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How to Host a Virtual Hiring Event

Do you want an increase in your pool of global candidates? A virtual hiring event can be a great way to capture a broader talent. It will help amend your brand name and performance, as well as widen your hiring net. Moreover, it can ease your complete hiring and interview process as you can use different features and functionality sitting at your desk with a virtual job fair platform.

But questions that occur in every organizer’s mind are: how to make it possible? What are the benefits of hosting a virtual hiring event? How to achieve success in hosting a virtual hiring event?

No need to go anywhere anymore. Here is a complete guide for you sharing the entire information from overview to benefits, and steps to tips.

So, let’s begin with the complete information, covering everything you may need to know about a virtual job fair.

What Is A Virtual Hiring Event?

Virtual hiring events can be defined as an online fair where all the recruiters and candidates gather on a virtual career fair platform for interviews and hiring. Various big scale organizations and thousands of applicants join the virtual job carnival in order to get the best-deserved jobs as well as best candidates.

Candidates can show their work skills and other job post-based capabilities from their respective locations. They share their resumes with the recruiters, and the employers invite them for an interview on this virtual fair platform.

On the other hand, organizations create a management team who overview the CVs, communicate with the candidates in real time, and then take the decisions based on applicants’ skills and capabilities & organizations’ requirements. But everything happens from their respective location.

Still, a question that comes to everyone’s mind is, “why host a virtual event instead of a physical one?”

So, here is a brief answer to your questions.

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Why Host a Virtual Hiring Event And a Career Fair?

There are various reasons why smaller to larger organizations are pivoting to virtual events instead of physical ones. However, here are the key reasons highlighted why to host a hiring event using virtual technology.

1. Virtual Booths

Managers can create a personalized booth replica of your organization, showing everything about your office interiors and getting to know about the candidates. Moreover, you can add various beneficial features and functionality to it. So, some are listed as follows:

  • Job Listing: You can upload a complete list of positions vacant at the organizations. So, every candidate can view and apply according to that list.
  • Drop the CV: You can provide proper space to the candidates where they can drop their resumes for the recruiters available at the virtual hiring event.
  • Alumni: Attendees can get complete information about organizations members representing their company and taking interviews. Also, they can know the work experience of a candidate along with the previous company you were working at.
  • Work Culture: Candidates can know about an organization’s culture and work environment via brand videos, documents, brochures, flyers, etc. Moreover, you have to provide all the essential information using the different types of content.
  • CV Dashboard: You can create a separate dashboard for the resumes. Also, you can track and review the overall number of CVs to choose the one as per your requirements using the filters, like experience, qualifications, etc. You can get the complete information of users and send them to push emails to give reminders and increase sales.
  • Evaluation Test: You can even upload some evaluation tests for the candidates. They will be able to give the assessment and get the result in real-time.

2. Interview Scheduler

  • Create a Que: You can create a queue for all the candidates available for the interview. Therefore, everyone will get their own chance, and there will be no confusion among the talents. 
  • Use the Face to Face Interview: You can create a face-to-face interview with anyone at the virtual hiring event. Our virtual fair platform provides audio and video call opportunities along with external plugins, such as WhatsApp, BlueJeans, etc.

3. Higher Number of Participations

Hosts and organizations can get a higher number of applicants in a virtual hiring event. A physical venue has limited space for a limited number of people. But with a virtual event, organizations can reach a global audience with no limit to space and opportunities.

4. An Easy Information Exchange

Some candidates just require some information about your companies’ work culture and perks you provide to your employees. Moreover, they can effortlessly know everything from the organization details to the hiring process without any hassle with a virtual document library. You can upload all the documents, flyers, brochures, pdfs and other essential information at the document library. Attendees can get complete access to view and download the documents easily.

5. Easy Connection with Desirable Candidates

The organizations can connect or communicate with the coveted applicants efficiently. Moreover, the organizer is free to develop and create functionalities that will be helpful for them to navigate and find the right candidate via the Hiring Fair. You can scan the resume as per the minimum work experience criteria and download the CV of any applicant to contact them using the chat option.

6. A Combination of Easy to Use & Immersive Experience

The top virtual event platform provides web based solutions that can be helpful to create an easy to use experience for everyone joining the virtual event. Moreover, attendees can effortlessly explore the event with a complete introduction video guide to access every part of the virtual space.

7. Option to Communicate with Live Chat & Call

The virtual career expo solution offers multifold formats of communication, such as Video & Audio Call along with Personal as well as Group Chats. You can create an engaging interaction with such inbuilt functionalities among all the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and other people present at the virtual hiring event.

