Automated Webinars: Benefits, Uses, Promotional Strategies, and More!

Automated webinars are another popular way of engaging your audience. These days the event industry keeps switching with trends. Now automated webinars are becoming popular. There are a lot of event planners and organizers who are talking about automated webinars.

Automated webinars are pre-recorded webinars, this means there is no live host, these webinars work on auto-pilot mode. We are going to dive into automated webinars today. This article will provide you with information about automated webinars, like what are the benefits of them, how you promote automated webinars, or how you can use automated webinars.

Benefits Of Automated Webinars

1. Reduce Cost

One of the significant benefits of the automated webinar is cost-cutting. As automated webinars work on auto-pilot mode you don’t need all the resources for instance recording devices, cameras, webinar platforms or services, or any other equipment frequently. Additionally, you won’t need a host also and all this will save a lot of money.

All you have to do is record your video or content once and then you can use that in a loop. You can provide your content in on-demand automated webinars without additional cost. You only have to spend money once to produce good quality webinars and you can use it indefinitely.

Benefits Of Automated Webinars

2. High-Quality

When you are hosting any session that involves audio-visual content the quality of the content matters a lot. The quality of your content needs to be top-notch so that you can convey your message to your audience easily. With live streaming webinars, you can sometimes miss the quality of content because your and your audience’s internet connection plays a major role in it. But when it comes to automated webinars you can serve the top quality content to your audience. You can use the best available types of equipment according to your budget and create content that is good enough.

3. Saves Time

Automated webinars are time-saving. They not only save a significant amount of time for the organizer but also for the audience. In the case of automated webinars, your audience doesn’t have to personally present at a specific venue; they can just join the webinar from wherever they like. It will save traveling time for them and management time for organizers.

Organizers have to plan and manage the event and event tasks at once only and later they can host webinars without spending time on planning and managing.

Organizers can plan the whole event, they can record the video, and schedule it according to their time. All this planning is very effective and time-saving.

4. Increase Engagement

You might be thinking that automated webinars are pre-recorded and it is not like webinars where the host and presenters are taking questions and communicating with the audience rather than how it is engaging. Yes, automated webinars can be engaging if you plan them in the right way with the help of the right webinar platform and engagement tools.

With automating webinars you can run them as many times as you desire and because it is a one-time production thing make sure you are giving it more attention and time for planning. Make a solid script that can offer your audience an interactive experience. Work on creating engaging polls, give some extra time and provide notes, questions, forms, etc. All these activities will be automated so you can add as many as you want.

5. Brand Awareness

Automated webinars are a great way of building a brand image. You can build a strong presence of your brand in your specific industry and among your audience. Each automated webinar you host is an opportunity to build trust. You can introduce your brand or organization through an automated webinar. If you will be able to engage your audience by providing them with the information or content they were looking for, they will check out your brand, and scroll through your social media and website, and this way you can build your brand image.

6. Reach a Wider Audience

Because automated webinars are pre-recorded there is no specific time for streaming them, you can provide automated webinars to your audience on their demand. In this way, you will be able to reach your audience. Automated webinars usually attract a lot more audience in comparison to live streaming webinars.

Your audience doesn’t need to live or present at any particular location; they can attend the webinar while working, cooking, or doing any such work and that is one of the reasons automated webinars attract a larger audience. It is beneficial for both participants and organizers.

How To Use Automated Webinars

1. Product Review

One of the most popular types of automated webinars is product reviews. These webinars are based on a certain brand or product. Product review webinars attract quite a good audience. If you are reviewing a newly released product chances are you can attract good numbers.

Few brands also organize these automated webinars to explain their product, how they can benefit them and how you can use that particular product. Making sure you provide all the necessary information about the product is essential for the success of your webinar. These webinars can help build the image of your brand and product.

How To Use Automated Webinars

2. Sharing Knowledge

Next, we have webinars dedicated to solely providing knowledge and information on a specific topic. These webinars can also be hosted for education purposes. In these webinars, the host mostly sticks to one particular topic and creates the whole content of the webinar around that topic only.

You can host these webinars if you want to educate your audience about a certain topic. These webinars are popular choices for organizations or people in the education industry. They can teach and share information on specific topics and not just they can add notes or ask questions in between webinars in this way your audience can engage and learn better.

