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Ways to Increase Engagement at Your Virtual Conference in 2024

Virtual technology has been the best choice for every organization since the pandemic. But it needs a lot of effort to make it a success. 

A virtual event stands on three wheels: 

First, it needs to be engaging

Second, it needs to be interactive

Third, it should provide enough networking  opportunities

You need the right features and functionalities in order to boost engagement in your virtual conferences. You can follow and achieve great success with numerous virtual conference engagement ideas

But what can those ideas be? How can they help increase engagement? 

What ideas should a corporate organization follow? Still confused?

So, here are some ways to increase engagement for your virtual conference. Just follow the most suitable pointers in order to achieve the desired outcome.

13 Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas for 2024! 

13 Ways that can be helpful to increase engagement in your virtual conference are as follows: 

1. Use Virtual Icebreaker Idea

It is essential to engage the audience from the start of your virtual conference meeting. So, you can use some of the icebreakers to do so. You can ask a question, use a puzzle, or a quiz, to make a different approach to every attendee joining the meeting. Also, you can ask some personal questions to create better team bonding. 

2. Offer a Virtual Tour

You can attract a lot of people with virtual tours. Moreover, you can grab great attention from the students or learners. You can add a virtual tour to your event with the best virtual conference platform. It provides real-time and in-person experiences with the latest virtual technology. So, 360-degree and 3D effects will offer the attendees a feeling like they are at the venue in real life. 

3. Hold Attention by Leveraging Quizzes

Quizzes, puzzles, etc., always sounds engaging and attractive. The attendees will never say no to play such games. So, you can include various questions in the form of a quiz. Also, you can give a score to the user who solves the quizzes smoothly. So, quizzes can be a fun virtual conference management and engagement idea. 

4. Make the Sessions Interactive

The attendees may find watching and listening to a speaker boring. So, you must provide interaction tools. The attendees must be able to raise questions and react to the speaker’s lectures. Hence, your virtual conference expo must have at least the features as follows: 

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  • Audience Polls: You can create some audience polls by using engaging questions from the session. It can be helpful to keep the users active and engaged in your session. They can vote for their preferred option, and you can share the result in real time. 
  • Hooting and Clapping: The audience likes hooting and clapping to appreciate the experts. But it can be hard in an online conference meeting. So, you must at least provide them with a button that can create the sound of hooting and clapping. It can cheer the speaker and engage the audience.
  • Likes and Hearts: The audience can share likes and hearts for the speakers if they like their ideas and other information they share. So, the best virtual conference platforms share the like and heart button. 
  • Emoticons: Attendees can also share some emojis in order to share their feelings with all the users and speakers. 

5. Use Push Notifications for Real-Time Updates

You must keep the attendees updated about every activity during the virtual conference events. It will be helpful to engage the interested users in the various activities, such as the games or the updated leaderboard score of the conference. Moreover, they will reach and attend every session on time. Also, you can share about all the gamification and leaderboard opportunities too. 

6. Add AR/VR Games and Leaderboard

Gamification is another way to keep your audience engaged throughout virtual conference events. Also, the attendees can give them a chance to earn more scores through exploring all the spaces that will be displayed at the virtual online conference leaderboard. You can set several points that every attendee will get by reaching a part of the event. It has been the most popular way to engage users efficiently. 

7. Present Rewards and Gift Vouchers

There is no one in the world who does not like freebies. So, you can lure the attendees with rewards and gift vouchers. Offer some impressive things in return for referral registration, logins, and leaderboard winners. Hence, you can create a light competition and engage your audience in your virtual online conference. 

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  • Free Invite to an Expensive Virtual Leadership Program or Workshop: You can create a better leader for your company’s department manager. Moreover, it will only take a virtual leadership program to add to your virtual conference events. Also, you can restrict the access only to the employees you want to join and attend the program. 
  • Offer Free Audiobook Access: Nowadays, audiobooks are really famous and trending. Audiobooks are the podcasting application where you can take the credits [subscription] to hear the stories and podcast. You can offer the credits to the virtual conference meeting attendees. Moreover, you can take access to your company name, which will make it really budget-friendly. Then you can use it as a reward for the winners of any virtual game, quiz, or best attendee. 
  • Promotional Products And Gift Vouchers: You can create some items with your business name. It can be helpful in branding and also make your attendees happy as they have achieved great success. Also, you can create a gift voucher for Amazon, Flipkart, or your business, if applicable. This way, they can buy what they want as per their wish.

8. Aggregate LIVE Digital Traction of the Conference Via Social Walls

You can get the social wall feature with the best virtual conference platforms. It can be helpful to display your chosen posts using your Virtual Conference Hashtag, across various social media platforms. Moreover, Dreamcast supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. So, you can use and showcase all the live posts you want during the virtual event. 

9. Include Some Entertainment Sources

You can boost engagement with live performances. It can be a dance show, comedy show, music concert, or other entertaining programs. Moreover, you can keep these types of Virtual conference activities in between the sessions to cut the boring strings. 

Also, you can make the attendees do fun and unique activities to show their hidden talents. On The other hand, you can include dancing, singing, or other Virtual conference activities as hidden talents. 

10. Add a Virtual AR Photo Booth

You can get the AR photo booth with the top virtual conference platforms. It provides different types of backgrounds, using which users can click numerous photos. Also, attendees can create a gif with the clicked multiple photographs at the AR photo booth. Attendees find it really attractive as they can upload all the photos and develop gifs on social media platforms. 

11. Include Interactive Functionalities

You can create better communication with live chat, audio, and video call. These in-built communication tools will provide freedom to interact with all the attendees, sponsors, hosts, and speakers. Also, you can provide them with external plugins, like WhatsApp, Zoom meeting, BlueJeans, etc. So, they can use these integrations to connect with anyone they want. 

12. Keep Frequent Breaks Throughout the Conference

You must give some space and time to the attendees. You must add some frequent break time between every session. Moreover, you can use gamification or other ways to keep the users busy on your platform. But at least give them time to take a rest from the first session and prepare their mind for the next one. 

13. Conduct a Virtual Afterparty with a Renowned Speaker

You can make the attendees stay and enjoy the complete virtual online conference with an afterparty. Moreover, you can invite a well-known and trending personality. They can host and enjoy a casual talk via the virtual model. Do you think anyone will leave a party? No way! So, pick one of the best ideas, whether a virtual Christmas & new-year party celebration or any virtual festival

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful to increase engagement at your virtual event in 2024. You can follow these virtual conference engagement ideas in order to grab 100% success. The users can not resist an event with such features. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in conducting a highly engaging virtual conference.

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