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The Ultimate Event App Checklist: 14 Must-Have Features

The event industry is upgrading in terms of technology each day and now event apps are ruling the industry. These event mobile apps are becoming the core part of various events. Because most individuals these days use mobile phones so it is easy for event organizers and planners to reach their audience through a mobile app. These apps can make the process of event management easy for event organizers and offer attendees a more seamless experience with the event.

So if you are creating an app for the event or you are looking for an event app we have got your back in this article we are mentioning 14 must-have features for your event apps and some tips on how to select an event app.

Event Mobile App Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Event apps are becoming popular in the industry, and because there are various options available and most of them offer some features that can enhance your event, below are some must-have features for your mobile event app:

Event Mobile App Features You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Customization

Event apps should have customization features because not every event is the same. Most event planners want to offer their attendees a more personalized experience and that’s the main reason why they want to customize their mobile event app.

With customization, they will be able to create an event app that reflects their brand. And customization is also essential for the branding of the mobile event app. Your event app should allow you to customize the menus, interface of the app, and features according to the demand of your event. So if you are getting an event app make sure it offers a customization feature.

2. Push Notifications

When we are talking about event app features we can’t skip push notifications. With the use of push notifications, you will be able to send important updates and reminders to your audience. Push notifications will keep your audience updated about your event and also keep them engaged.

If your mobile event app offers an automation feature you can automate the process of push notifications, not just that with the event app you can also segment your push notification according to your event attendees.

With push notifications, there is a possibility of personalization, which means you can send personalized thank you messages, welcome messages, event ticket discounts, availability, etc.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


3. Third-Party Integration

Any mobile app that you are getting for your event should have a third-party integration feature. Integration is important so that you can integrate more platforms with your app. Your mobile event app must offer integration with social media platforms, payment gateways, emails, etc. For instance, with social media integration, your audience will be able to share content to their social media platforms directly from their mobile event app, and not just that on the platform they will be able to see what other attendees are posting about your event on social media.

4. White Label Branding

Most of the best mobile event apps offer white labeling. If you don’t want to create an app from the scratch then you can opt for a white-label event app as these apps are ready-made. With white-label apps, you can customize your event app according to the theme of your event or brand. With white labeling of the event app, you will be able to create an app that has your brand logo, and tagline and you can add features and menus according to your branding needs.

White labeling is an important feature because it allows you to market the app with your brand name, event name, or logo according to your needs. These apps make you look more trustable and professional.

5. Event App Registrations & Ticketing

Event app registration and ticketing is the essential part of any event. Not all event apps allow registration and ticketing and because of that your audience might have to shuffle between different platforms and apps to avoid that from happening you should offer event registration and ticketing on the same app.

You can have a separate dedicated segment in your app where you can offer both registration and ticketing to your event attendees. With the help of the event app, you will be able to track your event registrations and ticketing process. Few event planners create an app that is dedicated to just event ticketing and registration.

6. Mobile Event Tracking

Usually, most of the best mobile event apps offer event-tracking features. For any event planner or event organizer it is important to have insights and analytics of the event and with the mobile event app they will be able to access all the important data of the event and they can track all the necessary activities of their attendees.

With event tracking, event planners and organizers will be able to know how their audience is engaging with the event, and they can keep a track of registrations, ticket sales, and headcount, tracking can help in analyzing the overall performance of the event.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


7. Polls & Surveys

For any event app engagement features are a must-have. Be it any event in-person, hybrid or virtual all need audience engagement. So when you are looking for an event make sure you opt for the one that offers various engagement features, these engagement features can vary from app to app but polls and surveys are must-haves for any mobile event app. According to 90% of event planners, polls and surveys can significantly boost engagement. These polls and surveys can be used as tools to gather reviews and feedback from the event attendees. You can poll in between your event or by the end of your event.

8. Gamification

Recently games are becoming popular in the event industry, they are becoming a vital part of events these days. Specifically, games attract more audience to the event and help event organizers engage with their audience in a fun and interactive way.

With the help of gaming features event attendees can network with each other, they will actively take part in the event and gamification can also boost the ROI of the event.

You can host games before the event to create buzz and excitement among the attendees, you should add a leaderboard to offer badges and rewards to your event attendees.


9. Customer Support

Customer support undoubtedly is the most important feature of any mobile event app. Some of your attendees may find it difficult to go through your app or to understand all the features, yes, you can offer them a small guide or virtual walk-through for the app but still, they might need assistance in using the app or they can have some queries regarding the event, presenters, sponsors or app. So in that case you can offer them customer support through chat, call, Email, or video call. Robust customer support can help you gain the trust of your attendees.

