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Event CRM And Whatsapp Automation For Your Events

Event CRM helps event planners effectively manage their events and helps in building a strong connection with the attendees. Event planning and management can be a handful of tasks and managing everything manually can be challenging that is why event planners are shifting to CRMs for events.

Whatsapp automation for events is an easy way to automate the process of event management and wouldn’t it be better if you can also use event CRM through WhatsApp? If you are wondering why you should be using WhatsApp as a CRM and what can be the benefit of using Whatsapp CRM then you have landed at the right place. Read ahead and you will know why your events need Whatsapp automation for event CRM.

Overview Of WhatsApp Automation & Event CRM

Whatsapp has now become a powerful platform that helps businesses in connecting with their audience effectively in no time and that’s the reason why a lot of organizations or event planners see the potential in WhatsApp as an event CRM.

Whatsapp automation already helps event planners in staying in touch with their event attendees and with the help of Whatsapp event CRM they will be able to solidify their relationship with customers. Event planners will share different types of multimedia files. The WhatsApp event CRM can help in better customer management, retention, and enhanced user experience.

Revolutionize Your Event CRM With Whatsapp Automation:

Here are a few ways in which WhatsApp automation CRM can revolutionize your event planning and management process.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


1. Whatsapp Integration With Green Tick

WhatsApp integration is effective in connecting with the audience as there are a lot of businesses in the industry that use WhatsApp for engaging with their audience, some of them can be spam so to disturb genuine businesses WhatsApp offers a green tick.

This green tick lets users know that the account they are interacting with is genuine. If you are an event planner you should have a business account that is authorized by WhatsApp so that your audience can connect with you and they don’t hesitate to share information with you.

Whatsapp Integration With Green Tick

2. WhatsApp-Based Help Desk

The next best way in which WhatsApp automation can help you is by offering 24*7 support to all your users. Keeping a team that can work around the clock for offering customer support can be challenging. And that is when WhatsApp automation comes in it helps event planners in offering support to their customers without any human help. If your event attendee has any query they can drop a text on WhatsApp and they will get the relevant solution for their query in no time.

WhatsApp-Based Help Desk

3. Centralised Database For Different Categories

Event management via WhatsApp is really helpful for all event planners and marketers as it can centralize the database of all the different categories. For instance, you are offering different types of tickets for your events like VIP, group tickets, day pass, two-day pass, etc, in that case, you will be able to manage the data of all these tickets separately in one place. All the different data of your tickets will be stored in WhatsApp and you will be able to access it whenever you want.

4. Automated Communication

Whatsapp for events is a tool that is a must-have for all event planners because it can reduce a lot of workloads and give them time to take care of things that need more priority.

The next way in which it can be helpful is by automating the process of communication. For instance, if your attendees want to get some information like they want to know about the event speaker, discounts on tickets, etc they can send a text and get the information that they are looking for. Also, you can use CRM with text messaging to automate the entire process and enable more efficient customer communication and engagement.

5. Whatsapp For Digital Badge

You can also offer digital badges by WhatsApp. Sometimes virtual, hybrid or in-person event management can be challenging, and managing all the tickets and badges offline is difficult. In that case you can opt for WhatsApp as it can help in effectively managing your digital badges, and you can automate the process of offering digital badges to your attendees. Your audience will register for the event and afterward, they can automatically get the badge or ticket for the event through WhatsApp.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


6. Promotion With The Database

CRM For online events is in demand because they not only help in collecting all the data and helps maintain a better relationship with attendees but also help in promotions.

With the help of all the data that you collect and store you can promote your event and target your audience. The database will give you an overview of your attendees and you can divide them into categories and promote your event accordingly.

7. Push Notifications

If you want to keep your audience updated you can use push notifications. Push notifications can be helpful before, during, and after the event too. For instance, during the live event, if you want to connect with your audience you can send them regular updates through push notifications. Push notifications can motivate your audience to take some action so make sure you are using a call to action in push notifications.

Push Notifications

8. Live Audience Engagement & Polls

Sometimes engaging your audience can feel like a task but with the help of WhatsApp, you can do that effectively. For successful in-person and hybrid event management, you will need to keep your audience engaged and the best way to do that is through live audience polls, games, and surveys. With the help of WhatsApp, you can share polls and surveys with your audience.

9. Event Feedback Collection

Feedback is essential to know what your audience has to say about your event. With the help of feedback, you will be able to create a better attendee experience for upcoming events. You can send the feedback through WhatsApp and your attendee’s database will be stored, you also use polls to collect feedback from your event attendees.

Event Feedback Collection

Reasons To Use Whatsapp Event CRM

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using WhatsApp as an event CRM:

1. Reduce Manual Work

One of the most prominent reasons for considering WhatsApp for your event CRM is that it reduces manual work. With the help of Whatsapp automation, you will be able to automate the process of communication with your audience. You don’t have someone manually collecting feedback, or offering customer support.

2. Helps In Generating Leads

When we are talking about lead generation and management nothing is better than WhatsApp as a CRM. You will be able to send push notifications, promotional texts, and reminders to your audience, you can generate more leads and manage all the lead data with the help of WhatsApp.

3. Manage Attendance

Event CRMs can also help in on-ground event management. For instance, you don’t need someone to stand at your venue for checking tickets or marking attendance which can be done by CRM. You can send push notifications to them through WhatsApp for marking their attendance.

4. Analyze The Performance

CRM can also help in analyzing the performance of your event. Because all your data will be stored in one place you can get a clear picture of your event. You may know your event was successful but without having an analysis you won’t know how successful it was.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp for events is becoming a tool that is fully packed with features and offers various benefits. With the help of WhatsApp automation CRM, you will be able to send push notifications, you can collect data, promote your event, and communicate with your attendees more effectively.

If you want to build a strong relationship with your attendees you should use the WhatsApp automation feature. And if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that can help you with WhatsApp automation CRM you can opt for Dreamcast, as the platform offers Whatsapp automation for event services.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


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