8. Robust Data Analytics with Digital Footprinting

The top virtual hiring event experts provide a detailed report of the online job fair. So, you can get a complete analysis from the registered attendees to joined attendees number, from the most and least engaging zones to various other features analysis.

So, these are the benefits you can get with the virtual job fairs. When organizations can seize such opportunities by organizing a virtual hiring fest, why would they think of anything else?

The next thing that comes to everyone’s mind is how a virtual hiring event can be better than a physical one. How can organizations and brands save more with high convenience and features? So, here is a brief summary of how virtual career fairs are better than traditional ones.

How Can You Save Better with a Virtual Career Fair?

The virtual or online career fairs can be more pocket friendly and opportunistic for the organizations. Moreover, they can save a lot on the following things:

  • Rent of a Physical Venue
  • Charges for Parking
  • Costing for Marketing
  • Rent for the Technology Assets
  • Expenses for Hospitality
  • Event planner and manager

Also, hosts can get the opportunity to reach global applicants from their respective geographical locations. Connecting with global talent is the best thing that a business can get. You can get the best talent within your reach effortlessly.

So, these are the various reasons why an organization prefers a virtual hiring event over a physical one. If you are interested, here is a complete step-by-step process that can guide you to hosting a successful virtual career fair in some simple steps. Let’s have a glance at the entire process.

How Do You Host A Virtual Hiring Event?

It may sound hard and more technical to conduct online career fairs. But you can easily host one by following the below process. Let’s have a glance at every step in brief.

1. Start with Planning

You can start the preparation for your virtual hiring event with some planning. It stays the same as you do in a physical event when you decide the date, time, topic, and other details. Moreover, decide on the day and time considering your targeted audience so that they can come to your event for sure. Also, finalize a proper budget for your event, considering all the profit you can get with the event.

2. List Out What You Want

The next step is to create proper strategies that can be helpful in developing a successful virtual hiring event. You can fix the number of hirings and display them as a document on the virtual event platform. Moreover, you can get the sponsors and companies at your virtual hiring event only with a good crowd of attendees at your event. So, it is necessary that you create proper strategies.

Also, you need to finalize the amount and format of infographics and content required for your event. You may need such images, gifs, videos, and more for branding on the platform. Additionally, keep a targeted number of companies that you will add to your event.

3. Pick a Platform Matching to Your Needs

The next step is to shortlist, compare, and finalize the virtual event platform. You may wonder what you can get with a top virtual career fair provider. There are a lot of features and benefits that you can get with the best hybrid event solution. Hence, here is a complete list of features that you can get with our Dreamcast platform.

  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Standard Microsite
  • Custom Environment
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality
  • Introduction Guide video
  • Easy Navigation
  • Customizable Booths
  • DIY Booth Button Icons And Names
  • Pop-Ups and Notifications
  • Live Chat
  • Live Audio and Video Call
  • AI Matchmaking Tool
  • Live Poll
  • Emoticons
  • Signature Wall
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboard
  • AR Photobooth
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Networking Tables
  • Business Card Exchange
  • External Integrations
  • Access Control & Management
  • Document Download
  • 24/7 Real-Time Customer Support
  • Detailed Analytics

These are some must-have features for every virtual event. So, you must look for these elements in order to conduct a successful virtual career fair. All you need is to share your requirements, and you can get a completely personalized platform at your fingertips.

4. Develop a Customizable Booth Yourself

You can create a virtual booth yourself for your virtual fair. It is a fully customizable feature that can be helpful for easy branding and lure the attendees to your services and products. Moreover, you can assign a booth representative for the attendees. They can reach your booth and ask all the questions & doubts to that representative.

Also, they or you can connect with each other using the live chat, audio, and video call option. Such elements develop proper communication and networking between the participants, hosts, speakers, and exhibitors.

5. Get Sponsorship with an Equal Expectations

You will need some sponsorship for your virtual event. The big brand names can get you more attention from the attendees. So, try grabbing the best deals that you can. Moreover, leverage the companies with branding space and opportunities you can provide them. Share and ask for all the requirements and expectations with the event partners, sponsors, or speakers. It can save you from further problems or disagreements.

6. Provide the Right Amount of Staff

A career fair requires staff from the employers who will take the interview and do all the selection procedures. Moreover, the event needs knowledgeable recruiters or hiring managers that can take care of all the candidates who applied for a post. You have to hire a proper amount of staff that can answer all the questions asked by the candidates throughout the event.

7. Use Best Practices to Promote Your Event

Promotion is a must to reach a global audience and get maximum registrations.

