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The Future of Live Streaming For Music Events

Everyone is a music lover, and there is nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite band or artist perform live. The stage, the lights, the view, and the fantastic sound creates an atmosphere which is something every music fan dreams of. But not everyone gets the chance to witness it live due to limited tickets or geographical issues. Here comes the concept of live music streaming services – one of the latest technological advancements that can provide you with an unforgettable experience. Virtual concerts have been the latest growing trend in the streaming industry. It is an innovative way to enjoy all the live-action directly from home.

Music Live Streaming Concerts

Here are a few things you need to know about music live streaming concerts:

1. Live Streaming Drives Ticket Sales

Live shows have been considered as the future of live performances. With more and more people waiting over the internet to see the performance of their favorite stars, live music streaming is now becoming a necessity of every live event. Many people think that offering a live stream of every performance would weaken ticket sales. However, that’s not true. Coachella, a pioneer in music live streaming of concerts and festivals, has confirmed that live stream for music events boost up ticket sales. 67% of music live streaming viewers are likely to buy a ticket to a similar concert like the one they viewed. For events like music festivals, 30% of the live stream viewers will attend the same event the following year. 

2. Fans Are Engaged With Live Video

Live streaming provides a tangible sense of what performances are like in reality. This is the reason that live streaming of any event is the best way of marketing than any other form. Moreover, live videos can become an excellent source of interaction with your viewers. You can take feedback on the various activities and form an inference for your future events. According to Facebook, active users spend three times more time when the video is live. And have also seen ten times more active in commenting on a live stream than on any other uploaded media. 

While you may not be able to have the artist interact with the audience during the performance, many other activities can become a perfect opportunity for public interactions. 

  • Behind the scenes content
  • Pre and post-show question and answers with the artist
  • VIP meet-and-greets

There can be many other activities that you can initiate before or after music live streaming. This not only makes the users entertained but also allows you to maintain a regular audience count. 

3. Facebook Live Has The Most Reach

Facebook live is one of the most popular platforms for live video streaming. It has recently grown more popular than Youtube, making it the best streaming service for you to kickstart your live event. It offers some very effective features for reaching fans. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Facebook to be your streaming platform: 

  1. When you start your live stream from the festival’s Facebook page, all your followers get notified that you are streaming live.  
  2. Facebook has one of the best features to interact with the audience. 
  3. When you are live, you can start up various activities such as Q&A and Poll to gain more audience.
  4. Facebook has one of the most powerful systems for a seamless streaming experience. 
  5. Facebook live streaming services can be shared with various other platforms such as Instagram. This further boosts up your view count.

There are many other features provided by Facebook that will help you stream your event conveniently. For concerts and other larger events, you should seek for Live music streaming services as they will make your stream more seamless.

4. Quality Is Important

Quality of your stream is one of the significant factors for gaining audiences. Most of the people prefer a stabilized video stream rather than phone-recorded videos. You can use your phone for quick off-board videos, but you should plan for a stabilized stream as it would improve the chances of a successful stream.  

5. Live Streaming Allows You To Monetize Your Content

With the advancement in the streaming services, there are various methods for you to monetize your content. Live stream for music events allows the users to enjoy the concert from their home and because of this, viewers will be more than happy to pay up any online ticket fee for attending the music live streaming concerts. This not only allows you to filter out genuine viewers but also improves your overall profits. 

6. Live Streaming Can Make You Stand Out of The Crowd

There are thousands of live concerts and events going on every day all over the world, but not every one of them prefers to stream it online. Having a live stream for music events will not only make you stand out but will also allow users to be more excited about the event. Music Live streaming of your event can make you more popular than any other means. Thus, it is the best method for you to promote your event. 

Live streaming your concert or any other music events can be very beneficial for both the event managers and the audience. Overall, it can be said that the Live stream for music events is the next big step for the music industry. 

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