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Virtual Holiday Party: Ideas, Games & Activities for Work in 2024

Virtual holiday parties are online celebrations held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Dreamcast, and Google Meet. Virtual holiday party ideas are specific games, activities, and themes for these events. The purpose of the virtual holiday game is to celebrate at the end of the year, show appreciation for employees, and recognize Christmas. These celebrations are also known as a “remote holiday party”, “virtual Christmas party”, and “Zoom holiday party”. If this all sounds a bit new to you, don’t worry! Below we cover everything you need, including virtual work holiday party ideas, to make your virtual work holiday party memorable.

Online gatherings known as virtual holiday parties are held using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Dreamcast, and Google Meet. Ideas for virtual Christmas parties include particular contests, pastimes, and themes. The virtual holiday game’s goals are to commemorate Christmas, enjoy the end of the year, and express gratitude for the workforce. The terms “remote holiday party,” “virtual Christmas party,” and “Zoom holiday party” are also used to describe these events. Don’t worry if this all sounds a little unfamiliar to you. In the section below, we go over all you need to know, including some memorable online holiday party ideas

Best Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Hosting a virtual holiday party for your employees and staff can be a difficult task. Because it includes various unfamiliar aspects too. You need to plan your event very carefully if you are going to host a virtual holiday party. In order to make your holiday party planning a breeze, you can consider the following virtual holiday party ideas.

Best Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Add Theme To Your Virtual Holiday Party

Adding a specific theme to your event can help you to transform your virtual holiday party into an interesting one. If you want to create an immersive experience for your remote employees, it can be an ideal virtual holiday party idea. You can choose a specific color for decoration. It can help you to match party vibes. Additionally, you can host a 90’s themed holiday party with neon decor if you want to get more creative.

Holiday Party Playlist

Music and songs play an essential role to make any event more memorable and interesting. In order to create the highly anticipated playlist, you can invite your employees, team, and attendees. To bring different ideas and create a playlist for your holiday party, you can use different music services such as Soundcloud or Spotify.

Send Holiday Gift Boxes

With a gift of goodies, you can reward your employees. You can send gifts to your attendees before or after the event. This is one of the best virtual office holiday party ideas that can help you to surprise your employees and hold them at your event. You can consider the following options to make your own gift box:

Send Holiday Gift Boxes
  • Activities: crafts, games, puzzles
  • Beverage-tea miz or hot chocolate
  • Snacks- cookies, candy cane
  • Accessories- hats, headbands, and sunglasses
  • Subscription services or gift cards for stores
  • Swag- t-shirt, scarfs or mugs

Photo Booth

Don’t forget to take a picture and commemorate the event after the virtual party. With the help of event platforms such as Dreamcast, you can allow your guests to click their pictures with holiday-themed backgrounds. After the event, you can send the photos to everyone through email.

Virtual Party With Delicious Food And Drinks

You can fuel your virtual holiday party with different foods and drinks. During the virtual party, you can allow your virtual guests to order their favorite foods and drinks. This virtual team holiday party idea can help you to make your event more interesting and memorable. In order to do this, you need to offer your guests their own virtual party spending cards. With the help of virtual party spending cards, people can order food and drinks and enjoy the event.

Virtual Party With Delicious Food And Drinks

Virtual Secret Santa

Each visitor provides a gift for another. The identity of the gift-giver is kept a secret until everyone has opened their presents and is trying to figure out who their secret Santa is. Ensure that everyone is sporting their Santa cap. It allows each of your guests the opportunity to present a unique gift without feeling obligated to buy one for each visitor. For Christmas, Hanukkah, and other traditional gift-giving holidays, a hidden Santa gift exchange works.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Try an online holiday cooking lesson with your group this year! You’re missing out if you haven’t taken a virtual cooking lesson yet. Your employees will socialize, have fun, and exchange cooking advice during this virtual happy hour. Consider everyone’s dietary requirements if you want your holiday cooking class to be inclusive. For instance, a lot of individuals don’t use alcohol. Additionally, certain team members can be gluten-free or vegan. You can choose a class that fits everyone’s needs. Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional holiday foods! For instance, you could try making baguettes with a French baking instructor, regional African dishes, or Shanghai-style soup dumplings.

