Ultimate AI Content Detector Tools In 2024

The technological world is developing quickly. We are beginning to witness a lot more generative material as a result of the growth of AI content detector tools and platforms like ChatGPT. Also, it is becoming more and more difficult to identify which works were genuinely created by humans.

But is it important? Definitely not in the least. Great content always remains great content, regardless of where it comes from.

There is a link between effectively written human material and AI-produced fluff, even if not all AI content is bad and not all bad content is authored by AI.

In this article, we will look at various popular and free AI content detection programs. These technologies may be used to check if the text is written by AI or if there is plagiarism in individual papers or entire websites. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

List Of Best Free And Paid Content Checker AI Tools

Tools that employ artificial intelligence to detect plagiarism and duplicate material are known as “AI content detectors.” They function by reading a document’s text and comparing it to a database of previously published content. Here are the top AI content checker tools check AI content.

Content At Scale

Content At Scale

Content at Scale is a free AI-generated content detector included with the AI writing tool. The algorithm in the program can tell you if a text was written by a human or an AI. If you copy and paste your word into the content detector, it will provide a score ranging from 0% to 100%.

The outcome illustrates how strongly the tool believes that actual individuals produced the work instead of the AI algorithm. A score of 0% indicates that the tool believes all of your material was generated by artificial intelligence, whereas a score of 100% indicates that the tool believes you wrote all of your content.

Copy Leaks

Copy Leaks

Copyleaks is a free AI-content checker tool. It can be considered one of the best AI plagiarism checkers and artificial intelligence-generated writing tools to ensure high standards and originality. Authors, trainers, and content providers will find it to be the best option because its algorithms can identify duplicate, paraphrased, or created information. To distinguish between content written by humans and content written by artificial intelligence, it scans long text inputs and scores paragraphs. Copyleaks provides a Chrome add-on for mobile AI content detection in addition to its enterprise-grade AI detection solution.



Writer is a powerful AI content checker tool, mostly used by businesses and institutions. A wide range of features are available, including content moderation, grammar and style suggestions, and the identification of AI-generated content. With its strong capabilities, Writer gives businesses the ability to maintain the integrity and quality of their content on a variety of platforms and formats.

However, because of its enterprise-grade features, Writer is an effective AI content detection tool for large businesses and government agencies. The platform offers features for team collaboration and seamless integration with well-known content management systems, streamlining workflows for content moderation. The advanced features and cost of Writer, however, might be better suited for larger-scale operations than for small businesses and individual users.

Sapling AI

Sapling AI

A free, user-friendly AI-generated text checker tool called focuses on enhancing grammar and style accuracy. is a great option for writers, bloggers, and content creators who aim for clarity and professionalism in their work because it provides users with real-time suggestions and corrections that help them improve the quality of their content.

Sapling.AI is a valuable resource for writers and content creators looking to uplift the calibre of their work because of its emphasis on grammar and style accuracy. It aids in increasing productivity through its editing process, which has a user-friendly interface and real-time suggestions. However, Sapling.AI might not be the best option for users who require content detection features that go beyond grammar and style correction.

Chatgpt Zero

Chatgpt Zero

A free AI-generated content checker tool called GPTZero provides developers with access to its API. GPTZero is a great option for developers who need a flexible and effective solution for detecting AI-generated content because of its flexible API, which makes it simple to incorporate into already-existing systems and platforms.

With developers’ access to GPTZero’s API, existing platforms and systems can be completely integrated, offering a flexible and effective method of identifying AI-generated content. Because of its adaptability, GPTZero is a fantastic option for developers and companies looking for a customizable content detection tool. However, users who require a more complete content detection and moderation solution may find that its primary focus on AI-generated content is insufficient.

GLTR AI (Giant Language Test Room)


GLTR is one of the focused AI content detection tools that helps identify the content created using the GPT-2 AI model. It was created by researchers from The study conducted by Harvard University and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and is ideal for users who are particularly concerned about the content generated by GPT-2. And its impact on the reliability and validity of online information.

