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Facebook Live vs YouTube Live

One of the leading social media marketing trends that have emerged in the past couple of years is live videos. It has become increasingly easier to live stream to multiple social media channels because more and more people can access smartphones. Millions of people across the world now see live streaming videos on one secure online video platform or another. 

With most of the popular social media websites have launched their own streaming services, the competition to see which is the best live video streaming platform is the best is tough. Live streamings strategies are not only used for personal reasons but the professional and marketing impact of this is far-reaching. As some of the most famous social media platforms for live videos, Facebook live and Youtube live streaming are two of the top choices for any marketer to use. With both of them going neck to neck, it can get difficult to pick. To make your choice easier, this blog covers a detailed comparison between the two to see which one wins.

Facebook Live vs Youtube Live:


In terms of basic live streaming, the features of both these platforms are pretty similar. You can go live on Youtube or do Facebook online streaming on both a desktop and through mobile devices. The other important features that these apps provide include a way to share the stream, live chat-box and the ability for viewers to rewatch archived videos. 


The main difference between Youtube broadcast video and live video streaming on Facebook arises in terms of how the business part of it functions. What we mean here is that there is a distinct difference in the compensation of influencers and the advertising openings. 

Influencers who use Facebook online streaming can earn through ads as well as paid partnerships with brands that they are promoting. 

On the other hand, the main source of income for influencers who go live on Youtube are compensations by fans, sponsors and sometimes, a cut of the ad that runs during their stream. This difference in how the business opportunities run on both these platforms divides the users as they use the one that suits their needs best. Although there is rising competition for both of them, Facebook and Youtube have many strides in improving the already pioneering features of social media marketing trends like this.

User Preference

As you might have observed, both Facebook and Youtube enjoy some of the largest numbers of users in their respective areas of expertise. There is more than enough audience to go around and be able to tune in to whichever fulfils their needs. 

user preferences

Youtube originally came forward and still is the biggest platform to publish, view and share original video content online along with being able to connect people with each other. Now, the boundaries of what one is capable of with the help of youtube streaming service companies have expanded multifold. Those who love making videos and have the talent for it can easily become original content creators, easily able to earn their living off Youtube broadcast videos too.

Facebook is a social networking platform with the biggest amount of monthly users and one can say that it has paved the way for many other similar sites we see nowadays. In the same vein, it has grown and evolved with user needs, becoming the place to be for live streamers and influencers too. Today, live broadcast services for Facebook have become more fine-tuned and a preferred space for social media influencers to publish their content too.

Influencer Preference

The question of which best live video streaming platform for influence has a very clear answer as of now. Youtube is currently an undeniable haven to some of the best influencers and content creators online. These people have long since been making videos and publishing them on Youtube when it was just an on-demand video sharing platform. In recent years, these people have also adapted to the use of live streamings strategies on Youtube to their advantage. 

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Facebook has been a little slow to catch up on this as people have found ways to live stream to multiple social media channels as well. But to promote live broadcast services for Facebook and  Facebook live stream on a website, the company has paid large sums to content creators as well as media companies. 

YouTube and Facebook’s interest in live streaming influencers and creators has remarkable growth indications for influencer marketing. With more influencers working the live streaming content, brands should start to consider supporting influencers on more than one secure online video platform. Since live streaming has no place for mistakes, leading brand crusades in the future may even incorporate more prominent inclusion in creating content with social media influencers.

While both Youtube and Facebook are battling it out to be the best live video streaming platform, the actual decision lies in the preference of the people using them as both host and viewers to the live streams. When youtube streaming service companies or Facebook live stream on a website do not provide sufficient results for your professional goals, people have also been known to utilize other streaming solutions. 

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Although the chances of either of the above-mentioned social media streaming app are more likely to win, there is a heavy competition emerging in this field. It might cause some struggles for them but for a user, it means even more options to choose from and make such decisions based on a detailed list of features available for them. 

In conclusion, the ever-evolving technological advancements in live streaming and other online mass media have caused both Facebook and Youtube to evolve as well. There is still a lot more one can look forward to in terms of their update and improved features on both ends. So choose either one of these for your own personal and professional live webcasting needs and use this great digital trend to achieve the best in your area of work.

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