Virtual Holi Celebration Activities Ideas and Games

The festival of colors is knocking on our doors, and the craze among people doesn’t need any specifications. It is during these festivals one gets to connect with their co-workers and bosses beyond the regular office hours. The aroma of colors, the sweetness of Holi delights, and happy memories with co-workers- this is what every employee looks forward to. Though things have gone virtual, there’s no way the internet and screens can snatch away the essence of a cheerful festival from you.

So what if you can’t go out and celebrate holi with your colleagues physically, you can always rely on virtual holi celebrations.

We, at Dreamcast, are here to help you, like every time. Here are some virtual holi celebration ideas that will assure you have a great time with your employees and have an unforgettable experience; even though virtually.

Best Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas in Office

Here are some of the most popular and unique virtual Holi celebration ideas to add cheer and colors to your Virtual Holi Event:

Virtual Bingo

Holi is all about colors and fun; add vibrance to your virtual Holi celebrations by hosting a bingo. The reason we suggest this virtual event idea is that no Indian party can get over without a game of Bingo. You can easily find a compelling bingo template online. It is a simple yet fun game and will help you make your virtual Holi party memorable.

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Virtual Awards

Celebrations are where all the employees and leadership come together on a single platform and have fun. We would recommend another fun virtual Holi celebration idea in the office that will help you add fun to your celebrations- A virtual award ceremony. There’s not a single soul who doesn’t like appreciation; your employees do too. What better day to celebrate the enthusiasm and dedication of your employees and acknowledge their contribution in an award ceremony. Keep the vibes lively by adding some fun awards, something around colors. For example- The person with the most colors, etc.

Online Colourful Booths

Some might have found this virtual Holi celebration idea confusing; we know why. Even though it is an online Holi celebration, you can still create booths and have the same amount of fun as an in-person event. How? All thanks to advanced technology. Get your hands on an expert virtual fest platform, and create your booths just you want. There are several options to choose from. Some ideas are:

  • Holi-themed Photo Booths
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Tarot Reading
  • Show and Tell
  • Branded Puzzles

If you are worried about the fact that virtual booths won’t give the attendees an immersive experience; don’t worry. Virtual booths are as immersive as any physical booth and give attendees a close-to real-world experience. Take a step further by setting up 3D Virtual Booths.

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Virtual Rang-trakshri

Ever heard about any celebration without some music, especially when it is an Indian festival? No, right? Even your virtual Holi celebration cannot get over without the same. We have grown up playing this very famous Indian game, Antrakshri. Give it a twist of Holi and play Rangtrakshri with your teammates. Divide yourselves into teams and enjoy the game. Try to keep it Holi-centric by singing songs around the festival. Along with it, you can even sing folk songs to add to the festive vibes.

Online Dance Party

This blog and your virtual Holi celebrations would have been indeed incomplete without this virtual Holi party idea. Festivals are all about letting oneself loose and enjoying the beats of some groovy music. Host a dance party with your work peers and make memories that will last a lifetime. You can also conduct a dance competition and make it more interesting. Don’t worry; none of the attendees need to be professional dancers, dance to the beats, and enjoy the moment. Even if you want to execute everything perfectly, you can invite a professional trainer or dancer to guide you through the dance moves.

Virtual Masterchef

How about unleashing your employees’ inner chef this Holi? Host a virtual Masterchef competition. Yes, you won’t be able to taste the treats, but you can at least show off your cooking skills virtually. You can ask your participants to cook something good from a mystery box. Ensure the ingredients you suggest are available at their homes. Send a list of those ingredients a few hours before the competition so that they can arrange them in due time.

Also, about the judgment you will judge your participants on the meter of innovation. The most innovative dish gets the winner tag.

Virtual Art Contest

The festival of Holi means unlimited fun, laughter, and memories. Here comes another unique virtual Holi party idea to make your virtual Holi virtual celebration more memorable. You can conduct an art contest with your employees and colleagues. This fun activity will help them get their minds off the work for some time. They can design their art virtually, but nothing better than a real card. Ask them to add a message and send it across to their favorite co-worker. This gesture will deepen their bonds, and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Online Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt

A perfect virtual Holi event idea to add enthusiasm to your virtual ‘not-so-enthusiastic’ celebrations, a virtual treasure hunt will never let you down. Keep the occasion in mind and send a list of the items to your employees. The participants will have to collect them in the required time. One who collects all the items first wins. A few things that you can add to the list are:

  • Favorite shirt
  • A Holi Throwback Photograph
  • Favorite Picture with colleagues
  • Most colorful dress

Virtual Holi Quiz

This virtual Holi celebration idea in the office will test how much your colleagues know about this festival of colors. Host a virtual Holi Quiz. Divide your employees into teams and ask them questions about the festival. One might think that they know everything about the festival, but we bet they will have a hard time thinking about some answers. Add a bit of difficulty to the quiz; that’s where the real fun lies.

