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Exhibitor Management System: The Key to a Successful Exhibition

Exhibitions are a prominent part of the event industry, they help exhibitors attract more audiences, promote their products or services and build a strong social image of their brand. Hosting an exhibition can be challenging sometimes because it requires a lot of planning and management. But with Dreamcast organizing an exhibition is effortless as we provide an end-to-end solution to ensure a powerful exhibitor management system. From a customized event app for exhibition to a completely requirement-based management portal including virtual exhibit booths and other efficient tools, we provide it all!

If you are planning to organize an exhibition, you are at the perfect place as in this blog we will explore some excellent benefits of exhibitor management system for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees.

Excellent Benefits of Exhibitor Management Portal for Organizers

Here are some of the excellent benefits of exhibitor management for organizers:

Excellent Benefits of Exhibitor Management Portal for Organizers

Exhibitor Profile Creation

The first and foremost benefit of exhibitor management is that it allows organizers to create the profile of the exhibitors. If you are hosting an exhibition that has various exhibitors and exhibit booths it becomes necessary to create the profile of all the exhibitors as it becomes easy to manage the event and you will be able to segregate the information of the exhibitor according to the profile.

Assign Admin

Once you have created the profile of all the exhibitors you will have to give them admin access. With the admin, access will be able to manage their portal at the event where all the centralized information regarding the event is stored.

The admin access allows exhibitors to manage tasks, volunteers at the event, lead generation, all the important details and documentation, payment status, etc of the exhibition from one place.

Exhibitor Badge Management

With the help of an exhibitor management system, organizers can manage exhibitor badge registration. When the event that you are hosting is huge and has several exhibitors and exhibitors’ booths it becomes necessary to provide badges to all the exhibitors. And it is also important to manage all the badges of the exhibitors in one place. Because managing all the exhibitor’s badges at the central panel is less challenging.

Exhibitor Payment Status Management Portal For Organizer

It is crucial to manage the payments during the event as it helps in analyzing the return on investment of the event. With the help of the exhibitor management system event organizers will be able to manage payments with all the exhibitors at the event. Not just that they will be able to manage the data in one place. With centralized payment data, they can easily track all the payment regarding information anytime they want.

Central Volunteer Management Panel

At any exhibition, there are different exhibitor portals and volunteers manage those portals. The exhibitor management system allows organizers to manage all the volunteers from one place. All the exhibitors can collect and store information about their volunteers at their exhibitor portals, they can manage and update their tasks at the management panel, they can track the location of their volunteers at the management panel, and update any crucial information regarding the volunteers at the panel, it makes it easier for organizers to fetch information about any volunteer they want.

Details & Documentation Management

Managing all the details and documentation regarding the exhibitors and exhibition booths can be a challenging task for any event organizer. From exhibitor registration to the payment of exhibitors, there are a lot of details and documents like registration forms, payment slips, and personal information that need to be managed and stored not just for one event but for all the upcoming events too.

Details & Documentation Management

Exhibitor Logistics Requirement Management

As an event organizer, there are numerous things that you have to plan and manage according to the needs of exhibitors and attendees. Every event requires logistics and inventory and with the help of an exhibitors management system event organizers can coordinate with different exhibitors for their logistic requirements, they can provide all the necessary equipment that they might need for event activation for the exhibition.

Virtual Profile & Virtual Booth For Exhibitors

If you want to reach more audiences you can take your in-person exhibition online and make it virtual. By taking your event virtual you will be able to engage more audience and connect with people who can’t join your event in person.

The exhibitor management system helps in creating profiles and booths for virtual exhibitors. In this way, you can host a hybrid exhibition where both in-person exhibitors and attendees can connect with virtual exhibitors and attendees.

RSVP & Invitation Management Panel For Organizer

Invites are necessary for any event, if you are hosting an event you should send invitations to all the potential exhibitors for your event. With RSVP management you will be able to confirm how many exhibitors are becoming part of your event.

The exhibitor management panel will collect all the information related to your event invitations in one place. You can also send invitations through email to the management panel.

Benefits of Exhibitor Portal for Exhibitors & Attendees

Now that you know the benefits of an exhibition management system for organizers, here are some benefits that exhibition management offers for attendees and exhibitors:

Benefits of Exhibitor Portal for Exhibitors & Attendees

Powerful Networking

Networking at any event is crucial for the success of the event. With networking attendees at the event will be able to connect and not just that event exhibitors at the event will also be able to connect with other exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees at the event.

Networking is the main element at any event and it will ensure that you can connect with more people at the event. Exhibitors can exchange business cards and connect through the mobile app to network during the event.

Reach to a Wider Audience

With the help of an exhibition, you can reach a larger section of the audience. You can take your event online and make it hybrid and virtual, by doing that you will be able to reach more audiences. You can connect with people who can become part of your event in-person.

With virtual booths, the exposure is more in comparison to in-person, but by combining the two you will be able to reach both your in-person and virtual audience.

Easy Data Collection

Data collection can help event organizers and exhibitors keep track of every detail of the event, it can also help them in planning and managing upcoming events.

With the help of the exhibition management system, they can collect all the data regarding the exhibitors and attendees like their name, number, email address, the documents that they share during the registration, and exhibitors’ data like their booth details, number of attendees that interacted with the exhibitor’s booth, total footfall of the portal, etc.

Virtual Booth Engagement

Engagement is another benefit of using an exhibition management system at your event. Exhibitors can engage their audience with the help of virtual booths. Event exhibitors can customize their virtual booths according to the requirements of their brand, they can use various engagement features in their virtual booths.

Not just event organizers can also set up virtual booths at the event to provide information about their brand, engage their audience effectively, and connect more audiences.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking gives the exhibitors an overview of their event and the performance of their exhibition booth. Exhibitors are always curious to track numbers so that they can have an idea of their performance.

By tracking footfall, interaction, engagement, etc they will have an overview of how their booth is performing, they can also collect live feedback from the attendees so that they can improve their performance for current and upcoming events.

Seamless Navigation

At a huge event venue, attendees can feel confused about the directions but with the help of exhibitor portals you can offer them the map of the event, and they will be able to navigate with that through the event venue easily. You can create directions to different exhibitor booths so that event attendees can conveniently find the exhibitor booth that they are looking for instead of wandering through the venue.

The Bottom Line

The exhibitor management system can help in managing and collecting all the data of the exhibitor’s booth for event organizers and exhibitors. With the help of exhibitors management, it is more convenient to set up an exhibitor’s booth, manage all the volunteer data, centralize all the event data and information, manage RSVP and logistics for events, etc.

If you are looking for a platform that can help you manage your exhibition from start to end connect with Dreamcast, as we offer top-notch services that can help you effectively host your exhibition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is exhibitor management?

Exhibitor management is a management process that helps organizers and exhibitors to keep track of all the exhibition data, attendees’ information, and logistics and centralize all the information in one place.

What are the benefits of exhibitor management?

Exhibitor management offers various benefits like performance tracking, RSVP management, Logistics Requirement Management, managing volunteers and their tasks, etc.

Which is the best exhibitor management platform?

If you are looking for the best exhibitor management platform you should opt for Dreamcast.

Can I track my exhibition with the exhibitor management system?

Yes, with the help of the exhibition management system, you will be able to track your event.

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