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How Industries Can Connect With Their Audience During Quarantine?

With the spike of the corona pandemic, the nation has been completely locked down to keep people safe. People have now started searching for what all they can do in quarantine time, as they are idle and can’t go out. Virtual gatherings have become an integral part of daily lives.

Relax and Let Positive Energy Flow

In the time of crisis, when everyone is fighting with a deadly virus, staying positive helps us in recovering from miserable scenarios.  Stay Home & Stay Calm, there is a lot you can do in quarantine. It’s the time where people are on free spree where they inculcate new hobbies, explore new passions like trying their hands on cooking, playing musical strings and much more. Building new habits and passions has become an integral part of quarantine days. Brands are striving to be the part of new habits developed by its customers that even sustain after the lockdown period.

Webinar & Live Streaming Is The Key To Reach Audience During Quarantine ?

Various industries & brands can opt for webinar solutions to reach audiences and keep them engaged during quarantine. Starting from the entertainment industry to IT, all can connect with their audience and employees on an emotional basis in the time of hardships, motivating them to stay calm and relaxed.

During the quarantine phase, stay at home with hopeful positive energy and catch the interesting webinars!!

Cosmetic Industry

Flawless skin and perfect complexion is a desire of every woman. It’s time to give some pampering to your skin away from the husky dusty weather. During quarantine give your body much-needed attention. Visiting beauty salons looks like a dream now. Cosmetic industries can upload various live video streams on Facebook Live and Instagram Live as traffic is enormously increased on social sites these days.

Starting from how to look good at home, basic makeup tutorials to DIY home remedies to keep your skin glowing are the most-watched videos nowadays. It not only helps in building brand awareness but engages audiences with the brand on an emotional basis.

Live streaming for the cosmetic industry allows brands to interact directly with audiences, where you can answer the most valuable questions. Mynykaa has started a #ask Nykaa campaign on Instagram where the audience can directly ask for beauty tips, beauty tutorials they wish to see and DIY remedies. One can simply try the beauty tips and tricks these days when they are completely free.

If not yet thought about it, give it a thought.

Winks 😉 and blush ☺️ !!

Fitness Industry

Stay fit and healthy is the mantra for an active life. Early morning yoga and intense workout sessions at the gym have even stopped. Dips in the energy of fitness freaks, getting out of shape or losing up the muscles in quarantine mark lines.

Webinar services for the fitness industry can be of great help during quarantine days. Uploading daily morning workout schedules helps many to follow their regular fitness regime even at home. Trainers can provide the audience with the best alternate exercises and diets which can be practiced at home with complete hygiene during the quarantine.

Nowadays, famous celebs like Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty are uploading their home workout sessions on IGTV live that are going viral, thereby gaining huge exposure and keeping the audience engaged during the lockdown. Practice yoga & strengthen your muscles with aerobics at home.

Medical Industry

Hygiene is a must and nowadays it has become even more crucial. Webinar services for the medical industry will be of great help, they not only can advise audiences with hygiene practices to protect themselves from the deadly dangerous virus but keep them updated with the latest going around the world and what mistakes not to make during the quarantine. Medical professionals can guide audiences with sanitation practices through webinar solutions as they are the soldiers nowadays that are striving to keep India protected.

Brands like Lifebuoy is showing instructions of basic hygiene to deal with corona pandemic with their video advertisements and social media posts.

Entertainment Industry

It’s the time when a large mass of audience is found online. The entertainment industry can use webcasting solutions and connect with the audiences on an emotional basis. Nowadays, people have an ample amount of time staying at home which is very rare. Hook them with scrumptious jokes, spontaneous songs and teach them the brilliant dance moves through live streaming directly from home. Several Tele buzz celeb videos of teaching dance moves and playing on the guitar strings are found on YouTube Live and Instagram Live nowadays with increased likes and clicks during the time of quarantine days.

IT Industry

Dips in the businesses are making various industries worried during the lockdown. Webinar solutions allow the IT industry to collaborate with clients from around the world through webinar services and hold virtual conferences. Live streaming for the IT industry is not only effective in client meetings but helps organizations to connect with their employees who are working from home. Direct interaction of the organization with its employees helps in the clear and concise flow of information and effective flow of work even in the time of distress.

Success Live Video Streaming

We all are together in the time of hardship, keeping safety in mind it is advised to stay behind the doors. Stay positive in the time of isolation and give time to self to unleash your passions and relax. Quarantine is giving you a break from the outer world to build a stronger inner essence.

Stay Indoors, Relax & Chill, while Spreading Positivity ❤️!!

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