10. Security

The next on our list of event app features is security. Any mobile event app that you are choosing or creating for your event must have a security feature. It is essential not just from the event planners’ point of view but also from the attendee’s point of view. Event attendees while logging into the app and while registering and buying tickets share some of their crucial data so as an event planner it is important for you to keep that data safe. You can’t compromise the safety of your attendee’s data. You can add a two-factor authentication feature for the safety of your event attendees.


11. Payment Gateway

The next must-have feature for the event app is payment. If you are offering tickets and registrations for the event on the app you must have a payment option on the app. If after the whole registration and ticketing process you redirect your attendees to some other platform they might feel dicey about it and to avoid that from happening offer a payment feature on your event app.

You can integrate popular payment gateways platforms like Paypal, google pay, and apple pay with your mobile event app. You should offer a variety of payment options to your event attendees like debit cards, net banking, credit cards, mobile wallet, etc.

12. Navigation

The next feature that is a must-have for your event app is navigation. If you are hosting an in-person or virtual event, a navigation feature is essential for your app. Event venues are usually huge and have different setups and booths, your audience can feel overwhelmed or confused at the venue it can get challenging for them to find booths they want to visit, to avoid that from happening you can offer them a navigation feature in the event app, create a map of your event so that by using that your audience can locate different setups at the event.

13. Speaker Profile

The next feature that you need in your event app is a speaker profile. Your event can have different speakers and your attendees might want to know about them. So you need to offer them all the necessary information regarding event speakers. By checking speaker profiles attendees might be able to shortlist the session they want to attend at your event. Try to offer a brief of what your speaker is going to talk about in the event etc.

You should also add the links or speakers’ social media profiles so if your attendees want to connect with the speakers after the session they can conveniently do that.

14. Offline Usability

Most event organizers usually skip this feature but it is important to offer your user a seamless offline experience. Your app should be able to adjust to a slow network connection and should work offline. Because there might be a situation when they don’t have a network connection and in that case, they won’t be able not to access the app. So make your event app offline-ready.

Is Using Mobile Apps For Events Still Relevant In 2023?

If you are wondering if mobile event apps are still relevant in 2023 then yes, they are and they can enhance the experience of your event attendees. Mobile event app act as a communication channel between attendees and event planners and organizers, through event apps they can share all the important information and updates regarding the event.

Event apps offer various benefits like touchless check-in, help in lead generation, attract more sponsors, and so on. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Is Using Mobile Apps For Events Still Relevant In 2023?

How To Choose a Mobile Event App?

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing a mobile app for your event.

1. Set A Budget

The first step is to set a budget for your mobile event app. There are various options available for mobile event apps with different pricing. So whether you are getting an app or you are creating it from scratch the first step for you is to decide the budget. The prize can vary according to the features you need or the size of your event.

Set A Budget

2. Easy To Use Interface

The next thing that you will have to keep in your mind while selecting an event app is its interface. Your mobile interface needs to be simple and easy to use. If you are creating an app for your event make sure it is simple to use and is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

3. Free Trial

A free trial is the best and easiest way to decide whether the app that you want to get for your event fits your objective or not. So look for apps that offer free trials so that you can run a test and see if that app can align with your brand, business, or event needs.

4. Features

The next important thing that will help you in deciding on the event app is the features that it offers. You can find an app with so many different features that can help in creating a unique experience for your event attendees. Some features that you should be looking for in an event app are:

  • Integration option
  • Engagement features
  • Event registration & ticketing
  • Payment features
  • Customer support
  • Analytics dashboard etc.

5. Marketing & Automation

The next thing that you should keep in mind while selecting an event app is the marketing and automation feature. If an event app offers marketing it becomes easy for an event planner to market and promote their event. And automation will help event planners to automate the process of email marketing, event registration, ticketing and push notifications, etc.

The Bottom Line

Event apps are perfect for event management. They help event planners in executing the event successfully. With the help of mobile event apps event planners can offer easy and contentless check-ins, they offer easy online registration and tickets, and manage all the data and insights of the event. If you are looking for an event app we have mentioned some must-have features for event apps and tips on how to choose an event app.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


Frequently Asked Question

What are the key features of a mobile event app?

Customization, security, analytics dashboard, integration, and engagement are some features you can’t compromise on.

What are the characteristics of a good event app?

1. Easy & Simple UI
2. Data Security
3. Customer Support
4. Compatible With All mobile devices a software

How mobile apps can enhance the event?

The mobile app is like a 24*7 available communication channel that help in offering a more personalized experience and better customer service to the event attendees.

What are the 3 things to consider while creating a mobile event app?

The objective of creating a mobile app for the event, the budget of the app, and software like android, apple, or both, are three things that you must consider while creating a mobile event app.


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