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IPL 2020 Delhi Capital Launches: Har Ghar Qila Kotla’ Virtual Fan Engagement

“Delhi capitals took an initiative to launch an array of virtual fan engagement to ensure their fans to stay connected.”

With a kick start of the much anticipated IPL ( Indian Premier League) 2020 this weekend, Delhi Capitals has announced its launch of an array of virtual fan engagement initiatives for its official fan club – the DC Toli, that was streamed live with their opening game against Kings XI Punjab on Sunday.

“DC Watch Parties” launched this Sunday are one of the initiatives for virtual fan engagement which is a game changer. It strives towards recreating the same immersive experiences in a virtual environment which they experience inside the stadium during live matches.

In the very first virtual fan engagement edition of Delhi capitals, 25-50 fans from 5000 plus submissions were shortlisted for each match. The first virtual initiative by Delhi Capitals received an incredible response from fans from the comfort of their own space.

An innovative initiative by Delhi Capitals received all the applause from fans and accolades from major media channels aswell. Right from Times of India, afaqs, ANI news, Dailyhunt to Dubai Media channels aswell. All the other popular media platforms and publications have covered the virtual launch making this a huge success.

A most popular online portal afaqs known for publishing the latest news quoted: “In a first-of-its-kind virtual experience for the Delhi Capitals’ fans, 25-50 fans out of 5000 plus submissions are shortlisted for each match after showing their #DCLove from the comfort of their homes”.

The virtual initiative was hosted by renowned RJ Rahul Makin from Fever 104 FM. The ‘DC Watch Parties’ was streamed live across major social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and was even available on the Delhi Capitals’ Website. The event gave the goosebumps to the lucky fans who got the chance to watch the match together virtually. The event gave an immersive virtual event experience to fans through the most enticing activities. Right from celebrating the victory, chants, team discussions and other phenomenal match moments bringing ‘Blue Digital Dilli’ to life.

The virtual launch by Delhi Capitals received a phenomenal response. As virtual celebrations have become a new norm, #DCToli roared the loudest in the first virtual debut with the nail-biting victory.

The clips were shared across social media channels where fans interacted with the Delhi Capitals player. Walking with the latest trends, the event launched on a virtual platform is a huge success. An event that brings the nation together virtually.

The talks have been around corners, for the massive success of the first virtual edition. One of the leading media houses ANI news has published about the virtual launch by Delhi Capitals. 

ANI quoted, “Various Cyclist groups will also be peddling across the city in support of the team on each match day with the Delhi Capitals’ flag hanging on their cycles, and each individual donning a replica of the Official Jersey or the Blue DC Toli T-shirts“.

With the launch of a virtual edition, Virtual Banner parties are another addition to the list of virtual initiatives that help in boosting interactions and delivering incredible event experiences.

The “Virtual Banner parties” will have over 2,500 fans and artists from the DC Toli initiating the largest-ever banner making virtual congregations across this IPL season.

stated by Dailyhunt

To participate in the banner, the DC Toli fans will collect together on their own virtually across various platforms such as Zoom calls, Google meet and WhatsApp groups to formulate their city voice in the support of the team. The go virtual trend is getting real with the most loved game by bringing the nation together.

In a press release, we found “DC Reporters” is another unique addition to the bucket list this season. It enables youthful fans of DC across the city to become digital influencers for Delhi Capitals. A special content section is given to them before the start of every Delhi Capitals’ match. The platform will give the chance to fans to have a sneak peek at the team, give reports during IPL 2020 and make predictions on playing. It has also been stated by TOI that “Over 25 unique DC Reporters will also get support from the franchise to set up their own cricket-based influencer channels”.

Adding more to the virtual innovations, DCT radio is another launch by the franchise to expand their association with Fever 104 FM. In DCT radio, 4-5 fans will become the voice of Delhi and deliver their unique stories and messages to audiences. To keep the fans of all age groups engrossed and engaged, Delhi Capitals have spread its wings and introduced engagement activities like DIY Cheering and the Roar Macha Challenge.

As fans are the biggest strength that supports the team, Delhi capitals took a variety of virtual fan engagement initiatives. The initiatives taken by the franchise received an overwhelming response from fans with much love, support, roar and applause!

The latest press release of Times of India published the statement of CEO Dhiraj Malhotra. He said, “At Delhi Capitals, our fans are our biggest strength, and that was visible last season when they came out in large numbers to support us. Therefore, we are trying our best to nullify the challenges and are glad to be undertaking innovative fan-engagement initiatives which will keep the team and fans connected throughout the tournament. I’m sure these engagements will definitely keep the electrifying atmosphere alive and will help bring the fans closer to our team as they gun for glory this season.”

The clash of titans on Sunday at Dubai International Stadium resulted in a nail-biting victory for Delhi Capitals against Kings X1 Punjab. The victorious team is now set to clash against Chennai Super Kings on 25 September.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next match and be the part of an immersive virtual experience. 

Kudos to the advancements in technology that help in delivering the same experiences to the fans which they experience in the stadium during live matches.

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