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15 Must-Have Virtual Event Platform Features

Have you ever thought about the way we interact will transform completely, and it will become the new normal? Education, meetings, conferences, celebrations, or workshops, everything can be easily navigated in a virtual landscape. The technology has supported virtual events and has advanced virtual event platform features to elevate the experience. According to a survey, the virtual events market size in 2023 was estimated at USD 78.53 billion. Now, from 2023 to 2030, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.8%. 

Features of a virtual event platform have significantly enhanced the hosting experience. They have become more diverse and customizable to provide more engaging virtual events. However, for an event organizer, it is crucial to look for important and useful features that can help them. In this guide, we have accumulated the best and most important features of virtual platforms that can help you host seamless and successful events.

Key Features of a Virtual Event Platform

Nowadays, virtual events have gained popularity, and they can provide a more life-like experience. The advancement of virtual event features has changed the way of hosting and the key features that must be included in the platform are:

1. Branding

One of the most crucial elements of hosting virtual events is generating the interest and excitement of the audience. This is the best way to do event branding, and it can captivate the attendee’s attention. Branding is a key feature of virtual platforms that establish a professional and memorable experience. It allows event organizers to customize the interface, including logos, colour schemes, and banners. Having a consistent branding throughout the platform helps in creating a cohesive and enhanced brand identity.

2. Integration of Social Media

Integration with social media platforms is a great virtual event platform feature that can enhance the reach and engagement of events. This feature of the platform allows attendees to share their experiences in real-time over their social media handles. It not only enhances attendee engagement but also expands the event’s visibility and fosters a sense of community.

3. Interactive Features

To keep the attendees engaged during a virtual event, the platform should offer interactive features. It is important to keep them engaged because they can leave anytime they want. Virtual event features examples like Q&A sessions, polls, live chats, emoticons, and networking functionality can contribute to attendee participation. They can significantly create a dynamic and engaging environment, making the event feel more immersive and interactive.

4. Email Integrations

Effective communication is the key aspect for the success of virtual events. Email integrations within the platform enable event organizers to send timely updates, reminders, and other important information. This seamless virtual event platform features can ensure that attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the event duration.

5. Data Analytics

Having data analytics tools can provide valuable insights into attendee behaviour and event’s performance. This robust feature of a virtual event platform allows organizers to track metrics such as attendance rates, engagement levels, session time, and more. This data-driven approach can help them redefine future event strategies, make informed decisions, and measure the overall success of their event.

6. Automation

The automation capabilities of the virtual event platform are important. It can streamline various processes within the platform, such as managing registrations, sending out reminders, and more. Automation is one of the best virtual event platform features that reduces manual effort for organizers. This helps increase the efficiency of a smooth and well-organized event experience for both organizers and attendees.

7. Customization

Customization features of the virtual event platform allow organizers to tailor it to meet the specific needs of their event. From layout and design to content presentation, the customization capabilities of the platform enhance the user experience. These virtual event platform features also align with the unique goals and branding of the event.

8. Live Streaming of Content

It is not necessary that your virtual event platform can only broadcast pre-record content. The live streaming feature of a virtual event platform enables real-time broadcasting of event sessions and presentations. With this, you can enhance attendees with an interactive and engaging experience. Moreover, live streaming enhances the sense of connection and immediacy.

9. Personalization With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a significant part of many technologies, software, the health industry, the entertainment industry, and more. It plays a crucial role in personalizing the virtual event experience and is a great feature to include in the platform. AI integration can analyze attendee preferences and behaviours to provide a personalized experience by aligning with individual interests and preferences.

10. Registration & Ticketing

Registration & ticketing are the key features of a virtual event platform, and they should be seamless. Customized registration forms, tiered ticket pricing, discount codes, and attendee segmentation should be included in the platform. Having a user-friendly process ensures a smooth onboarding experience for attendees. 

11. Multiple Virtual Spaces

For events with multiple and diverse sessions and content types. Having multiple virtual spaces is essential to enhance the hosting experience. Different virtual spaces like lobbies, halls, networking lounges, or auditoriums are great virtual event platform features. This allows attendees to seamlessly navigate through different event areas and sessions.

12. Recording of Content

You have hosted a successful and engaging event, you might need a recording of it for on-demand content, repurpose it, or after-event promotions. Make sure that the recording feature of virtual platforms is available. This can help attendees who were not able to take part, and it also extends the lifespan of the event. 

13. Monetization

One of the greatest virtual event platform features is monetization, which is mandatory to be included. This may include options such as ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities, or premium content access. Moreover, the platform should provide robust tools to facilitate a monetization strategy to enhance ROI.

14. Support

Reliable support is a necessary aspect for both organizers and attendees. This can be integrated in the form of an AI chatbot, chats, emails or calls. Virtual event platforms should offer responsive customer support to ensure that any technical issues or concerns are addressed properly. It contributes to a positive overall experience for both attendees and organizers.

15. Responsive, Scalable, & Networking

Make sure that the platform is responsive across various devices to ensure a seamless experience. Moreover, scalability is also crucial to accommodate events of different sizes from large conferences to small webinars. Make sure that the networking feature of a virtual event platform offers virtual lounges and discussion forms, to promote interactions among attendees. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual events have gained popularity, and they are hosted by many industries and organizations because they provide an array of benefits. Scalability, enhanced reach, brand awareness, and cost-effectiveness are some of the advantages. However, it is important to look for smart features of virtual event platforms that can help in hosting seamless and successful events. Dreamcast can effectively help you with a customized platform with all the suitable and necessary features that are tailored according to your event needs. Book a demo now to find out more!

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