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In-Person Event Engagement Ideas: Know all Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

It is no secret that knowing the best in-person event engagement ideas can lead to a successful event. It is the most pivotal factor that helps create a memorable experience and a lasting connection with the attendees. From encouraging conversations, providing value throughout the event, and making an impact on the attendees. A well-thought-out in-person event ideas to boost engagement can help keep the audience engaged.

Engagement is the key to an impactful event. Building an effective event engagement strategy that includes traditional ways, modern technology, and physical components. Will keep the audience engaged the moment they sign up or interact with your marketing activity.

In this blog, we have gathered the most impactful and crucial in-person event engagement ideas to cater to and keep the audience engaged.

3 Steps to Include in Your Strategy for In-Person Event Engagement Ideas

Event engagement activities include 3 crucial steps that can facilitate effective engagement. Before, during, and after-event engagement ideas to make your event successful. And to keep the audience engaged throughout the event. These 3 in-person event ideas to boost engagement are discussed below.

Steps to Include in Your Strategy for In-Person Event Engagement Ideas

Pre-event Engagement

Engaging with the audience before the event

This is the first step to include in your event engagement ideas for in-person events. Is to build momentum and make the audience aware of your event. Getting them excited and creating hype about the event is necessary. Leverage these in-person event engagement ideas before the event to keep them engaged.

Engagement With Emails

Sending out emails is an effective way to grab the attention of the audience. It is cost-effective and the best way to reach and target your potential audience. But not only sending out invitations and thank-you emails will do the work. Emails can carry all the necessary information, from registration links, and microsites to speaker bios, schedules, and more. Sending out emails as your in-person event engagement ideas can surely help create buzz.

Create Buzz on Social Media

Social media is the best platform for engaging a huge audience in an instant way. Using these platforms, there are multiple engagement ideas for in-person events. A well-executed social media strategy and in-person event ideas for engagement can help create excitement. The most effective way to use them is listed below.

  • Create a unique #hashtag
  • Showcase behind the scenes and sneak peeks to build hype
  • Create a Facebook event page to increase engagement
  • An effective in-person event engagement idea is to leverage the live-streaming feature before the event.
  • Organize giveaways and contests

Engagement Is Easier With a Mobile Event App

Event apps are an advanced technology that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of events. And providing an event app to the audience is one of the easiest ways to boost engagement. It is a one-stop solution for an event that can be used by sending push notifications about necessary details. And can be integrated with more features to use as in-person event engagement ideas. Such as games, venue maps, polls, quizzes, Q&As, etc.

During Event Engagement

You have put in too much effort before the event to engage the audience to make them participate. And now that they have caught your attention and have registered for the event. You need to keep them engaged during the event so that they don’t leave. Effective in-person event ideas to boost engagement during the event are discussed below;

During Event Engagement

Incorporate Gamification to Make It Fun

Including games during your in-person event is a great way to keep the audience engaged. This can make the event fun and competitive for the attendees. You can even use modern technology like augmented and virtual reality incorporated into games with the help of professional event tech suites like Dreamcast. This is an effective in-person event engagement ideas that will also give the attendees an immersive modern technology experience.

360 Photo Booths and Social Walls

Adding photo booths during your in-person event can keep the audience engaged and make them stay. A 360 photo booth will grab their attention because everyone loves to click photos. To give them a memorable experience, you can use different types of themes and frames. Another in-person event idea that will boost audience engagement is using social walls that can highlight all the social media posts of the attendees. By using your hashtag across different platforms and encourage the other attendees to engage with the event.

Host Sessions With Speakers, Artists, and Others

Hosting interactive sessions with the attendees is another compelling in-person event engagement idea to be used during the event. Encourage the speakers, artists, influencers, or any other guest or VIP to conduct sessions with the attendees. This will help engage them much more effectively and keep them interested in the event. They can get a chance to meet and click a photo with their favorite artists or speakers.

Post-event Engagement

Now that your event is over, it is still not the time to stop engaging with the audience. You need to gather as much information and data to calculate your CRM and ROI. Post in-person event engagement ideas can help you to drive your next strategies about the event and also not make the attendee forget about it.

Post-event Engagement

Conduct Surveys to Find Out What Worked Best

Sending out thank you emails or notifications after the event and asking for feedback. It is an effective in-person event idea to engage the audience and find out what worked best for you. This will get you the necessary feedback that helps you in improving your next move by finding out where you lacked behind. Using an event app to collect feedback is an excellent way to engage them in order to collect valuable information. And it also helps in calculating the ROI of your event, making it a pivotal event engagement strategy.

Invite Them for Future Events

Inviting attendees in advance for your future events after your current event is over can increase the engagement level. This in-person event engagement idea can be beneficial for you as you have already created an impact on them. And with a positive experience of your event, they are most likely to attend your future events. These in-person event ideas are not only beneficial for making them attend the next event or feedback. But also a great way to maintain engagement, and relationships, and boost attendance.

More In-Person Event Ideas to Boost Engagement

Now that you know the most pivotal and effective ideas that can help in boosting your in-person event engagement. There are additional in-person event engagement ideas that can be used, which are listed below.

  • Give attendees the leverage to create their own personalized agendas.
  • Collaborate with speakers or influencers that help in boosting attendee engagement.
  • Create different segments for pricing.
  • Use event technology like RFID to enhance the experience.
  • Leverage modern technology to streamline tedious processes.
  • Breakout sessions for enhanced engagement.

Final Thoughts

In-person events are always in trend because nothing compares to experiencing a real-time event. Many interactive and fun elements with an array of in-person event engagement ideas can be used to engage the attendees. From using modern technology to creating a customized event app or integrated AR/VR gaming experience. All these ideas can be leveraged by getting help from professionals like Dreamcast. A robust event tech suite that caters to end-to-end customized solutions tailored specifically to your event needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which technology or tool can effectively facilitate event engagement?

Using mobile event apps is the best in-person event engagement ideas. It is a one-stop solution to all the event needs and can facilitate engagement throughout the event.

How to make an in-person event engaging?

There are multiple ways and event engagement strategies can be used to make an in-person event engaging. Such as event apps, gamification, using AR/VR, and more.

How do you engage the audience during an in-person event?

Engaging the audience can be done in multiple ways, many ideas can be used. In-person events can be integrated with 360 photo booths, social walls, AR/VR integrated games, etc.

Is it possible to engage the audience throughout the in-person event?

Yes, it is possible and crucial to engage the audience before, during, and after the event. Because it helps in calculating the success and there are multiple in-person event engagement ideas to use.

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