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How to Live Webcast for Church Service?

In today’s fast paced life, people are often always on the go! Consequently, they don’t even find time for general day-to-day activities, let alone attending regular church services. As a result, godmen in the churches are always looking out for means to include these people in & make them feel a part of their community, even when they aren’t personally present to experience the occasion. This, & a couple of other reasons, which we will discuss further, form the outline for the need of Live webcast church service!

Why Broadcast Church Services Live?

The reason Churches take to live streaming church services, is usually one of the few:

  1. Getting the word out to a broader audience

    Within a close-knit community, the purifying messages of the church services might not go out to a wide audience network, & hence, Church Live Streaming is a practical & feasible solution to this problem.

  2. Connecting those members who can’t attend services regularly

    Since life is pretty busy, people who would otherwise like to attend regular church services, are generally not able to do so because of their jam packed schedules.
    Hence, live streaming church services is often a good choice.

  3. Enabling congregants to attend church services virtually

    Another reason why churches prefer to webcast church services live, is to enable members who are travelling, on the go, or out somewhere, to attend the services even while not being personally present.

  4. Ensuring that those members who are sick, disabled or bedridden, attend too

    Since it is usually not possible or feasible for elderly, sick & bedridden members to physically attend church services, church live streaming is a penny-wise option to accomplish this scenario.

One or more of these reasons, are chiefly behind churches preferring to broadcast church services live.

Also, the skyrocketing popularity of social media has made it extremely easy for churches to broadcast their services live, as a much cost-feasible option for spreading their message.

Now that we’ve understood the reasons why churches take to live streaming, we shall now attempt to clarify how.

How to Live Webcast Church Service?

Live Streaming

Acquiring a video source

The essential first step towards live streaming church service, is selecting & acquiring the right video source. This depends from church to church, but the ideal choice should be made among:

  1. A single camera accompanied with a tripod.
  2. A tablet or smartphone camera
  3. A collection of multiple cameras & video sources.

Selecting an encoder

Once we have zeroed in on a video source, the next step is to select a good encoder that converts the video files into digital playback format to be played on different devices. This can either be a hardware encoder or a software encoding program that runs on your computer.

Securing a high-speed internet connection

The heart & soul of a great live streaming, is the speed of internet. To accomplish a seamless live streaming session, it’s vital to get hold of a high-speed internet connection. This too, varies from church to church, but the ideal options are:

  1. Hard-wired internet, or ethernet
  2. Wireless internet, or Wi-Fi
  3. Mobile Internet, or Mi-Fi

Select a streaming provider service

The next obvious step, is selecting a live streaming service provider. The decision of which, is usually determined by the following factors:

  1. Whether your church wants a free or paid live streaming service provider?
  2. Is selecting a specific streaming service necessary or your church can choose whichever suits their needs?
  3. How should the viewer experience be?

Encoder configuration

The next thing to do, is to configure the encoder properly so as to ensure it sends the video signal to the right source & in the right quality. The quality, however, also depends on the speed of your internet connection & live streaming equipment used.

Testing your live stream

Perhaps the most important step, is to always test your live streaming equipment & quality a few days before the actual live streaming event to ensure there are no lags or technical snags in your youtube live streaming church services or facebook live streaming for church services.

Here you go with all the basics for efficiently live webcast church service. Make sure you follow this guide carefully so that your audience gets to enjoy a smooth church live streaming session.

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