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Quick Guide To Continuous Streaming & Its Working

Continuous streaming services are gaining significant popularity, especially among the leading brands and product-based services. There are times, the online content is not available just at the time it is needed by the audience. This is the reason for rising trends in the case of continuous live streams.

Continuous streaming services are the hot ones in trends with almost all types of small and medium organizations using them as a medium to attract the maximum public, deliver authentic content and improve their brand’s image.

Continuous Streaming – Definition & Working


First of all, don’t get confused by the heading itself. Yes, continuous doesn’t mean going live for 24 hours. It is just not the case !!

Continuous Streaming - Definition & Working

Most of the continuous live-streaming sessions are comprised of pre-recorded videos with elements of actual live content. These streams work mostly similarly to that of Television channels.

These services are served to overcome the challenges which we face during live streaming events with RTMP protocols. Just in the case of a particular window of time when the audience is there to watch your content and your content isn’t available.


As far as the working procedure of continuous streaming is concerned, there are a few points that should be kept in mind to host your successful stream. But, before diving deep into the section, let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular examples which use these services –

  • News Channels
  • Musical Events/ Shows
  • Sporting Tournament Coverage
  • Daily Soaps

Now, here are a few steps that should be followed to secure live streaming session –

Working on Bandwidth Issues

  • There are huge expenses when going for continuous streaming free of cost. With the help of linear live streaming, the use of bandwidth will become constant for a long time. but, this will result in too much burden on your pocket.
  • You can look for some open virtual platforms which provide unlimited bandwidth to be used for your continuous streaming session.

Equipment Requirements

  • One thing is for sure, in comparison with the on-ground events, these services will require more than one piece of equipment of the same type for carrying your live-streaming season for more than 24 hours.
  • A strategy should be followed before streaming your session for the prevention of any technical glitches whatsoever.
  • You can also go for buying hardware encoders which are best designed for continuous live streams for long hours.

Selection of Online Video Platform

  • Apart from looking at social media platforms, your continuous streaming services require a professional element that stands and works for you by the time your session has been successfully completed.
  • ultimately, the success of your live session is in the hands of your streaming provider completely. You need a very strong as well as a reliable platform for backing you up.
  • There is a list of features that should be a part of your structured streaming provider
  • It should be well-versed with the latest security provisions
  • It has a facility for monetizing your video for revenue generation
  • Continuous streaming also provides you API access for customization purposes
  • It should be noted that not all platforms give you each type of support you are needed. Mostly, they tend to offer only tech support.
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Working to the Part

  • For the time being, you are not actually running a television channel. Most of the live streams thus rely on a fraction of seconds as well as staff to get into reality.
  • It is a common thing that at any moment of the day, your viewer may show up for watching your content.
  • You have to decide what are you going to broadcast at a specific time. You have to make your transition smooth while switching from one segment to the next.

Working on the Feed Section

  • You can go for choosing social media platforms for broadening your audience reach such as –
  • Facebook Live Streaming – all you need to do is hit the button of – publish as continuous live stream.
  • Youtube Live Streaming – in the case of youtube, it allows you to continue your stream till the time you wish to continue.

Continuous Streaming Benefits in 2022

Here are some of the proven benefits of continuous streaming which will make your search even easier –

Continuous Streaming Benefits

Just Create the Stream & Forget

You can launch the stream and allow it to run when your streams are loaded and your playlist is created. You can start the stream and walk away so long as your internet and technology connections are stable. Nevertheless, it is advised to monitor it frequently.

Live Icon

After all catching the attention of the audience is the live streaming best practice to follow. At any moment, when the audience will go through your feed or searches your videos, a bright red Live icon will be appearing in front of them. This will make them jump to your content or video.

Ranking higher among the Competitors

You may already be aware that algorithms are used by Instagram and several other platforms to decide which content users see. The algorithm encourages and wants people to view live videos. You can benefit from that surge for a longer time by setting up a 24-hour live stream.

Handy Tips for Continuous Streaming

You can build a successful network based on the needs of your audience by utilizing pre-recorded material, considering equipment risks, concentrating on the user experience, prioritizing quality, measuring engagement, and thinking outside the box.

Handy Tips for Continuous Streaming

Here are a few tips which should be taken into consideration while hosting your continuous streaming session –

Make use of Pre-recorded Content /Repurposed Content

  • Pre-recorded content can be used comfortably during the continuous live streaming session..
  • This can also be done with the appearance of a keynote speaker for your session.
  • They can take a breather away from the camera by incorporating some pre-recorded content.

Recognizing Audience Value

  • Your live stream’s main goal should be to draw in a substantial number of the right viewers. Your material should be created with that in mind. Remember that today’s audience puts a larger value on experiences than on things.
  • Your viewers’ experiences should be considered in each and every decision you make.

Prioritize maintaining consistency so that the audience experiences a seamless flow of events.

  • Do your best to minimize the avoidable glitches while acknowledging that many are inevitable.

Working on Content Quality

  • The battle for viewers’ attention is fierce. The benefit of the technology is that anyone may use it without having to navigate a typical broadcast network’s gatekeeping system.
  • Viewers will rapidly find something else to watch if you prioritize filling broadcast time before thinking about the quality you’re providing.

Final Thoughts

As the world is switching towards advanced technology, things are getting more reliable and affordable. With features like multistream, simulcasting, etc. businesses are looking for some unique and easiest way to reach out to the maximum audience.

With continuous streaming services, it has become very easy for the audience to watch your content at any time of the day and at any remote location. This eliminates the geographical barrier limitations and boosts global exposure.

Host an Engaging LIVE Stream

Connect with the Industry's Most Experienced
Live Streaming Service Providers.

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