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What Should Be Your Communication Strategy In The New Organisational Normal?

Every business and organisation had been planning their strategies until the epidemic hit without having the slightest idea about what had been waiting around the corner. All of a sudden, life has thrown all of us out of the gear. The coronavirus pandemic has been turned into a Gordian knot that can’t seem to be solved anytime soon. While most of us are trying our best to make peace with this new normal, many challenges are lying ahead. 

Many companies are finding means to collaborate their teams despite the difficulty of having the team members assembled at one place. Many platforms are being used more than ever for the purpose. Teleconferencing solutions have been usually utilised for daily meetings in an organisation. The change has helped managers and employers in building a strong communication-based bond with the employees. Mutual trust and reliability is the weapon of running a successful business in these times of uncertainties.

What Are The Best Tools?

Live Streaming Strategy

One thing that has allowed people to be on the same page while being working from their homes is virtual meeting technology. There are many platforms that allow an employer or manager to assemble their team members virtually. Virtual meetings are the new way of connecting with employees during this new normal.

From two way video conferencing to webinars, these virtual platforms are there to help in making the process smoother for everyone. Earlier, only those companies who had their sub-offices located offshore or at different locations used to benefit from remote meeting technology but the pandemic has made all other organisations switch to these modes without leaving other options.

Open Communication, Better Reliability

Virtual Conferencing Meeting

These days, you would find the internet flooded with information regarding how to deal with the sudden change and best professional practices. But along with all the important information, it is not improbable to receive a whole load of misinformation. The unforeseen imposition of the lockdown, that has forced all of us to be in self-quarantine, has certainly left every employee caught off-guard.

Yes, the fear and predicament related to jobs and financial crisis is normal. When everybody is concerned about the world economy, the impacts upon individual companies are certainly unpredictable. In such a situation, your employees would be more assured and confident if they would hear information and assurance from the top leaders of the company. It’s time to pull off your best management and communication strategies and prove to be the best leader that they have. Read more about Establishing Courageous Leadership And Deeper Connections During Quarantine

You can opt for webinar solutions to keep your employees engaged in learning activities during the lockdown. It will not only improve their skills but also earn their loyalty for you. In the long run, you would have a team of skilled and dynamic people, who would keep your company in high-regards happily. Such a team won’t leave your side even in the times of catastrophe (not to be exaggerated). The COVID-19 crisis has given you an opportunity to build trust and reliability that will last forever.

Create A System

Live Video Streaming

Work from home policy and the global despondency hit the spirits of a common man. Unquestionably, people are terrified with fears of uncertainty and the feelings of loneliness aren’t helping either. To run your office smoothly and have your team motivated during this time, you must build a strong system.

A system that helps your employee settle into the new normal and adapt to these abrupt changes. It will certainly impact your business in the beginning, but after a few days, you would see a transformed team of highly motivated and productive members. Over-communicate your goals and agenda to help the entire team on the same page.

Conduct virtual meetings regularly, your employees should not feel disconnected with others. You have the responsibility to fill the emptiness of their rooms through regular meetings and organised communications. You may opt for Microsoft virtual meeting platform to have secured internal team meetings or one-on-one communications with your team members.


Remember, the key to a great team-bond and successful achievements of business goals during lockdown is communication. It is very easy to be able to connect with your audience and work together in the enclosed environment of an office. But managing a scattered team requires a different level of management. Try to fill the gap with webinar solutions that will help you and your employees learn together.

You can also conduct webinars on Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, etc. to establish your brand and gain more credits during the crisis. Webinars are useful for everybody who wants to learn and grow. And if you let people take from your knowledge’s pool, you are drawing many indirect advantages for your brand. Dreamcast is one of the best providers of webinars solutions and virtual events that are customised to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

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