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9 Tips To Help Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Virtual Trade Shows have become the new norm of the marketing world in these unprecedented times. Almost every new product launch, announcement and conference has taken place virtually in the past few months due to the movement restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

These few months have proven especially challenging for event planners and trade show moguls. Most of their physical events either stand cancelled or postponed due to the current annoying situation.

Hence, as dynamic as the marketing world is, event planners have come to adapt the ongoing scenario through virtual events.

What was once done by setting up large events, renting out huge physical spaces and attending to each and every one of your esteemed guests, is now being replaced by virtual event platforms.

Brands and event organizers have come to terms with the new format of virtual engagement. Brands have begun to leverage the full potential of virtual events and virtual expos. They aim to draw audiences in and give them an immersive, realistic experience akin to a physical event.

Virtual Trade Shows have especially become the go-to for brands. Brands showcase their wide variety of products and new launches in a corporate setting and an insanely popular format.

This shift towards virtual event platforms has been difficult for some brands and event planners, whilst proving more complicated for certain others.

Virtual settings are usually short-lived and more aggressively demanding than physical events. Hence, it is absolutely essential to hold audience attention during the entire duration of the event.

If you’re finding yourself stumped by the challenges around adapting to virtual trade shows, then we’re here to help you!

We bring to you the best ways to make virtual trade show booth stand out at virtual events you attend! Read on to know more.

#1. Generate Curiosity Among The Audience Before The Virtual Event

In order to ensure that the maximum number of people attend your virtual event, and/or digitally attend your virtual trade show booth, you need to pique their curiosity and make them interested in your virtual trade show booth.

For this, we suggest you begin early, much before your virtual event is supposed to take place. Begin by posting about your virtual trade show booth on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, periscope etc. Throw in cryptic hints about your upcoming virtual expo or virtual trade show.

If you have a huge online community, this approach can come in handy and help you generate a lot of organic fanfare around your upcoming virtual event.

If possible, talk to the event organizers about promoting your brand in the best ways possible. It can either be through a weekly rap session about all participants or by a rotating billboard advertising system, to get the word out about your brand’s presence at the virtual trade show.

Another interesting option could be sending email notifications about your virtual booth at the said virtual trade show. Also, add specific information about how attendees can find your virtual trade show booth and just what they can expect once they decide to virtually enter!

The same can be accomplished through virtual quizzes and contests to engage your online community. You may give them hints about your newest virtual trade show booth with these engaging features.

#2. Understand Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Audience

If you want your audience to digitally attend your virtual trade show booth, you first have to know them!

Research about your online audience demographic; what they like, what all are they into, what are their interests, their ages, gender, country of origin etc. And, just what will make them drawn towards your virtual trade show booth.

Knowing your audience in-depth will help you plan your product showcase. It will also help you to plan virtual booth engagement strategies and informational exchange according to their tastes.

After all, for ensuring successful virtual event and trade show booth, you must relay all information you want your audience to know. Share information in a format that they clearly understand and resonate with.

#3. Understand The Virtual Event Or Virtual Trade Show Booth

In order to make your virtual booth stand-out in the virtual event, you’re a part of, you need to understand your audience as well as the virtual event itself.

Have a detailed word with the event organizers. Ask them about your time slots, the features provided to attendees and virtual booths, and any other unique offerings to participants, if at all.

Most virtual event platforms provide for one-on-one video chat sessions with attendees, live chat options, digital flowcharts, amongst other cool, helpful and engaging features to give your attendees a feeling of a realistic, life-like physical event experience.

Know all features in advance if you can, and design product showcase and audience engagement strategies accordingly ahead of time. Your virtual trade show booth really will standout in the entire virtual trade show or virtual expo.

#4. Go Beyond Your Brand’s Niche

If you’re planning on making your virtual trade show booth truly stand out, you need to ensure that you aren’t just expounding on your products and your virtual showcase. You should actually let your audience take something with them after the virtual event ends.

Try to go beyond your brand’s crafted niche. Give your audience detailed, well-researched and well-furnished information about your specific industry. It will help your attendees in learning something new and valuable.

This will not only help you to market your products and raise awareness about your brand but also craft a memorable experience for your attendees and help them remember you by something more than just your products!

#5. Put Together A Visually Appealing And Informative Virtual Trade Show Booth

As important as it is to design an amazing physical booth, it’s equally important to design a visually appealing virtual trade show booth. Ensure that your virtual booth is simultaneously entertaining, informative and visually appealing. Virtual event attendees will want to click on the booth and attend the proceedings.

Present whatever information you want to relay to your attendees in a visually satisfying palette. Utilize all the visual virtual tools provided in virtual event platform that’s handling the show or expo, and engage attendees.

#6. Make Your In-booth Communication Direct

Unlike physical events, virtual events, virtual expos and virtual trade shows operate in a very different format. For one, attendees have probably paid to attend the virtual event, so you know that they are quite serious about the event, and not just stopping by to kill time.

In order to generate actual leads and get conversions from your virtual trade show booth, you should ensure that the in-booth questions you ask your attendees are direct, to-the-point and ascertain entirely whether the participants are serious about your product and brand or not.

This way, you help save resources for attendees that are actually serious & more likely to turn into revenue-generating leads.

#7. Send Personalized Messages To Warm Leads

During virtual expo, there will be some attendees who just visit virtual booth, but don’t engage with your services personally. The good thing about virtual platforms is that they allow you to follow up with each of your leads personally. It allow sending personalized and customized messages gauging their interest in your product and services.

This not only allows you to make them into dedicated customers of your brand but also makes it easier to keep tabs on your virtual attendees and their specific interests.

This way, even if an attendee didn’t turn into a lead during the virtual trade show, you can still have a shot at them via personalized follow-ups.

#8. Follow-up Thoughtfully

Unlike physical, real-world events, virtual events have no prospects of meeting with your attendees one-on-one or getting to know them personally in any way other than via messages and online chat rooms.

Thus, in order to set your virtual trade show booth apart from the other ones in the virtual event or virtual expo, you will need to set your follow-up messages apart from the regular, corporate ones that other virtual booths send to their leads.

Instead of cold messaging a lead that usually leads nowhere, try sending them unique perspectives on your brand, the entire industry, or a few strategically edited clippings of the virtual event to pique their interest.

You can also try sharing with them certain highlights or information about another upcoming virtual event. Thus, enticing them into attending another of your events.

#9. Give Your Attendees Something To Take Back With Them

Virtual Events, by their very nature, are somewhat informal and impersonal. When both the attendees and organizers are hidden behind a screen, it’s difficult to cultivate meaningful relationships with your attendees.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with ways to connect with your attendees. One of the best ways to make your virtual trade show booth stand out from the rest is to give your attendees a memoir to take back with them from the virtual event.

You can try giving them creative virtual gifts that makes them feel like a valuable part of the virtual event. You can get as creative as you wish with the gifts/takeaways.

The trick here is to make the virtual event takeaway as personalized as possible, to make your attendees feel special!

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