  • Social Media: You can conduct laser-focused advertising with social media and paid ads. Moreover, you can use the filters of interests, age, location, interests, education, etc. This way, you can reach the targeted audience effortlessly.
  • Infographics: You can create various images, gifs, videos, etc., using the advanced and latest graphics. It can be helpful to post on several social media platforms, your official websites, the sponsors and speakers’ social media accounts, and various other spaces for attractive advertisement.
  • Content Marketing: You can consider issuing press releases and writing guest posts. It will be another way to create some awareness about your upcoming event.

8. Launch & Be Available Throughout the Event

Now, you are all set to launch the event. Create a landing page and registration page with the top job fair virtual platform. You can get several benefits with Dreamcast as we are a virtual event solution with a completely customizable platform. So, you can add all the infographics and registration form information as per your needs.

You must stay available throughout the event. It is essential being a host to keep an eye on the activities and problems in the event.

9. Get a Detailed Analytics & Report

You can get attendee footprinting and detailed analytics with Dreamcast after the event. It will be helpful to know various parts of the fair that attendees reached, the most and least engaging booths, the number of attendees registered and logged in, the log-in duration of every user, and various other information.

So, you can know all about your event and calculate the success rate of your event using this data.

Hence, this is a complete procedure on how a host can organize a virtual hiring event. Next comes how an attendee can join and experience online career fairs. So, here are brief ideas about how you can enjoy the virtual event without hassle.

How Can Job Seekers Fully Experience a Virtual Hiring Event?

It can be challenging to know the various elements of a virtual event. The job seekers must know the good aspects that can be helpful to make their virtual event experience better. So, here are the pointers to explore the complete virtual career fair and enjoy it to the fullest.

1. Device & Internet Connection

You will need a suitable device to connect with the virtual hiring event platform. It must be working correctly and have a good internet connection. Moreover, you can use any pc, laptop, mobile, etc., with the best hybrid event solutions.

2. Web-Based Solution

Attendees will not require downloading any app or software if you choose the top virtual event expert. You will provide a browser-based solution with which all the users can join the event via a web connection.

3. Pre Event Meeting Scheduler

You can get a B2B meeting scheduler option. Hence, you can book an appointment with the event speaker or experts even before the online career fair begins.

4. Navigator

After you join the event, you will get a 360-degree navigator. You can explore the various parts of the virtual hiring event with this. Also, you can reach the desired place using this shortcut list.

5. Suggestions to Friends with

You can create various friends with similar interests as yours. The top virtual career fair platform provides artificial intelligence-based matchmaking tools. It analyzes the demographic and more provided information and matches the other users’ data to sort the perfect matches.

6. Bookmarking

You can bookmark and keep the documents to read early in the briefcase option offered by the Dreamcast platform. Moreover, it will be helpful to keep all your vital documents and files in one place. It will help you reach the information in shortcut. 

7. Focus on Notifications

You will get push & pull notifications and pop-ups of all the upcoming sessions and other announcements. Keep your eye on those notifications to get various latest updates about the event activities. Also, candidates not present at the virtual fair platform can get the reminder notification.

8. Explore and Collect Points

You can earn points by reaching various parts of the virtual hiring events. There must be some fixed points that you can get by exploring several areas of the events. So, read the terms and conditions to know the various pointers you can earn.

9. Communicate via Chat and Call

You can call and chat live with all the other attendees present at the virtual hiring event. So, you can use various external plugins provided or inbuilt tools to communicate 1:1 or in groups.

10. Take Part in Discussions

You can also take part in the discussions. They create networking tables that include 2 to 8 persons. Moreover, you can sit at the round table and discuss similar topics like others at that table.

So, these are the various features that attendees must explore to get a seamless experience throughout the virtual hiring event. You need to ensure you have all these tools and other elements in order to make your event a success. Hence, here are some of the tips that can be helpful to make a successful virtual event.

Tips to Make Your Virtual Hiring Event a Success!

No matter! Whether you conduct a virtual hiring event or a festive event, you need good tips and tricks to follow. Hence, here are the various tips that can be helpful to make your virtual career a success.

  • Choose the right virtual event platform
  • Focus on your Planning
  • Keep Your Budget in Mind
  • Develop an Attractive Virtual Ambiance
  • Create a Team of Potential Employees
  • Start Working Before Time to Avoid Last Minute Hassle
  • Develop Better Marketing Strategies and Stick to Them
  • Run a Platform Test
  • Don’t Lose Track of Time
  • Don’t Forget the Follow-Ups

Summing Up!

So, this is a complete guide on hosting a successful virtual hiring event. You can deliver an immersive experience to the talents and reach the global audience at once. Moreover, you can prefer a virtual hiring event for your next job fair. Also, you can contact us at Dreamcast and get a free demo!

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