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#8 Features To Consider In A Virtual Conference Platform

Virtual conferences and events have seen a massive spike in popularity in the last few months as the world struggled with the coronavirus pandemic.

There are a number of easy-to-use virtual conference solutions out there but if you’re looking to host the next big virtual conference, you need to ensure the platform you use has all the features that could help make your virtual events truly special.

Here are the most important features of virtual conference platform that is vital when it comes to hosting virtual conferences and events.

#1. Live Streaming and Recording

live video streaming for business

Live streaming video is a major part of any virtual event. With live video streaming, speakers can live stream their talks, answer questions, and engage in live chats with the audience. It can be argued that virtual events cannot be hosted without live streaming video.

However, one underrated feature is the ability to record the livestreams as it helps in archiving the event. A modern virtual event platform usually has dedicated features that help in storing all the live streams. It allows event organizers to use the video later for other purposes like marketing.

#2. Automation

Automated Virtual Event Platform

Hosting a virtual event is just like hosting a physical event and it can be just as stressful. However, with automation, the burden and stress can be reduced by a large margin.

One of the key features of virtual conferencing platform is automation and the extent to which it can be used. For example, an automated platform can help the event’s exhibitors make changes to the event without the need for someone to make the changes on the backend.

With automated platforms, virtual meetings/events are much easier to manage as you can focus on every detail of the event.

#3. Personalization

Personalised Virtual Event Platform

As mentioned earlier, virtual events and virtual conferencing has become popular and almost every company and brand is using it. This means that it is important to stand out when it comes to planning and executing virtual events.

This is why it is important for virtual conference solutions to provide personalization features that let you customize every part of the virtual experience for the attendees.

For example, the best virtual conferencing tools allow you to add lobbies, exhibition halls, auditoriums, theatres, etc. These features create a truly unique experience that simulates the experience of a real physical event in the virtual space.

#4. Social Media Integration

Social Media Features

Social media promotion plays a vital role in any event and that includes virtual events too. It’s possible to massively increase the reach of your virtual conference and events with social media promotion if done right.

A modern virtual conferencing platform should ideally have social media promotion tools in-built that make it really easy to promote the event or meeting on social media platforms.

Some virtual conference platforms take it a step further. These platforms allow you to push social media content live that helps to increase event’s engagement and reach.

#5. Sponsor Support

Sponsors Support in Virtual Platform

If you’re hosting big virtual event, it’s likely that a number of sponsors would be involved in making it happen. The idea behind sponsorships is usually an exchange of compensation for providing an audience for your sponsors.

An important feature you should look out for in a virtual conferencing platform is Sponsor Support. The platform must accommodate the demands of sponsors in a way that is also engaging for the attendees. Brand deals and sponsorships are really important for creating a high-quality virtual event and using a virtual events platform that supports sponsors is vital. Also, read these ->> #20 tips for hosting virtual events.

#6. Great Customer Care

Customer Support at Virtual Platform

It is easy to overlook customer care but it’s an absolute must when it comes to virtual meetings and conference platforms. While ideally, nothing should go wrong during a live virtual event, in reality, mistakes and technical problems can prop up during the live event once in a while.

Virtual conference solutions that focus on providing excellent customer care are great to work with. In case, anything goes wrong during the live event, having customer care and technical support instantly can be the difference between a great event and a bad one.

#7. Analytics

Analytics & Reporting In Virtual Platform

Analytics are an important part of any event, physical or virtual. However, virtual events provide the opportunity to gather a lot more analytics and data when it comes to your event. Since everything happens in a virtual space, it’s possible to track everything that can’t be tracked in a physical event.

It’s important to check the quality of analytics and reporting features of virtual conference and event platforms that you plan on using. The data provided by the virtual event is extremely valuable. It can help you not only understand the impact of your virtual event but also make future virtual events better based on the data.

#8. Feedback


Lastly, one of the most important features of a virtual events platform is feedback. Modern virtual events platforms allow you to collect feedback from your attendees via tools like surveys, polls, live chat, etc.

The ability to collect feedback on your event in a seamless way is really important when it comes to optimizing the performance of your future events and get a feel for how the attendees really felt about attending your virtual event.

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