3. Boosting Sales

Automated webinars can help various brands, organizations, and service providers in boosting the sale of their products or services. A lot of brands and service providers use automated webinars as they can greatly influence the sale of their products. You don’t need to directly sell or pitch your product or service, because if you do that you will not be able to engage your audience. The best thing about using automated webinars is that you can create engaging content using your product. Make high-quality videos that are appealing to your audience.

For instance, if you are in the beauty industry you can show makeup tutorials using your product in that way you will be providing high-quality content while promoting your product, and it can also boost the sale of your product because by the end some of the participants might end up purchasing your product.

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4. Training Employees

In most businesses and organizations, employee training is required. Many businesses invest a lot of time and money in training their staff members, but they can save a lot of time and money by using automated webinars. They can produce one training session and use it for all the employees. Since these webinars are always available, employees can join them whenever it is most convenient for them.

5. E-Learning

E-learning is another way of using an automated webinar. Many educational institutions also prefer automated webinars to teach their students. These webinars are cost-effective for educational institutions because they can record the video on a particular topic and chapter once and use it as many times as they require. They can also add quizzes and tests in between chapters topics or even at the end of the webinar.

Top Ways of Promoting Your Automated Webinar

1. Landing Pages & Invites

When you are hosting an automated webinar you will need to promote it. The best thing you can do for promoting an automated webinar is to create unique landing pages.

The best automated webinar platform can help you create landing pages for webinar registration, and sharing feedback. You can share the link to the landing page with your target audience. Not just landing pages you will have to also create some unique and attractive invites. Share your invites and link to landing pages on different platforms. Your landing page should be resourceful so provide all the necessary information that your audience might need regarding your automated webinar.

Ways of Promoting Your Automated Webinar

2. Promote On Social Media

Promotions on social media are the most effective and efficient way of promoting your automated webinar. Social media is the most economical channel for promotion. Most of the social media platforms are free and you can make the most of them. But if you want you can also run paid ads on social media for finding a new audience. With the help of free social media platforms and tools, you can update your audience about your webinar, and you can share certain things about your webinar to engage and create some buzz among your audience.

3. Email It

Email marketing is the best when it comes to promoting your content. You can send every detail about your automated webinar in the Email. Plus you can add a link to the landing page, social media account, or registration form in the Email.

With all the data you have of your audience, you can send them customized invites and personalize your Email for the webinar.

4. Microsite

You can create a microsite for promoting your automated webinar. And you can use these microsites to provide all the information regarding automated webinars, you can also add a call to action like register now so that people can directly register through the microsite.

Additionally, you can share the link to your microsite in the mail or you can also share it with your social media audience.

5. Paid Ads

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks on promotion, paid ads can be an exceptional tool. You can use Facebook and Google ads. With paid ads you can not just reach your target audience you can also reach a new audience. Paid ads can be very beneficial if you use them properly. You can do detailed targeting and retarget with paid ads.

Tips For Automated Webinars

Here are a few tips for your next automated webinar

1. Use An Automated Webinar Platform

Planning to create an automated webinar, don’t forget to use automated webinar platforms. These webinar platforms make the process of webinar creation and management simple. Automated webinar platforms are cost-effective, and help in creating an engaging webinar, with interactive features. These automated webinar platforms allow customization so you can create a webinar according to your target audience.

Tips For Automated Webinars

2. Make A Proper Script

When you are hosting an automated webinar you can need a script, because you are recording that in advance with the script you will be able to stick to the topic. A script can help you understand the flow of the webinar. Make a script keeping your audience in mind, it should not be boring, make it engaging for your audience.

3. Create High-Quality Video Content

For an automated webinar, you should create high-quality video content. Make use of good-quality audio devices and cameras to make sure your webinar is up to the mark. Your webinar content plays a major role in converting your audience. Create content that provides your audience with the knowledge they are looking for as your content will make an impact on your audience.

Create High-Quality Video Content

4. Don’t Miss On Feedback

Never miss the feedback after the webinar. Make sure you send a Thank you message and a feedback form after the webinar. You can either send a mail or message after the webinar or you can add a little feedback form at the end of your video. Feedback is crucial so make sure you are collecting the feedback of your audience as it will help you understand the perspective of your audience.

Don’t Miss On Feedback

The Bottom Line

Automated webinars are a very useful and cost-effective way of engaging your audience. These automated webinars have various benefits. From connecting with a wider audience to boosting sales they can do it all. The content of automated webinars is evergreen and reusable. Best automated webinar software can help create engagement opportunities for the organizers. These webinars are flexible. With all these benefits you can consider using automated webinars for your organization.

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