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Upcoming EV Vehicles Expo in India 2024: Exploring the Future of Automotive

In the continuously evolving world of the automobile industry, electric vehicles (EVs) have been a booming revolution across the world. In a country like India, which is heavily dependent on imports of auto fuels. Besides that, the rising number of petrol-diesel cars also has significantly contributed to heavy carbon emissions and leaving carbon footprints. That is why, it is quite important to look for a greener and more sustainable future, and the E-Vehicle expo in India is the perfect event to host and participate in. Although for moto-enthusiasts it is a must to attend the event. Here in this blog, we are going to explore the top upcoming EV vehicle show 2024 and other automotive expos. Additionally, will delve into understanding the best practices for hosts, their significance, and other key aspects. So, let’s get started;

What is the Vehicles Expo, and How Does it Differ from the EV Vehicle Expo?

The ‘Vehicles Expo’, which is used interchangeably with the term ‘Automotive Expo’ refers to the exhibitions. It showcases a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and commercial vehicles. The event serves as the cornerstone for automobile manufacturers and automotive enthusiasts to showcase the latest innovations, and vehicles and get exposure respectively. Usually, it focuses on displaying products, demos, conferences, and networking opportunities.

Similarly, on the other hand, the EV (Electric Vehicle) Expo focuses particularly on electric vehicles and sustainable mobility solutions. It showcases all the latest innovations, advancements, and research going on in electric vehicle segments. Besides that, the charging infrastructure, battery technology, and others. In simple terms, it aims to deliver awareness among society, introducing the latest tech, vehicles, and more sustainable modes of transportation.

Both the event types can be organized in hybrid, virtual, and completely in-person modes. So, with the event tech aspects for the host, it does not have any major difference. But yes, in planning and executions, there are a few differences for sure.

Importance of Upcoming EV-Vehicle Expo in India 2024

Every conference, trade show, expo, fair, and other event type is organized to serve the specific objectives of the brand and event host. In the same context, the upcoming EV vehicles expo in India in 2024 also has a lot of importance and commenced to deliver major objectives. The first is to contribute to the rising concern of global warming and to reduce carbon footprints. The second is to promote awareness and encourage society to adopt electric vehicles. Besides that the technology advancement in the field of establishing sustainable transportation solutions. Although, it provides a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and drive collective action toward a cleaner and greener future.

Upcoming EV Vehicles Expo in India 2024

Over the past few years, India has become among the fastest-growing economies and attracted the center stage for major industries including automobile brands. In 2024, there will be many major automobile conferences, trade fairs, expos, and conferences. Here is a list of some of the most awaited events.

Electric Vehicle Expo 2024

Date: 19 – 21 April 2024

Location: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

This is among India’s largest automotive exhibitions that showcase the diverse range of vehicles including; electric, hybrid, and conventional models. The 2024 edition is all set to reveal cutting-edge innovations and new trends. All those shaping the future of mobility. Similarly, the event strives to propel the electric vehicle industry forward and tackle environmental challenges. It provides automobile manufacturers a platform to showcase their new products, like battery or solar-powered technology, thus contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Auto EV India 2024

Date: 27 – 29 November 2024

Location: KTPO Convention Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru | India

The Auto EV India 2024 is one of the upcoming events that is all set to showcase the latest electric and hybrid vehicle technologies. It’s a big hub for manufacturers to display products and innovations in EVs, HVs, and FCVs. All the participants can gain valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies. This further fosters connections with industry leaders while encouraging technology developers to initiate for a greener automotive future.

EV INDIA 2024: An Electric Motor Vehicle Show

Date: 18th-20th September 2024

Location: India Expo Centre, Gr. Noida, U.P., NCR, India

The Future Mobility Expo and EV India 2024 Expo both spotlight cutting-edge technologies and solutions for sustainable mobility. They provide platforms for manufacturers to showcase their latest electric vehicle products. Fostering innovation and networking opportunities within the industry while promoting environmental protection.

4th Edition EV Manufacturing Show 2024

Date: May 24, 2024

Place: Bengaluru, Karnataka – India

The EV Manufacturing Show 2024, is the country’s EV top event unleashing varied factors like the growth potential and market.  With a partnership with E-Mobility+, the platform is set to share and exchange knowledge. It features industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies, and expert advice. Join us to explore trends, advancements, and strategies, shaping the future of EV manufacturing in India.