The main benefit of GLTR is its emphasis on GPT-2 model-generated material, which addresses the rising issue of AI-written language that can be difficult to tell apart from human-written information. Although this specialization is useful, consumers are looking for a more all-encompassing content detection solution. That addresses a wider range of content types and concerns that may not be acceptable.



Crossplag uses machine learning techniques to efficiently identify plagiarism in text. This Ai detector tool is a helpful for academic institutions, researchers, and students who need a dependable and effective plagiarism detection solution since it was created with academic integrity in mind.

No doubt that it is a great option for academic institutions and researchers because of its commitment to academic honesty. Its machine learning algorithms are capable of accurately detecting several types of plagiarism, assisting in upholding a high standard for academic work. One possible disadvantage is that Crossplag’s primary focus is to detect plagiarism with AI-generated text, which may not satisfy all users’ expectations for content control.


Originality.AI is a powerful tool that offers unmatched performance in detecting plagiarism and ensuring content authenticity. Its advanced algorithms and extensive database allow it to deliver accurate results, giving users peace of mind when it comes to content integrity.

Additionally,’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various platforms make it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses alike. However, those with budget constraints may need to carefully consider the cost-effectiveness of this premium solution before making a decision.

Open AI classifier

Open AI classifier

To categorize text input into human- or AI-generated text, use the OpenAI Classifier. OpenAI Classifier is an excellent deep learning-driven neural network processing (NNP) model. Also, the OpenAI Classifier’s operation is based on the transfer learning methodology, which involves adapting a previously learned language model for a particular open AI classification task.

However, the pre-trained model, also known as the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer), has had great access to text data and is capable of producing text that is both logical and appropriate. The OpenAI Classifier is used to enhance the previously trained GPT model for the specified classification task using a labelled dataset.



AISEO is a complete platform with a number of tools, one of which is the AI Content Detector. This program searches text for patterns that indicate an AI-generated text checker. While the platform provides a variety of capabilities, the AI Content Detector stands out as a useful resource for guaranteeing the reliability of digital content. The remainder of the platform may be utilized to create AI-generated content using simple and effective processes.

Moreover, the AISEO AI content checker offers three key benefits. Firstly, it aids in the creation of SEO-friendly text. Secondly, it’s simple to use with precise results and last but not least it provides detailed reporting that makes ideas simple to comprehend.

Furthermore, In the AISEO AI content checker, each tool is designed with SEO in mind. Undoubtedly, the key to achieving that goal is producing high-quality unique material.

Final Thoughts

By the end of this blog, we’ve discussed the top 10 best AI content checker tools for checking any AI-generated content. While AI-generated material frequently seems robotic and impersonal, human-generated content is more interesting, relevant, and entertaining to read. Yet, AI-generated content has its own benefits as well, like scalability, accuracy, and speed, and it may be utilized for projects that call for extensive data processing and analysis. You can easily determine if the content is original or was created using AI tools with the use of the abovementioned content AI detection tools. These tools will also assist you in doing a more thorough analysis of the content’s efficacy. Hope you like the blog. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI content detector?

A tool that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize material created by an AI writing tool is known as an AI content detector. This application is useful for companies today looking to ensure the originality of their work. Furthermore, they are useful for educators to ensure students’ original work and for moderators to prevent false reviews and spam content.

Which is the best free AI content detector?

ChatGPTZero is one of the best free AI content checkers. With a full focus on simplicity, it offers effective plagiarism detection tools along with specific tailored requirements.

What is the best AI content detector?

The best AI content detector is clearly Originality. AI. Its cutting-edge technique successfully identifies AI-generated content, ensuring the accuracy of written information. It is crucial for preserving content integrity because of its real-time detection feature, which guarantees quick content verification.

How do AI content detectors work?

AI content detectors often utilize language models to examine the incoming text by determining if it resembles the kind of writing that it would produce. If yes, the detection concludes that the material was generated by AI. These models are further classified into two groups i.e. perplexity and burstiness.

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