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Live Stream On Websites: Why You Should Do It?

Accept it or not, video is everywhere. As the internet slowly seeps in every aspect of our lives, digital video has seen a huge spurt in demand & popularity. 

This sudden trend has boosted the steep rise of online video, & along with it, the cut-throat race to remain relevant & popular among masses. It’s no new information that since the advent of the internet in our lives, consumers, on the whole, have become more aware of their rights to quality & are constantly on-guard against flaky, tall & fake marketing promises.

The demand for authenticity, genuine & a more personal connection is growing as consumers gain access to global content & understand the intricate workings behind marketing campaigns better.

A robust solution to this dilemma comes in the form of live videos. The rise of live streaming to social media platforms has reshuffled the social landscape for videos tremendously. More & more companies are using video live streaming & storage provider services to leverage the benefits of live streaming. 

Live stream for brands not only helps your customers relate better to your brand but also instils trust & confidence among them. 

At a time when consumer trust is everything, brands are ready to take the reins of live streaming in their hands. After all, live stream for brands is the perfect way to increase customer engagement & boost sales & revenues of the brands in question. Live Stream on websites then, is an even better way for brands to get traffic to their website & generate queries, an important precedent to increase sales eventually.

Benefits of Live Streaming On Websites

In this blog, we bring you some of the most evident benefits of the live stream on websites & why you should do it on your website too.

1. Gives your video a touch of authenticity

Since your website adequately explains your brand identity to people, it is the most effective means of showcasing your ideologies, values, innovations & achievements to your customers. 

Marketing studies show that almost 93% of business queries are made through official websites of brands. The statistics show just how important a well-designed, adequately informative & good looking website is to your business. Live Stream on website then is one of the most effective ways to get your audience hooked on your live video. 

Not only does it immediately look more authentic, but it also leads to an increase in website traffic. Since people will have to visit your website in order to view your live stream, video live streaming & storage provider services ensure a seamless & smooth live streaming on your website. Live stream on website thus, is an amazingly effective method to live stream for brands

2. Increase your website’s search ranking

When users click on your website’s URL to view your live stream on website, google search results rank your website higher.

The more the no. of clicks on your website’s URL, the higher your website will rank among search queries, thus leading to more traffic & eventual sales. An even better way to accomplish this feat is by promoting your videos through other live streaming social networks. 

This move practically ensures a good amount of traffic on your website & helps your customers get a clear understanding of your brand; its services, products, ideologies & portfolio.

Video live stream & storage providers thus ensure that your live stream on the website carries through smoothly & effortlessly to give your visiting viewers the best website experience. Increasing your website’s search ranking on major search engines is, in fact, one of the many features of a secure online video platform

3. Gives users easy access

When viewers watch your live stream on website, they’re better equipped to make queries or take buying decisions based on the information provided on your website. 

While watching your live videos, viewers can choose to click through your entire website, finding links & stumbling across valuable business information in the process. Live Stream on website is also helpful for your brand as users can better access CTA buttons & make direct queries through your website. Among all live streaming social networks, live stream on website is the most effective way of generating customer queries, engagement & increasing sales. 

It also helps that, while live streaming on other social media networks involves users clicking through multiple interfaces to actually get to your website, live streaming through your website removes the additional need of criss-cross clicking.

Your viewers can reach the requisite link directly through your website, without first having to go through the entire redirecting process. Video live streaming & storage provider services make live streaming on websites easier with their assorted & efficient services. They keep in mind all the benefits of live streaming on the website, & carry out live stream for brands based on a strategic approach.

These third-party live streaming facilitator services also help brands realize their live streaming goals by providing additional help through their various services. They help in making your website hit worthy by effectively sorting out all the information in meaningful divisions throughout the website, providing embedding options for third-party content to be hosted on your website, make it more user-friendly, etc.

They also help in integrating your website live streams with other live streaming social networks to increase traffic to your website & generate consumer engagement on your live streams.

You’ll find plenty of these online live video streaming services in India along with a proper guide to setup live streaming video on website. Choose the one you find suits your preferences the best & go on successfully live streaming on your website!

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