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Dreamcast, The Leader’s Choice for EEMA Digital Day

EEMA Digital Day was organised by the event and entertainment management association on 24th Nov 2020 and was hosted online on a comprehensive virtual event platform, Dreamcast. The event holds a portfolio of brilliant speakers and phenomenal session topics to have discussions on bridging the gaps between in-person and virtual events.

With the technology growing around the world, Dreamcast has been the leader’s choice in every sector. We are grateful that we remain the top pick for the EEMA too. Well known for its engaging features and a grand virtual and hybrid event platform, Dreamcast helps in making a virtual event touch the skylines of success. Easy-to-use features offered by the platform makes it a breeze for the attendees to navigate throughout the virtual event and network to the best possibilities. Whereas robust and instant data tracking capabilities and digital footprinting help in measuring the performance metrics.

EEMA digital day hosted on Dreamcast’s virtual event platform decodes the live virtual event experiences. A day-long virtual conference consisted of various engaging sessions that held discussions on solutions offered by virtual event technology masters. The engaging features offered by our platform such as Q&A sessions, Live polls, Surveys, Live chats, AR/VR Games, Photo Booth, Quiz, Spin the Wheel, Twitter Wall and more help in amplifying engagements at the event. The event enables attendees to interact with the EEMA’s team, speakers, and other attendees in real-time via live audio/video/keyboard chats. The EEMA digital day event showcased the collaboration of innovative ideas and integration of businesses in the entertainment, event, and technical space.

Dreamcast’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform that enables organisers to host a massive scaled event to facilitate virtual networking and cross the geometrical boundaries from the comfort of their own homes. Attendees tuned in from their respective remote locations and accessed the event virtually via smartphones or laptops. The event throughout showcased the importance of immersive technology and innovative ideas that helped brands to upscale their digital investment.

Roshan Abbas, The president of the EEMA association stated “EEMA digital day is the first of its kind of digital day that brings the best in marketing, content, experiential and events together”. It has been anticipated that an up to 30% incremental revenue will be possible in the event business till traditional events come back. 

Dreamcast virtual event platform set up a 3D virtual event lobby to walk through the event thus delivering real-life virtual event experiences. Apart from it, our platform enables organisers to set up and schedule calls, network, experience group chats, browse agendas with all the relevant information, an option of the briefcase to save the session to watch it later, and more.

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital & Surge: Clearly shared insights into how people have quickly adopted the new way of virtual life. It has been a trend in 2020 and will go beyond it.

Various sessions starting from ‘Beyond 20/20: The Future’, Transforming experiential teams into a multi-channel marketing powerhouse, Technology V/S content. How one can support the other, and many other sessions were organised during a virtual conference that was held throughout the day.

A panel discussion on elaborate aspects of virtual event venues has been discussed during the event. The most popular and well-known faces from the sports world and entertainment industry including actor Boman Irani, singer and music director Shankar Mahadevan, and former cricketer Kapil Dev were also the highlight speakers of the event.

Our Co-Founder Mr. Gautam Seth was a speaker for EEMA and gave a talk on Decoding Virtual Platforms with insightful points.

The virtual conference engagements crossed the line of 14000 views and site clicks, thus boosting digital engagements. The EEMA Digital day offered an open platform to visitors to have interactions with panelists and showcase their virtual event expertise that helps in boosting brand awareness. 

EEMA Digital day was a huge success and received an overwhelming response from attendees with all the applause it needs. More than 5000+ digital traffic including 100 industry stakeholders, brand heads, corporate C-suite executives, marketing agencies, and more were tracked by Dreamcast who attended the virtual event and contributed to its success.

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