Virtual Cooking Classes

There are classes available to suit everyone’s needs. You don’t have to stick to holiday-themed cuisine just because it’s the season! For instance, you may work with a French baking teacher to make baguettes, regional African cuisine, or soup dumplings in the Shanghai way.

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Top Virtual Holiday Party Games and Activities

Costume Competition

Who doesn’t like friendly competition among coworkers, particularly when it involves something as positive as a costume contest? You never know, someone may have been practicing their Grinch makeup or may have purchased a reindeer outfit for their child’s party but never had the opportunity to use it. Allow the participants to vote for their favorite costume and provide some alluring prizes to motivate everyone to dress to impress.

Costume Competition

Virtual White Elephant

It is a virtual holiday party game that can help you to make your event more engaging and fun. This game offers guests the opportunity of stealing an already-opened gift or choose a new secret gift. The advantage of this game is that it can be planned at any time during the virtual holiday party. If you are going to host this game, you need to hire a host in order to manage everything.

Scavenger Hunt

Another enjoyable activity that may be used to engage everyone is a scavenger hunt. Make a list of the challenges and items you’ll bring to the team before the call. After then, it will be everyone’s responsibility to look around their homes for items and finish the list as soon as possible in order to win. You may even turn it into a team-building activity for your coworkers as you are totally in charge of making the list for the quest! Finding a teammate who has ever dressed up as Santa or a coworker who enjoys singing Christmas carols, for instance, can be one of the challenges. This can encourage conversation among the participants and help everyone learn new things about one another.

Virtual Escape Room

Playing a virtual escape room is essential if you want to have a holiday-neutral party! Your team will have 60 minutes to complete a challenging adventure while working well as a team. Everyone will enjoy using their talents to solve puzzles, track down hints, and finish the task before it’s too late! Games like these are excellent for fostering team relationships, which may be especially crucial for keeping your remote or hybrid team engaged when employees are on vacation.

Holiday Charades

Even though it’s a year-round favorite, playing charades at a virtual holiday party can be a lot of fun! This exercise is certain to make the entire team laugh, whether you play in teams or it’s every man for himself. Online charade prompts are available, but here are a few to get you started.

  • Constructing a gingerbread home
  • Opening a gift
  • Constructing a snowman
  • Rudolph leading Santa’s sleigh

Test Vocabulary

Looking for a fun, quick-thinking team-building exercise that takes place virtually during the holidays? Play a festive variation of the alphabet game to unite the group! Give workers a printed page with the alphabet’s letters on it for this activity. In order to participate, each participant must fill in a holiday term that begins with each letter. Great for groups of any size, teams can choose to play independently or organize into groups to promote cooperation. A timer is another way to add a competitive element. Encourage team members to share their holiday alphabet lists once their lists are finished. Then, present rewards for such categories as the most innovative responses! This virtual holiday team-building activity can help you to boost audience participation and increase audience engagement.

“Name That Tune” Game

Is there a more joyous sound than holiday music? Create a virtual holiday version of “name that tune” that includes festive music of the season. Create a playlist of festive tunes to use as a guide for this game. Encourage the team members to contribute their favorites, if possible! Play the opening few notes of each song to the group after choosing the playlist. Encourage team members to identify the song after each portion of the song. Each round’s difficulty is determined by how long participants hear each song.

Keep in mind that work parties are an opportunity to motivate and excite your team as you prepare for your virtual holiday party. Everyone should feel welcome at a holiday party, including remote employees. You’ll have a good celebration if you plan the party to accommodate everyone. Consider these creative remote holiday party ideas, games, and activities in order to make your event fun, interesting and memorable.

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