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Exceptional Live Streaming Services For Wedding

Live streaming has gone very popular in recent years and has turned private weddings into “online rituals”. Wedding Live Streaming services have brought people closer and attending a special occasion is not a task anymore.

As all you have to do is access the live session. It efficiently enables audiences to attend and participate in any on-ground event from their global remote locations. Not just this, but it also helps people to connect & engage with people present at on-ground event venues in real-time.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the live streaming of wedding functions, its current scenario in India, and much more. With the help of professional live streaming service providers, you can easily make an event highly accessible for your guests who fail to attend the wedding.

Make Sure Your Guests Don’t Miss Out on Your Special Day- Go live!

All the credit behind making it possible goes to video-streaming apps & services which allow couples to share their precious memorable moments with all their family members & friends.

Live streaming wedding is now becoming part of mainstream events and being widely hosted with the help of professional service providers.

Wedding Live streaming Provider

Why go with a live streaming option?

With the ongoing current trends like- drone photography, photo booths, etc. relying on tech-oriented technologies is increasing, and the same is the case for increasing live streaming popularity too!

Its major role comes into play when some of your family members are not able to attend the function due to any circumstances. Just give it a thought anyone not attending your wedding physically is available online to cheer your moment right with you “Virtually”.

How to live stream your wedding?

Well, simply anyone with a camera setup can live stream the wedding function. The only instrument you will be needing is a device with a camera setup that connects to the internet.

Live streaming for wedding

Now, the above method is something of the traditional way of hosting live stream weddings. If we go with the technology – “The Newer, The Better”!

Below are a few steps to be followed for live streaming weddings with the best audience reach & more customizable options –

  • 1: Hiring professional Support
  • 2: Testing all the technical issues & internet connection at the foremost priority
  • 3: Making plans & executing them while discussing with a wedding planner
  • 4: Avoid posting the streaming link on social media platforms publicly
  • 5: Providing accessibility is of utmost importance. Make sure only those guests attend the function who have been invited
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Live Stream your wedding with a professional service provider

Holding a virtual wedding is as simple as deciding the venue for the physical event. All that matters is a good wedding live streaming service provider. The service provider has to match that vibe that attendees require to make the most of it.

There are some live streaming service providers with very renowned support partners that provide all-in-one solutions when it comes to – planning, providing equipment, support, and completely responsive staff. And, when it comes to the special day, you must only go ahead with a platform that provides you with the best services.

Dreamcast is a platform where all your queries do have an answer – YES!

Professional wedding live streaming

With its dedicated staff support, all you need is to decide your budget & things you want to include while hosting your wedding streaming.

Following are some of the striking features that can elevate the live streaming experience of your special day –

Its end-to-end customer support

A professional live streaming service provides you with complete customer support. So, you can save the time of going through the hassle of defining the process and instead, rely on the professionals.

Create a customized live video experience for your viewers

With everything in hand, you are able to select between a wide range of options offered by the platform. Example: The wedding can be live streamed on a completely customized virtual venue or background that syncs with the on-ground event theme.

Parallel Streaming Feature

Parallel streaming allows you to stream across multiple platforms simultaneously. This is one of the premium wedding live streaming services any platform can offer. So, your guests have the liberty to join in over any platform without boundaries.

Robust CDN

Basically, it is a group of interconnected servers which works for the delivery of the content & speeds up the networking for the user. Dreamcast thus has its dedicated Content Delivery Network to ensure frictionless live video streaming.

Assurance of High-Quality Equipment

Yes, you got it right! After all, it’s the quality & assurance that matters in the end. Dreamcast provides complete support to your event with high-quality equipment, ensuring a life-like live streaming experience.

Option to Record the Live Stream and cherish the created memories for a lifetime

Talking about live streaming of weddings in India, where people are emotionally very attached to these life moments & want their special moment to be the best in the world.

With your moment being recorded & saved for the future, the chances of living those moments, again and again, will surely be for the loved ones.


Wedding functions are some of the moments we want to cherish forever. The fact is that previously there were no such innovations that could make us feel so real when it comes to watching it later.

With the option of Live streaming your wedding, a major headache thus goes into the hands of service providers, and that’s the reason they are here for!

Instead of thinking about what to do and how, try working on innovative creative ideas like- the creation of a backdrop that captures your style to make your room more personal.

Live streaming is easier than ever thus allowing you to share & live your precious moments with your family & friends, so what to wait for?

Connect with Dreamcast and plan your wedding live streaming now.

Host an Engaging LIVE Stream

Connect with the Industry's Most Experienced
Live Streaming Service Providers.

Host an Engaging

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