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How To Start Town Hall Meeting Live Streaming?

Townhall meetings bring together employees and senior executives for candid dialogue and discussion. They are vital to the functioning of any organization, large and small. 

However, most large organizations usually have a number of offices that are spread out over different cities and even countries. Getting all the employees and executives together under one roof has become a logistical problem but fortunately, streaming solutions for town hall meetings have made it much easier for businesses to communicate and collaborate better with townhall meetings.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at town hall meetings and some town hall meetings live streaming services and how to use them effectively in your organization. 

Why Stream Town Hall Meetings?

As mentioned above in the blog, one of the problems that streaming solutions for town hall meetings solve is reducing the usually high costs that are normally associated with town hall meetings due to expenses like travel and venue booking.

However, using the services of a town hall meetings streaming company can also provide a host of other benefits with some of them being:

  • It provides a high-quality viewing experience – During the early days of live streaming, the technology was rudimentary at best. There were not a lot of dedicated town hall meetings live streaming services at the onset. In today’s world, the quality of the services has gone up drastically which makes live streaming video almost akin to real conversations.
    Hiring a qualified webcasting company for town hall meetings these days comes with the guarantee that all the live streams of your town hall meetings will be high-quality and provide a quality and valuable experience to all participants.
  • It facilitates better communication for the whole organization -Streaming solutions for town hall meetings helps in facilitating better communication for the whole organization by creating an easier way of bringing together all the different employees of the organization.
    Most live streaming companies provide advanced features like PIP streaming that make it even easier for organizations to collaborate and communicate.
  • It creates content that can be repurposed later – A lot of important matters for the organization are discussed at town hall meetings. By using town hall meetings live streaming services, you’re not only reaching a wide range of employees and saving costs but you’re also recording the entire meeting.
    The video content can then be used for archival purposes or even promotional purposes. It also creates an on-demand video archive that can be accessed by any employee of the organization.

What Is Needed For Live Streaming Town Hall Meetings?

While most organizations use the services of a dedicated webcasting company for town hall meetings to handle everything, some organizations like to use their own team for webcasts using only the expert services of a dedicated live streaming company.  

Creating a live stream for a town hall meeting is not as simple as when you go live on social media using just your cellphone camera. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of when it comes to live-streaming a town hall meeting. Some of the aspects you should consider are the following:

1. Camera

The camera, or cameras, is the most important aspect when it comes to live-streams in general. Most companies offering town hall meetings live streaming services provide professional cameras that capture high-quality video and are specifically used in the live streaming industry.

2. Microphone

Sound is a crucial part of any video and a decent microphone is required to capture the audio of any town hall meeting. The quality of your audio is even more important when it comes to something like a town hall meeting where employers need to hear the discussion that takes place at the meeting.

3. Software For Encoding And Streaming

When it comes to hosting a live stream for townhall meetings, it is crucial to use professional-grade software to carry out the encoding of the video and managing the entire stream.

A dedicated webcasting company for town hall meetings would either use their own software or use industry-standard software to manage the live streams for town hall meetings.

4. Network

Lastly, the speed of your network plays a large role in the quality of the live streaming video. A slower network will create a lot of lag and glitches which absolutely ruins the viewing experience for the audience. 

A dedicated town hall meeting streaming company will usually have its own solutions when it comes to the networking needs that are required by the live stream.

Put all these aspects together in the right manner is required to have a great live-stream of your town hall meeting. 

Tips For Live-Streaming Town Hall Meetings

Now that we know the basics of live-streaming in the context of town hall meetings, here are some tips when it comes to picking a town hall meetings streaming company for your organization:

  • It is important to go with a dedicated town hall meetings streaming company that has previous experience in the niche.
  • It is better to choose a provider that has a proven track record with live-streaming and provides advanced features like PIP live streaming too.
  • Lastly, it is crucial to go with a company that truly cares about live streaming and understands your organization so it can fulfil the live streaming mandate for your organization perfectly.


Townhall meetings are really important for most organizations as they bring together some of the most important persons to have core discussions about the functioning of the company. By live-streaming town hall meetings, it is possible to reduce a lot of costs and increase the conveyance dramatically. 

We hope this article was enlightening for you. Keep looking at this space for more updates on the live-streaming world, the latest social media marketing trends, and all things regarding live video!

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