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Brand That Used Live Video Streaming For User-Engagement & Product Marketing

Live video streaming has been a rising trend in the online marketing community today. Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Snapchat & YouTube Live are rapidly changing the face of social media conversations & engagement. Brands & businesses are working harder & harder to bring forward valuable content for their community followers & potential customers.

Experimentation with live videos, online polls & on-demand video streaming for product marketing are some ideas that brands work closely on to bring forward meaningful conversations for engagement. Speaking of this, videos are shaping content strategies & marketing plans for businesses. These are something that receive high user-engagement, conversion rates & click-through rates.

Brands strategize on creating interesting live videos for their customers & employ unique techniques to increase their interest. But, how exactly are these brands successful in using live videos for their benefit? It’s important to learn marketing tactics from the brands who are doing it right-


Buzzfeed doesn’t sell products or services & hence it doesn’t work towards demonstrating product launches & services activations. Buzzfeed makes money through advertising & specializes in getting curiosity & attention with their content.

Buzzfeed streamed a live video with Facebook Live where two people put rubber bands on a watermelon, one by one, & keep doing this process to see how many rubber bands it would take before the watermelon burst.

The video went on live for about 45 minutes & attracted over 807,000 viewers. Fairly speaking, the content for the live video was based on grounds of “increasing the curiosity of viewers significantly” & this curiosity kept increasing in the viewer’s simply because they wanted to know the final result at the end of the video.

Buzzfeed only worked on the simple principle of human nature to increase the inquisitiveness of live video viewers & became successful in garnering a huge number of views.

Grazia Magazine, UK

Grazia is an Italian women’s fashion & lifestyle magazine & Grazia UK is an international subdivision of it. Grazia collaborated with Facebook to put together their first “community issue”. Throughout the collaboration week, Grazia UK live streamed multiple events & gave the users exciting behind-the-scenes (BTS) view that made them feel like they were a part of the event. An “insider” to the collaborative event!

The most successful live video was a round table debate about Brexit. Live debates are always popular (because live action) & these live videos are even more popular & successful when they involve audience participation. Here, in this round table debate, users could submit questions over social media LIVE. This enhanced conversations & engagement & made the audience feel like they were an integral part of the debate throughout its LIVE run time. A total win-win!

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a brand serving delicious & colourful donuts, an edible fantasy it is renowned for. Donuts are hard to resist & easy to munch on. Dunkin Donuts relied on visuals to sell their products. The brand took advantage of the luscious dessert item during the Valentine’s Day season with a live video streaming for product marketing.

In the live streaming video, the brand explored its ‘test kitchen’ for viewers showcasing how it creates new products. The ending of the live video streaming was with the creation of a huge, donuts-themed wedding cake.

This live streaming video attracted more than 36,000 viewers. This may be a small number in terms of viewer count, but think again; those viewers weren’t watching a live sports match or live news coverage, or perhaps even a comedy show or a movie. They were watching a cake get made on live video! What a delicious experience indeed?

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