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Online Music Concert

Is there any better virtual Holi celebration idea than a virtual music concert? Absolutely not. Throw a virtual music show for your employees; we bet they will love it. Invite a band over the platform to perform for you all. You can also have pre-recorded performances, but to make the entire experience better, we would suggest you have a live band performance. Also, to add liveliness, get your hands on a platform like Dreamcast. It allows the attendees to react to the live performance with different emoticons.

Virtual After-Party

Every party deserves an after-party, and so does your virtual Holi celebration. We think including the above-mentioned virtual Holi celebration ideas in the office for Holi’s virtual celebration already sounds like a tiring day. However, keep the vibes going by hosting an after-Holi celebration. Keep it low-key, and have a small virtual tea or coffee party with your employees. Share stories from your native place and childhood celebrations. It will take you on a trip down memory lane, and you will relive those days again, and what’s better than doing all this with people you love?

Tips to Make Your Virtual Holi Celebration Seamless

Here are some of the best tips to help you give your virtual Holi event a smooth execution and smashing success.

Curate a Guest List

The first and most important thing that you need to do is create a guest list. Though it will be an in-house event, we would suggest you keep things easy by creating a list of who will show up in the Holi virtual celebration. A guest list will give you a rough idea of the total number of attendees so that you can make arrangements accordingly. Also, apart from the employees, you would want to invite your shareholders, investors, and connections to be a part of your Holi’s virtual celebrations. Hence, a guest list is a must.

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Fix a Dress Code

To give your virtual Holi celebration a close to reality feel, decide a dress code for all the attendees. Since it is Holi, you can go all white by adding a dash of color to your attire. Ask your attendees to show up in white-traditional dresses. If you are someone who doesn’t like white, you can go with pastel or lighter shades. The idea behind having a dress code is to give all your attendees a collective feeling and add a real touch to the virtual Holi celebration.

Send Colourful Hampers

Curate colorful hampers and send them to your employees. You can add sweets, chocolates, colors, and even a badge that your attendees need to wear during the virtual celebration. This Holi virtual event idea will make your employees feel special and looked after; they will love this gesture of their boss.

Make a List of Peppy Songs

No celebration is complete without groovy music. We would suggest you curate a music list before the virtual Holi event. Make it more interesting by keeping the list open and sharing it with your employees beforehand. It will allow them to add songs of their choice to the list. This virtual Holi celebration, dance together to the beats of Rang Barse, Balam Pichkari, and many more lively songs.

Share Guidelines

To assure a seamless execution of your virtual Holi celebration, set some guidelines and share them with your attendees beforehand. Mention the date and time, instructions about conduct in the meeting, how to join the event, dress code, etc. It will help you avoid chaos and make it all a smooth process.

Pick Virtual Platform Carefully

The most crucial factor that can make or break your entire event is the platform you will pick for the celebration. While selecting the platform, conduct proper research, compare different platforms, and land on one. Make sure the virtual event platform you pick has audience engagement tools, networking options and is highly secure. With a multi-device event platform, attendees can experience virtual, in-person, and hybrid event experiences, so managing devices to secure data is essential.

How do you celebrate Virtual Holi?

Here are some of the best virtual holi party ideas to make this virtual Holi a memorable event:

  • Conduct a virtual dance party.
  • Host a virtual Masterchef competition.
  • Host an online music concert.
  • Play Virtual Antakshari.
  • Conduct a virtual scavenger hunt.
  • Host a virtual Holi Quiz.

Virtual Holi Celebration FAQs

What is Virtual Holi?

Virtual Holi Celebrations allow you to connect and celebrate the festival of Holi with your near and dear ones virtually. Virtual Holi Celebrations have become immensely popular in recent times as physical gatherings were restricted. One can throw a virtual Holi party on a virtual event platform.

How do we celebrate Holi in 2024?

Since things have changed and virtual celebrations have become popular, take your Holi celebrations to the internet. Host a Virtual Holi Party, and connect with your friends and family through a virtual event platform.

How do you organize a Holi party?

To host a fun and immersive Virtual Holi Event, here are a few steps that you need to consider:
● Create a guest list.
● Decide a dress code.
● Pick a suitable online Holi platform.
● Send Invites.
● Keep Your audience engaged with interesting virtual Holi event ideas.
● Send Feedback forms.

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