Virtual Events Platform

Virtual Events

A virtual event is an online event hosted on a comprehensive virtual event platform. It involves people interacting in a visually rich virtual environment, rather than gathering in a physical location. Deliver immersive experiences to attendees with an impactful virtual events platform.

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conferences, the word itself is self-explanatory, they are events that are hosted on a web-based solution and not on a physical venue.

Virtual Exhibitions

Dreamcast virtual exhibition platform uses the most advanced and custom-made technology to build a lead nurturing environment and drive optimum engagements.

Virtual AGM

Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a convenient format for companies, associations, and organisations to organise meetings with the whole organisation at once virtually.

Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade show platform facilitates direct interactions between exhibitors and attendees with interactive features, such as live audio/video/keyboard chat.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events bring the best elements of both the event world together, i.e. virtual and physical events.

Virtual Fairs

A virtual fair is an online web-based event that takes over a virtual fair platform. It is organised on a designated date and time and enables people from different locations to access the fair.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

A virtual town hall meeting is a great communication tool for an organisation as it connects employees from different geographical locations at once virtually.

Virtual Award Shows

Virtual award shows enable people to be a part of an ongoing award ceremony from different geographic remote locations to connect and network seamlessly.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are online web-based meetings that take place over the internet on a comprehensive web-based solution.


Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform: Your One Stop Solution to Virtual Events

Dreamcast is a top leading virtual event solutions company in India with more than 10+ years of experience in the industry. It is an all-in-one virtual event management platform for hosting global events and delivering impactful experiences. Dreamcast allows you to host online events like virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, product launches, trade fairs, job and career fairs, networking fairs, award shows, R&R ceremonies, virtual parties, festivals and more seamlessly.

Why Choose Dreamcast?

A secure and easy to use virtual event platform and software built by event tech professionals holding 10 years of expertise in the industry. Dreamcast comprises advanced and customisable virtual event solutions suiting every business requirement.

Seamless Networking

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers brilliant options for networking during virtual hybrid events. It enables attendees to have real-life interactions the same as live physical events.

  • 1:1 Networking: Facilitates attendees to have 1:1 conversations with speakers, hosts, exhibitors, and attendees.
  • Group Networking: Enable participants to have group interactions and voice out their opinions during open discussions.
  • Virtual Networking Tables: Have one-on-one meetings or discussions by sitting in front of each other in a dedicated space virtually.
  • Live Chat Capabilities: Have free-flowing interactions in real-time via audio/video/text chats during virtual events.
  • Business Card Exchange: Exchange digital business cards before or after a virtual meeting seamlessly.
  • Whatsapp Chat Integration: Have direct conversations at exhibitor’s booths via integrated Whatsapp chat functionality.

Boost Engagements

Engage more attendees with Dreamcast built-in virtual event engaging features.

  • Live Polls: Conduct live polls amid sessions with Dreamcast virtual event platform.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions at the start or end of the meeting or an event.
  • Quizzes: Organise quiz to keep attendees engaged with the event throughout.
  • Contests: Host contest and offer giveaways to top 5 winners.
  • Social Wall: Curate feeds from all social media channels at a single place using our exclusive feature of social media walls for virtual events.

Artificial Intelligence

Locate relevant attendees at an event at ease with Dreamcast virtual event platform.

  • AI Matchmaking: Enable attendees with the same goals to have conversations with the potential match virtually via audio/video chats and calls in real-time.

Custom Branding

Transform your live physical events to virtual events with custom branding. Customise the event as per your business requirements with Dreamcast.

  • Customisable Lobby Area
  • Custom Auditorium Areas
  • Virtual Exhibition Booths
  • Business Cards
  • Clickable Banners and more!


Add an element of fun to your virtual events with Dreamcast. Integrate gamification to your virtual events to deliver memorable experiences.

  • Spin the Wheel
  • Word Cloud
  • Photo Booth
  • Trivia and the list go on..!


The power of a single tap makes teleporting simple and makes it easy for attendees to navigate throughout the virtual event seamlessly.

Digital Footprinting

Keep a track of every digital attendee move right from the start to the end of an event. Dreamcast keeps a record of every attendee’s footprint right from how they registered, navigated, booths they interacted with, and the information they shared or downloaded.


Let you measure your event ROI by systematic computational analysis of data from an event.

24*7 Real-Time Support

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers 24*7 real-time support to assist attendees during the virtual hybrid event.


Seamless Networking

Chat Hosts & attendees have a wonderful chance to network with other attendees and interact at exhibitions, one on one and exchange personal or professional details.


An attendee can experience a walk through the lobby, visit different halls, attend multiple sessions just like one would at a physical event, only easier and time-saving.

Interactive Exhibitor Elements

Induced with chatbots, live polls, gaming etc, offering rich interactive tools to give an attendee the real feel of attending a virtual event.

Flexible & Modular

Design and feature can be made as per the requirements of a particular event and what that might need.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Unlimited hosts & parallel sessions with unlimited attendees. It also offers a customisable Single URL for your entire event - registrations, sessions, virtual booths, everything.

Technology Consultation

Insights & Analysis: Simple data which is easy to read can be obtained. It is also key as it gives 100% clarity to the customer while also simplifying the process as well as making it easy and safe to use.


Extensive sponsor branding, Custom URL, colours and theme based on your event brand for ecstatic branding. Just like one would do with an event venue, you could have a 100% customised branding with Dreamcast’s virtual event platform too. Its made unique to each customers liking and with no space constraint, one could have branding wherever they would please.

Turn-Key Solution

Designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete and ready to operate, for customers, as this can be easily implemented into a current business process and be customised to your personal liking. It is. As even the term implies that the end-user just has to turn a key and start using the product or service which is the most convenient way for any user.

Along with the above we also believe in making this experience, once in a lifetime for your attendees, We offer:

  • Virtual Tables fully Branded

    Now fully customize your virtual logos to create virtual booths. Helps with sponsors, networking fairs, exhibitions or workshops.

  • Contact Detail Cards

    Exchange virtual cards with people you meet at the social lounge conference, AGM or exhibition & build your pipeline and network to the maximum.

  • Polls

    Run quick and easy polls & surveys to gather valuable feedback. Or just to keep the audience engaged via it.

  • Chat

    Includes public & private chats built with a focus on productive, safe & secure messaging.

  • Q&As

    A dedicated window to ask questions to the speakers and manage answers.

The list doesn’t end here, Dreamcast offers much more intending to connect people across the globe and present them with enormous opportunities. We strive to work toward innovations and technological advancement to serve the best.

Dreamcast virtual event platform is a one-stop solution to connect, network, engage, and keep a track of attendees, sponsors & exhibitors interactions virtually. We offer endless possibilities and customisable immersive virtual event solutions suiting every business requirements to enhance your reach and generate more qualified leads.

Host your virtual events with ease while delivering real-life physical experiences with Dreamcast advanced virtual event solutions.

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