Future Of The Car

Date: May 7–9, 2024

Location: London and Virtual

This event is not about to commence in India, but any industry personnel looking to get the global electric vehicles and future battery technology insights. This is a must to attend, as it is also going to be conducted in a virtual setting (it’s a three-day event). So, it’s a great chance to hear and engage with speakers like; Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen Group.

EV Manufacturing Show 2024

Date: Friday, April 26, 2024

Location: Bengaluru

This event is aimed at bringing major automotive industry leaders and manufacturers together. Specifically the EV domain while giving the attendees a platform to explore the latest industry trends, advancements in technology, and innovative manufacturing strategies. This event is purely dedicated to displaying the country’s innovative and rapidly evolving EV manufacturing prowess.

India International EV Show 2024 (5th Edition)

Date: Friday, April 26, 2024

Location: Chennai

India International EV Show ( IIEV Show ) is India’s largest gathering of the Electric Vehicles Industry, it is coupled with the vast opportunities and potential challenges of EV development in India. It is a common platform that unites engineers, mechanics, scientists, and decision-makers to solve problems across the electric vehicle and advanced battery industries. This show capitalizes on the latest EV trends and exchanges groundbreaking ideas with experts and industry visionaries on trending topics including battery technologies, energy storage solutions, and developing charging infrastructure.

Best Practices for Hosts To Take Advantage Of Event Tech Suite For Wider Reach

Hosting an EV exhibition in India needs many considerations for the organizers to take into account. We are not talking about choosing the right venue, setting dates, or marketing things, which are surely the most important ones. However, besides these, there are many event tech tools and solutions that a host can leverage to make their event’s impact lasting. Here are a few tool recommendations and how they may help you reach your targeted audience.

Hybrid or Virtual Event Format

Usually, most of the EV auto expo or automobile events are commenced on-ground. But with the rise of digital media, virtual spaces, and easy internet accessibility. The event dynamics have changed significantly. Hosts can leverage hybrid or virtual event platforms to host EV auto expos to provide flexibility and accessibility for attendees regardless of their geography. By utilizing many added functionalities and features like chat, live session streaming, avatars, confetti, gamification, and other interactive elements an in-person-like experience can be provided.

Utilize Live Streaming Services

Even if you don’t host the event in the hybrid or virtual format, still taking your content to a wider reach can be made possible with a live-streaming platform. By utilizing the multi-camera, and multi-platform streaming broadcasting of EV Vehicle Show 2024 can be easier. Streaming feeds can be played live by a global audience belonging to diverse demographics. With live chat, comment and real-time interactive elements engagement can be recorded and concerns or queries of the audience can also be addressed by the host.

End Note

It is quite an easy-to-say statement that the ‘Upcoming EV Vehicles Expo in India 2024’ is a milestone for the growth of sustainable transportation in India. With the multi-diverse industry stakeholders, technology developers, and innovators, these events are a must to witness. By hosting it in different settings like virtual hybrid or streaming it over the internet wide reach can be made possible. If you are also an automotive event organizer and looking for core event tech tools from Event CRM for customer relationships to live streaming virtual event platform, and other event tech tools. You are at the right place. Book your free demo with Dreamcast and get all your queries resolved.


Why should I attend an EV Expo?

There are many reasons to attend the EV Vehicle Show 2024. As it provides a chance to explore the latest innovations, and vehicles and to collaborate with industry leaders.

How can I ensure a seamless registration and check-in process for attendees?

As the event organizer, it is important to ensure seamless registration and check-in to deliver a seamless experience to the attendees. This can be done by utilizing a custom mobile event app, event microsite, QR-based badges (or virtual M-Badges), Self-check-in kiosks, and Turnstile access management solutions.

How can I attract exhibitors and sponsors to participate in my EV Expo or conference?

To attract more exhibitors and sponsors. It is required to host big events with a wider audience base and highlight the benefits associated with it. Like the exposure their brands will get, networking opportunities, and increased brand presence.

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