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22 Company Event Ideas to Host Amazing In-Person & Virtual Events

Company events are important, and organizing a successful one can be another hectic task. These events are not only a chance for team members to meet, but they are a building block of a company’s culture. There are tons of company event ideas that can be used no matter if you are a small business or a big company. But, certain few things should be kept in mind to make an event hit among the employees, won’t affect your budget, and build a strong and happy team. 

Whether you are celebrating a big success or you want to host a general event to raise team spirit, company event ideas for employees need to be fun, engaging, and memorable. If it sounds like a lot of pressure, don’t worry. In this blog, we have accumulated the best company event ideas for in-person and virtual events that can take your corporate or any business party planning to the next level.

Host Development Workshops

The best company event ideas for in-person events that can re-engage your employees is by challenging them to learn something new through development workshops. It is a professional event that gives value and opportunity to educate themselves about the latest trends, new technologies, strategies, etc. Invite your audience to sign up and complete the digital registration & ticketing for the workshop of their choice. These company event ideas give them the freedom to expand their horizons while keeping them engaged.

Paint the Town Red

Organize a night of dancing and drinking for your employees or the whole company. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and can break the ice between employees and other stakeholders. These amazing company event ideas for in-person outings can contribute to strengthening relationships between coworkers. Moreover, you can incorporate additional engagement ideas such as office trivia to try your best and bring everyone for an entertaining night.

Escape Room for Interactivity

Escape rooms are fun tasks that challenge participants to gather clues, solve puzzles, and work toward a common goal. These are popular team-building activities and excellent company event ideas that bring collaboration, teamwork, and increased interactions. These events can be hosted anywhere at your office, event space, or any remote location. You can even create and tailor a theme according to your preference or something relevant to your company or employees’ area of interest.

Find the Treasure With A Hunt

Hosting friendly competitions such as scavenger hunts is an excellent way to include gamifying elements in your company events. These company event ideas for employees can take team building and excitement to a new level. Moreover, these corporate event ideas are easy to plan, all you need to do is ask your attendees to retrieve certain items either in small teams or as individuals. This interactive and fun activity can be hosted easily at your company space or any specific place. You can showcase the participant’s progress on a leaderboard for everyone to see, and in the end reward winners with something worthy of their hard work.

Surprise with a Pop-up Event

Pop-up events are exciting, and they are full of surprising elements. They can attract and engage the audience effectively, and you can use them for your company event ideas. Surprise your attendees with a pop-up food truck, ice cream shop, comedy show, music show, etc. In the middle of working hours, you can give your attendees a relaxing and engaging element that can take their minds off from the hecticness of the corporate world. 

Encourage Employees to Get Artistic

Planning and incorporating company event ideas is all about breaking the ice, especially during team-building activities. Organizing a nice and relaxing paint and sip fun activity where attendees can get artistic while enjoying tasty drinks. It is a great way for your employees to let loose and reduce the anxiety of meeting new colleagues. Moreover, it’s an educational session that allows them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Host Interactive Job Fairs

A company’s growth is a positive sign that enhances its brand and generates revenue to support hiring. Event technology makes it easy to send new hires or seekers to complete the prescreening process and submit their resumes. Hosting an in-person job fair is more intimate and allows potential employees to learn more about the company. Job fairs are interactive company event ideas that add creativity to the mix. 

Theme-Based Award Ceremonies

Your company’s annual meet and greet or award ceremony should not be dull or less exciting. Make it entertaining because it is a time to honour those who have played a vital role in the company’s success. Hosting theme-based company event ideas for employees is a great way to show appreciation and also have fun. They can excite your attendees about the event, and you can add more engaging activities with them.

How About a Costume Party?

It’s a fact that everyone enjoys and loves a costume party, as they are the most entertaining. Company event ideas for in-person costume parties, allow your attendees to dress up as their favourite characters, or let them transform into their favourite era with their teams. Whether it’s the Harry Potter Magic, Marvel’s Superheros, or Hollywood Glamour, your attendees will surely enjoy the opportunity to be someone else for the evening.

Company Concerts

Company concerts are great, you can hire a live performer to keep your attendees entertained. These company event ideas include music shows, comedy performances, or talent shows. You can organize these events within your company space or can rent a third-party venue. Moreover, you can also encourage your employees to showcase their talent by giving them a stage to encourage them. These events are relaxing, fun, and social, and make a lasting impression where they can make memories with their coworkers.

Host a Company Olympics

Plan and organize an Olympics at your company by creating different games and activities that involve your employees. These company event ideas for employees allow them to blow off some steam and bond together. You can create different groups or department teams and set up activities like a three-legged race, spin the bottle, etc. Don’t forget to prepare the prizes for the winning teams or give them an award.

