy. For Instance, with event ticketing digitally, landing pages are the main source of defining your event theme & briefing out some of the key happenings of the session.
  • Analytics Tools – for getting total data related to the number of registrations, sales breakdowns, etc. analytics tools thus help event planners from puzzling with the data.
  • Integration with Social Media Platforms – most of the event registration apps are designed in such a way that they easily connect with leading social media channels. By this, it becomes easy to share the link of the event on social media channels for marketing your event.
  • Timing Control -you can easily schedule the ticket availability timing with event registration management tools. Moreover, it also allows you to hide your ticket once sold !!
  • Running Promotional Activities – event promotion and marketing are some of the crucial strategies that decide the success of your event. For maximizing the online presence as well as captivating existing audiences, these platforms hold major functionality.

Here is a list of some of the most popular types of tickets that are currently available in the market –

 Some Popular Types of Tickets

Printed Ticket

  • The event ticketing platforms prints these tickets.
  • These tickets follow the traditional path of sending to the customers by means of post.

Thermal Ticket

  • These kinds of tickets generally require a thermal ticket printer. The thermal printer prints tickets in-house & later can be posted by yourself.

Mobile Ticket

  • In fact, a mobile ticket is one of the most popular ways of selling tickets to an audience.
  • The ticket can be purchased digitally and is displayed on your smartphone after a successful payment process.
  • Most event registration systems thus opt for mobile tickets as a convenient option because of the unique barcode generation with easy scanning and making them hard to forget or misplace.


  • E-tickets can be easily sent through a registered mail id. You can print these tickets at home only. The tickets can be brought to the venue for authentication purposes.

5 Things You Need to Know About these platforms

Without properly analyzing the parameters which are responsible for your event, your event will turn out to be a failure. These parameters include making management strategies, promotional campaigns, selection of venue (in case of in-person events), and much more.

Additionally, for an effective event, here are some handy tips that can help you to achieve your objective easily with an event ticketing platform –

 5 Things You Need to Know About these platforms

Making of Event Ticketing Plan

  • The first step will include the selection of pricing criteria for different types of audiences attending the event. This will also involve discounts & offers along with VIP tickets, general tickets, etc
  • It is very important to select pricing criteria for providing a variety of options to choose from for the audience.
  • Designing your ticket in such a way that it carries maximum information related to your event. Similarly, it’s important for improving the overall functionality of the registration process.
  • Purchasing tickets for the event should be very much easy & convenient for the audience. This will ensure maximum participation from their side.
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Payment Process

  • Gone are the days when accepting credit cards or debit cards was the only option for completing successful transactions. Nowadays, most event registration systems and event ticketing platforms accept Google Pay, Paypal, etc. to serve their customers in the best possible way.
  • However, with the addition of multiple payment gateways, losing of customers at the final stage of the checkout process has decreased.

Email Marketing

  • For a healthy promotion of your event, email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best options to choose from.
  • With time, email solutions have gone smarter and better to increase the user-friendly experience.
  • Additionally, emails are the best ways the creation of brand awareness, and credibility and improve audience engagement.
  • The event registration process is very crucial for the collection of data & other valuable information related to your guests.
  • Your event ticketing platform should be able to collect the data capture questions that come up while filling out the form.
  • As online forms are the first impression of your event type, make sure it’s worthy.

Use of White Label Ticketing

  • It is simply the addition of your own logo for gaining complete control over your tickets, subsequently building your brand authority as well as customers.
  • It is a good way to self-branding and sells tickets directly without any interference.

Final Thoughts

Event ticketing platforms are a systematic way of organizing and planning your event-related activities.

These platforms manage multi-functioning activities like – providing insights, user data, event performance, payment processes, etc. with the selection of the right event ticketing platform, chances of maximum audience reach along with high lead generation increases.


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