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What Is Webcasting And Why Streaming Live Is Beneficial

Webcasting or simply live streaming is a service that broadcasts the LIVE feed of an event to the webcast viewers by using the internet services. Webcasting is a platform that allows users from all over the world to experience an event in real-time.

Where an event is being organized at a place by a brand and the brand followers could not attend it by being there, they can simply enjoy the live streaming of the event over the web. But, this is only possible if the event organizers have chosen to live stream their event to the global audience.

Meaning: Today every brand and business is embracing the use of webcasting services to connect with their customers and potential customers worldwide. In the race of technological advancement, it becomes essential to adopt the use of such services that foster brand-user interaction, wider reach, and enhanced engagement.

To have an extra edge in the industry for your brand against your competitors, it becomes vital to connect online and engage with the customer. Why?

Today, more and more people are shifting their presence online and prefer to connect over the social services and web. Here, brands and businesses must also aim to connect with their customers in a similar manner by a thorough use of the live streaming services.

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We have gathered the relevant benefits of webcasting services that let a brand and business analyze wisely as to how these services can benefit them-

Use The Livestream Video File For Social Sharing

After the live streaming session ends, the video file of it can be used to upload to YouTube to allow users to watch it as per their need and requirement. This file now serves as a video-on-demand file for people who wish to access relevant content at a later date. This also allows people who couldn’t tune into the live event to watch it later on.

This video can also be embedded on your website or your other social handles via YouTube or simply be uploaded there for cross-platform promotion. You can also create blogs referencing topics from the event while linking to the video.

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You Get Rich UGC

The whole process of live streaming generates a plethora of content including rich user-generated content (UGC). UGC is considered authentic as against blatant marketing that a brand does for itself. Hence, UGC encourages brand advocacy and authenticity.

The social platforms get flooded with UGC once a brand introduces their live streaming event hashtag and familiarises the audience with it. People check-in; post pictures, videos, comments, share, re-tweet, share feedback etc. and all this increases the brand engagement with its audience.

All the social sharing via live streaming of the event increases the brand popularity and its social influence.

Your live streaming session rewards you with double the efforts you invest in for organising the event. UGC can be also used further for future brand marketing purposes, social campaigns, contests, marketing events etc.

Expanded Customer Base

The internet space is an infinite space. Organising a live streaming session expands your customer base by bringing you in touch with potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t have known about your brand. Numerous people connect with a brand via participation in live streaming sessions, social forums, contest, panel discussions, Q&A etc. Responses can be provided and discussions can be organised for providing in-depth details and clarity on various subject matters.

Live streaming solutions have become an increasingly adopted platform for positioning a brand into the industry and for a wide-reaching impact in a cost-effective way. Brands must analyse how they are benefiting with webcasting solutions and then venture into capitalising on the benefits of these solutions.

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