Arrange Tournaments

If you are looking to bring your team together and have fun, the tournaments are the best company event ideas. A cricket league, board game challenges, etc. can make a great impact in elevating your employee’s experience. They can choose their preferred game and team up to compete with each other.

Take Your Employees to an Industry Trade Show

Trade shows take place at large convention centres and arenas, and they can last for several days. These events are excellent opportunities to network and gain sponsorships within your industry. Convert your trade show into a fun event through technology such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and metaverse to create excitement and boost attendance. Moreover, you can also organize virtual trade shows for remote employees to let them know about the latest trends in the industry.

Step into Virtual Reality

If you are hosting an event for your company, look for fresh ways to deliver an immersive experience. Integrating virtual and augmented reality experiences is the perfect company event idea. These technologies can give your employees a chance to engage with the event rather than sitting and listening. Company event ideas for in-person training sessions and workshops to scavenger hunts and adventures can be taken to another level through virtual reality. 

A Secret Gift Exchange to Cheer Employees

Whether it’s a Secret Santa or not, hosting an anonymous gift exchange is a tradition that is exciting and doubles team building. Because it invites your audience to think hard about the type of gift that might make their fellow employees happy. These company event ideas can become a tradition and can be hosted on any day. Your employees should randomly select a colleague and then ask them to buy a gift within a certain price range.

Have Fun Raising Funds

Hoisting charity fundraisers are great company event ideas that show you support good causes and your company is socially responsible. You can make them fun events that can also be great for employees’ entertainment. For example, if there are exciting prizes, then raffles can be a lot of fun. They can easily create buzz and excitement among your employees to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere and serve a good cause.

Bring Your Pet to Work

Bringing your pet to work is a big hit in your office. During these company event ideas, your employees can bring their pets to hang out at their desks. This results, in your team getting a chance to meet each other’s furry friends and get a relaxing animal therapy. Having a pet is an essential part of many individual’s life, and these events are a great way for coworkers to connect. These company event ideas for in-person meetings can eliminate shyness among most employees, and it will break the ice for them.

Swap the Departments 

Host these events in your company during weeks with less work. Department swapping company event ideas for employees allows them to work in the shoes of colleagues from different areas. Through this, they can better understand how the company operates and how other departments are working. It also allows employees to connect with colleagues with whom they might not interact. Consider structuring these company event ideas so that you can keep things equal and each part is being played fairly. 

Give a Perfect Pitch for Shark Tank

Your company might have a lot of hidden treasure among the pool of talented employees. They might want to express themselves through innovative ideas but don’t have a platform. Shark Tank, a popular television show, can be used for company event ideas that can change all that. The concept behind it is that it allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to investors. In the version of the company event, employees can pitch their ideas to improve the workplace, make strategies, etc. These company event ideas for in-person meetings break the barrier between management and teams. Furthermore, you can also choose to replicate the exact Shark Tank show and invest in the employee’s ideas that will benefit the company.

Organize a Hackathon

These are product development events that originated in the tech world. During these company event ideas, your team works together to solve a problem and find a solution within a limited period probably over a weekend. Or you could run a mini hackathon that will last a couple of hours. Most of these company events revolve around creating new apps or technologies, but you can run them in any area. However, if the teams are not able to complete the given task within the specified time, this event provides coordination, time management, and trust values. 

Unromantic Speed Dating

Speed dating events are one of the most effective in-person engagement ideas. Despite the name, there is nothing romantic about them and these gatherings only draw inspiration from mass dating events. As for company event ideas, the purpose is not to find a partner but to connect with coworkers. This idea makes an initial connection, discovers shared interests, and encourages the team to continue exploring and networking.

Take your shots

Social media has a great impact on the world and most companies are using the platforms to build brands and connect with their clients. What better way to show the world that your company is a fun place to work than by giving employees a range of photo opportunities? Other company ideas for employees include incorporating a photo booth with a nice background with some fun props. You can hire a professional photographer to take candid shots, or simply provide each employee with a disposable camera to take pictures and share their favourites over social media. You can even go advanced by incorporating event tech such as AR/VR filters, holograms, and more to click some immersive photos.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a company event is a great way to enhance the relationship between employees. These events are hosted by most organizations to boost teamwork, and coordination, and give value. Multiple company event ideas can be used and leveraged to host engaging and seamless events. Most of these ideas work effectively, and you can even incorporate some technology to give employees an enhanced experience. AR/VR, virtual photobooths, holograms, event gamification, and virtual platforms are some event tech that can be leveraged. Dreamcast can offer you most suitable event tech solutions to host exclusive company events. Book a demo now and explore the possibilities of integrating your event with engaging tech.

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