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Best Live Streaming Trends For Gen Z

What is Generation Z?

As we move towards the second decade of the twenty-first century, millennials or Gen Y are finally getting older and the next generation (Gen Z) is ready to enter the prime working years of their lives. It is natural for marketers to prepare themselves for Gen Z and strategies to capture their attention and make the most out of it.

Before we take a look at the best live streaming trends for Gen Z, here are a few pointers about Generation Z:

  • Technology has been a crucial part of Gen Z throughout their childhood. They know the ins and outs of the internet, stream almost all of their entertainment online, and do most of their shopping online too. They’re fast-adapters and move on quickly to new apps and technology.
  • Gen Z has grown up on social media platforms and the majority of them get their news through social media networks instead of relying on traditional news sources.
  • Gen Z favours incognito, short and visually-focused mediums of communication like Snapchat, Whisper, and Secret while not being so keen on massive old social networks like Facebook.
  • Live streaming video is very exciting to Gen Z because:
    • It utilizes their fear of missing out as live streaming happens in real-time.
    • It can serve as a collaborative medium of communication which Gen Z prefers instead of traditional media like television, which is only one-way communication.

#1 – Massive Adoption of Over The Top (OTT) Streaming Media

  • Over half of Gen Z streams TV shows or movies every day via OTT channels such as Netflix. Growing up in a world where fast internet has become the norm, traditional methods of consuming entertainment like television are being ditched by Gen Z massively.
  • YouTube Live streaming, and Facebook Live streaming are also a hit with Gen Z as they provide content in real-time and allow for two-way communication where the viewers can react and comment on the stream as it happens.
  • Live streaming solutions for events have made it easier for people to live-stream major sports events which have also caused Gen Z to ditch traditional media like television in even larger numbers.
  • Improvements in live streaming technology used by events live streaming services have lowered latency to a point where it is almost equivalent to the latency of a television broadcast.

#2 – A Smartphone First Approach is Preferred

According to studies, PCs will account for only 19% of all internet traffic by 2022 and smartphones will account for a massive 44% of all internet traffic. Even though the role of smartphones in live streaming is already evident, there is a strong indication that it’s going to continue to grow with Gen Z.

Due to the extreme popularity of Instagram live streaming, the vertical format for live video is slowly becoming more popular than the traditional format of horizontal video as the majority of Instagram Live videos are streamed on smartphones where a vertical format is more favourable.

The vertical format of live video is also more optimized for social media and its features. Virtual reality and augmented reality may push this format to be more common too but of course, the horizontal format of the video isn’t going away anytime soon.

#3 – Social Media Dominates

It is no surprise that for Gen Z, the most relevant form of media is social media. Due to the adoption of live streaming by social media platforms, Gen Z is completely hooked to it more than any other type of content. Instagram live streaming and Facebook live streaming has proven to be the best channels to communicate effectively with Gen Z, along with Periscope live streaming.

Live streaming over multiple social media platforms provide the level of engagement that Gen Z is comfortable with while utilizing their fear of missing out (FOMO) which is why live streaming is one of Gen Z’s favourite form of media.

#4 – Live Streaming beyond Marketing and Selling

Even though live streaming services can be used for marketing and selling purposes, they can also serve a greater purpose for Gen Z. Aside from watching product launches, behind-the-scenes footage, or Q/As, Gen Z is interested in the medium of live streaming itself and watch live video from their favourite content users on a daily basis.

The way to capture Gen Z’s attention in the live streaming world is to provide them value, encourage interactivity, and create content that is exclusive and short.

Live streaming is Gen Z’s Television

For Gen Z, live streaming has become the norm. They prefer consuming content that is in real-time, valuable and interactive. For the foreseeable future, live streaming along with augmented reality and virtual reality will keep gaining over traditional forms of media like television as Gen Z keeps growing.


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